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Tiger Woods Event -- Pissing Off Golf Pro

2/18/2010 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the most famous golfers in the world is furious with Tiger Woods -- labeling him as "selfish" for scheduling his upcoming media event during the middle of a major golf tournament.

Tiger's statement is set to take place on critical day three of the Accenture Match Play -- Accenture happens to be one of the first sponsors to drop Woods after Tiger admitted to messing around behind his wife's back.

And now, Ernie Els -- who was pretty friendly with Tiger before the scandal -- has lashed out at Woods in an interview with GolfWeek.com saying, "It's selfish ... You can write that. Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Friday. This takes a lot away from the golf tournament."

Els added, "I feel sorry for the sponsor."

Another one of Tiger's competitor's -- Sergio Garcia -- also weighed in, saying "Timing-wise, it's not the best."

Tiger's event is currently set for Friday at 11 AM EST -- he won't be taking any questions.

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1. Ernie and the other golfers are all ingrates. Tiger Woods REMAINS the best thing that ever happened to golf. He brought more attention and money to that game than every other golfer put together. Most people wouldn't even be thinking about golf if it weren't for Tiger.

That means that even if he took viewers away, that he still left them with more than they would have ever had without him.

2. Fridays are ALWAYS the best days in the news cycle for embarrassing news because it's leading into the weekend when most news shows are off the air. John Edwards did the same thing.

3. The press conference was only ten minutes. Golf is a long game. If viewers were interested, they could have watched both.

4. I wouldn't even know that Friday's game existed without Tiger's press conference so they already got bonus attention.

1673 days ago


Tiger has ALWAYS been selfish! Is anyone surprised? Tiger is nothing more than an adulterer.

1676 days ago


Of course its selfish! That in a nutshell is the very essence of Tiger Woods, SELFISH! The man only cares that he was caught, not the fact that he's cheated on his wife with a multitude of women during the course of their entire marriage.

Tiger's selfishness also came into play at the PGA this year...he couldn't even finish out and allow Y.E. Yang to have his moment in the sun, no Tiger had to mark his ball, let Yang putt first, robbing Yang of being the last to finish, where he Tiger, even though he lost, was still last to finish. That's selfish and that is a poor sport.

Did you really expect anything less? Tiger loves only one thing, himself! What a sorry excuse for a human being he is, yeah I can't keep my thing in my pants so now I'm a sexual addict...give me a break!

1676 days ago


This is a lose/lose situation... Even if Tiger mad a statement early; the media would still show up in groves looking for a statement on Monday. I would probably do it the day I showed up to play, and try to diffuse things. If anything, this may help golf, because folks who have the opinion that golf is boring; may watch to see Tiger, and find an intrest in the sport.

1676 days ago


Honestly.... Why would Tiger really care. He has a $$$ billion $$$
reasons not to. Money is power. Who cares if some Ernie Els idiot does not like you anymore or is calling you selfish.

Money solves many of lifes problems... only the loosers screw things up.. Micheal Jackson, LOOSER.

1676 days ago


This is Tiger style. Along with his buddies Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley....it is about them, always them and only them.

1676 days ago



Does it really matter when Tiger does it..Nobody is checkin on golf until he returns anyway. These two washed up loser are mad because Tiger is gonna take back his crown!

1676 days ago


I wonder how many golf clubs Tiger would have smashed into the ground if he didn't get the Friday airtime he requested? Hard to believe just a few months ago I respected this idiot.

1676 days ago


I am with Tiger. So you drop me because I fooled around. Well, let us see just how valuable you are without me. And Ernie Els need to STFU. He should be glad that Tiger was caught with his pants down. Now maybe he can finally win a tournament. Douche

1676 days ago


You gotta love him doing that in the middle of the "Accenture" tournament. A little revenge from the Tiger for bailing on him.

1676 days ago


I have to agree Tiger is golf and can pretty much do as he likes. People seem to forget he cheated on his wife and its no one else business but theirs. As for Erin maybe you should be thankfull he is coming back or you may just have to find another line of work. I for one have no use for tiger before and after this event;however maybe people should just mind there own business and get on with their life

1676 days ago


Tiger has always been selfish. Notice HE'S not wearing his wedding ring? Does that mean he has full permission to continue to screw around. Tiger is a coward, and has no respect for anyone including his fellow golfers. Since people are saying "money is power", if I were Elin, I woud take him to the cleaners and kick his ass to the curb.

1676 days ago


In a way I believe what's happened to Tiger needed
to happen because people held him in a God light
stature. He was the "Oprah" of golf. I don't like
golf but every where I turned, there was Tiger.
Sometimes athletes, and some celebrities need to be
brought down a few pegs to show these people, a well
as their worshipers that they are indeed humans that
can fall like the rest of us. I have nothing against
this man and will not condemn him. Selfish, maybe?
But this man has brought much to the game of golf, and
he is not finished. As long as his wife forgives him
and he gets back to the game, which I believe will bring
back the attendence thru the roof, good luck to him and
his family.

1676 days ago


Tiger is MR. GOLF, so you may as well get used to it! The golf fans and fanatics made him a GOD and he was silly enough to believe it. Thank youselves for creating this monster, but deal with it and stop your whinning and complaining. If his dumb wife doesn't give a hoot, what are you concerned about. Talk about some of you men calling the "kettle black", you can't really say anything about Tiger when you are guilty of the same mess, but nobody cares because you are not a celebrity. Focus on that for a minute.

1676 days ago


Good for Tiger. If giving a statement and it happens during a former sponsors tournament than good. He is golf now. The amount of money the PGA makes when he is playing is huge compared to when he isn't. How many people watch golf or attend matches when Tiger isn't playing is greatly reduced. The pros are just worried he will come back and start winning again.

1676 days ago
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