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'Murder' at Jay Leno's House?!?

2/18/2010 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two cop cars were outside Jay Leno's Beverly Hills home yesterday -- and according to Jay, they were there investigating "the murder."

Jay Leno: Click to watch
We're told the police are actually there because of filming in the area, which makes more sense ... since the only things Jay's capable of killing are Conan O'Brien's dreams.


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TMZ is just pissed that Leno made fun of them on his show..SUCK IT UP!!! Not one of you SO-CALLED Conan Fans can spout one fact that LENO caused any of this, so you whine and cry like the B*I*T*C*H*E*S that you are! All you can say is Leno should have retired...CONAN QUIT!!! Jay didn't take SH*IT COCO QUIT and that is a FACT!!! Make your excuses and keep B*I*T*C*H*I*N*G..the punk QUIT on you! GO TEAM COCO...YEAH like you were there from the start, if you were he would have been number 1. are all frauds and possers..Like all of you said, "well I never really watched the show, but I support COCO!" NO YOU DID SUPPORT HIM!!! DUMBASS!! HE FELL 40-50% behind LETTERMAN...LENO GAVE HIM THE NUMBER ONE LATENIGHT guys messed it up!! NICE JOB! FRAUDS!! COCO fans are FRAUDS!

1705 days ago


HEY!! TMZ and COCO fans..would you like some cheese to go with the whine..whaa whaa, boo hoo!! Poor babies!! CONAN QUIT...QUIT, QUIT, QUIT...QUITIER who just QUIT, QUIT, QUIT! BOO HOO...P*U*S*S*Y! "Oh I love the tonight show but I won't fight for it." what a bunch of BS!!! It is done and over..shut the hell up, don't watch the F*u*C*k*ing show you all suck anyway!

1705 days ago

Nick H.    

The only murder took place 18 years ago, when Jay murdered the Tonight Show franchise.

1705 days ago


Jay who? hehe


1707 days ago


Jay who? O_o GO TEAM COCO!!!!!

1707 days ago


Conan killed his own dreams along with the tonight show, which had #1 ratings until Conan killed them to. I only hope that Jay can bring them back to #1 like they were when he was the host. Conan is so not funny! Reminds me of a very spoiled brat that never grew up.

1707 days ago


Jay Leno is a jerk.

1707 days ago


The police should have been investigating Jay's career suicide.

1707 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

I'm disgusted by the "entitlement" program Conan and his fans feel Conan is entitled to.

Most of you have day jobs, right? If Conan walked into your office and decided to take over your job position, should he be entitled??

Leno has worked for a lot more years than Conan has been around in the business. Leno has had the patience of a saint through all of this and each of you should go pick up his book and you'd see what an awesome, honest and decent business man he is.

Leno is not of the the entitlement program Conan and his fans seem to think they are entitled to.


1707 days ago


I think Leno needs to quit talking to TMZ with that attitude in your statement. Especially since he has been kind to you guys. No wonder most of the time you only get the bottom of the barrel celebs, like sports figures and reality stars aka the TM "Z" List.

1707 days ago


Unfunny Conan .... killed HIS OWN dreams! It had nothing to do with Leno and booooooooooo on TMZ for trying to throw gas on the fire. Cheap shot!

1707 days ago


All of these late night pigs hate women. Especially women writers. That's why their shows stink. Watch Wanda!

1707 days ago


I'm not on either Team Coco or Team Jay. But if as many people watched the Tonight Show when Conan was on there as there are people that are complaining about him being fired, his rating would have been sky high and this situation would never have happened.

1707 days ago


Conan killed his own career! Jay was a gentleman when asked to step down while being #1 in the ratings. Conan was no where near #1 and had to give up just a 1/2 hour, not the whole show, had a hissy and left. GO JAY!!!

1707 days ago


TMZ, how unfair! Jay didnt kill Conans dream... the man simply could not cut-it... ratings dont lie. Jay should have never been booted in the first place.

1707 days ago
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