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Chris Brown Dresses Down for Court

2/18/2010 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was casual court day for Chris Brown, who got high marks for his community service over the whole Rihanna thing.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
Brown and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, presented proof to the judge that Chris had performed 32 days of hard labor in Virginia. He's also attended 17 out of the required 52 domestic violence classes.

The Chief of Richmond, VA wrote a letter to the judge saying Brown is doing a good job.The judge said Chris can now travel out of the country, provided he gets permission from her in advance.

In fact, the judge already signed an order allowing Chris to travel out of the county for concerts from May 18 to June 27.

Brown is back in court May 11 for the next progress hearing.


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P. Smith    

CHRIS BROWN >>>>>>> all you hating ass people ^_^

Better yet, CHRIS BROWN'S SEXY ASS GLASSES >>>>>>> all you hating ass people ^_^

Keep up the good work Chris! The judge loves it and your fans love it too!! ^_^

1710 days ago


leave him alone, take care Chris

1710 days ago


TMZ has a misandrist attitude. A dude hits a chick once(unforgivable), and TMZ gives updates on the story for over a year. A chick falsely accuses a dude of hiting a chick or rape, and we never hear mention of it again, as soon as the charges are dropped.

I often hear women say that the feeling of helplessness is the worst part of being assaulted. Men get the same feeling, when they are falsely accussed of assaulting a woman. That feeling of helplessness can last for years or a lifetime, just like a woman's.

Til@ Tecate ,Kat3yln Fab3r, Supriya H@rris, and Andr3a McNulty deserve the same treatment that Chris Brown gets!!!

1710 days ago

ray ray    

We should all move on. Chris Brown deserves a second chance. He has learned his lesson. Next time he will hit his disobedient girlfriend above the hairline so bruises aren't visible. He is a changed man.

1710 days ago


Don't talk to the paparazzi Chris.

1710 days ago


Keep making progress and be humble as you learn, Chris. I got my fingers crossed for you, I hope other young men and women also see violence is not the way. Keep climbing that mountain, Chris.

1710 days ago


you are all right in my book TMZ. Good job on reporting on an update on that LOSER CHRIS BROWN. HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL FOR LIFE.

1710 days ago


Don't worry, he'll be in trouble again. I'm guessing he'll beat up you 3 fans because you're the only ones that show up to one of his "concerts"

1710 days ago


Chris Brown is doing exceptionally well with getting his life back on track. I'm really happy for him. He deserves to be at the top again. People make mistakes every minute of every day and only a few do right by their wrong. I wish CB the best!

1710 days ago


He should have been put in jail for what he did to Rihanna, you can never forgive someone for that when you know he says it was the only and last time yet you know he will do it again in his future but hopefully he will go to jail that time. I don't know how you could be supportive of a guy that could do that??? It doesn't make sense, I have an ex that was similar to chris brown and I won't forgive him or let anyone forget what hes capable of doing. So explain to me why you support someone that beats women??? I really want to know your answers

1710 days ago


@ bntrbl
Thats why all his concerts were sold out in his fan appreeciation tour so do your research you dumb ass hater
First of all your name is dumb because tmz is so whack just like you. And you said we are all right so since you said that the majority of us like Chris so thanks for admitting Chris is the best dumb ass hater and there are more then three fan responses so I guess the fans are right and thanks for admitting it and since when do you go to jail for life for beating your girlfriend? Never and he is known more then a women beater to many people.
Chris your the best keep up the good work and do the right thing and you 3 haters or whatever continue to hate!

1710 days ago


My answer is because it seemed very out of nature and if you had been a CB fan from the start you would know that. I'm not bitter like you and know how to forgive. And if you still won't forgive him or let anybody else forget what your ex did to you your just bitter and not really over it and need help. You forgive for yourself not for the other person and when you still hang on to it like you are doing then you need help. I know I'll make mistakes and make mistakes and I'm not a bitter mean human so I can forgive so sorry I guess I'm just a bigger person then you. That answer good enough hun?

1710 days ago


@TMZ Do you have the video of Chris inside the Courtroom?
If you have can u please upload it

1710 days ago


@you are the best, you may be a murderer, rapist who knows lot of unsolve murders out here, you the one may need to do life sentence. to the haters that want him to fall, God encamp his angels around Chris, and i'm praying every day God cast down every demonit spirit that try to come against him. Chris put God first in your life and he will do the rest, stay strong, do it for your fans, don't worry about the haters.

1710 days ago


people on here with there negative comments are sad.. why must you keep chastising him for a mistake that happened over a year ago? i get really annoyed when people say he "beats women". He was involved in ONE isolated incident, ONE! not 2 or 3, but ONE. What he did was wrong, but he is learning from this. he is an outstanding performer and will be back on top in no time..... smh, tmz and the general media are so freaking racist!!! They are so hell bent in ruining black celebrities careers than white celebrities ex:charlie sheen.

1710 days ago
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