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Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical Records

2/19/2010 7:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical RecordsJoe Jackson is entitled to get copies of Michael Jackson's medical records ... according to the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case.

According to the judge's ruling, Joe Jackson is only entitled to records from UCLA made on the day Jackson died.

Joe Jackson wants the records for a possible wrongful death case.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ, "The estate has no problem with the Court's ruling which substantially limits what Mr. Jackson was asking for."


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I was thinking the exact same thing--the EMT's run sheet/prog notes will prob tell a little more than the ER prog notes.
All the ER notes wll tell is the report the EMT's gave when handing off the patient 2 them, and what steps they took in the ER to further continue trying to resuscitate MJ--meds, CPR, cracking the chest,etc. The EMT notes would give some description prob of Murrays affect, what he said, the environment in the room, etc. Hard 2 tell what the EMT's noted while they were in the home.

OFF the COMPUTER!!! NOW!!!!!

1715 days ago


Perhaps Joe will sue Doctor Murray.I don't think the medical records will help Joe get a stipend from Michael's estate.

1715 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

MJ GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME TIGER TODAY GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME huh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm One is dead ONE IS DEAD INSIDE OF HIMSELF.both of them started the same way talk a good story.One said today he will change """"WE WILL WATCH AND SEE"" one was all talk

1715 days ago


Michael couldn't stop trying to get approval
from the public
by acting like a little kid with a
childish-looking nose & face.
If he got counselling, none of this drug, fake celebrity friendship & fame obsession
would kill him!

Katherine could shut Joe's
mouth up when he said he did nothing wrong.
If he had shut up Joe,
MJ would be his own man. That's why he got in trouble
with criminals with sick kids.
MJ wouldn't be scared of looking & acting like a strong man.

1715 days ago


Hey Danger...

Nice to see you on the board. As for Murray's attorneys fees, some have suggested that an upcoming book deal has done some of that, but I'm not buying it. It would seem that Murray has some friends in high public defender in this scenario. In addition, I haven't heard any news about Murray's foreclose on his LV who paid it? Murray's flying back and forth between Houston, LV and LA, so how in the world is this being funded??? Drives me crazy.

Kate, I have read your posts, nice to see you on the board as well. I keep thinking about how those EMTs must be absolutely DREADING this upcoming trial. Their testimony is going to be highly scrutinized by both sides. My FIRST question would be WHY IN THE WORLD were they at Holmby for 40 some odd minutes before they decided to transport? Murray's order? If so, WHY????

1715 days ago


Hopefully those EMT's are unknowns ... or are staying incognito ... until the trial is over.

1715 days ago


Happy birthday T!

1714 days ago


69. Yeah, Joe! Yeah, Joe! Get to the truth....some of you are dumb as a box of rocks. This guy is like a dog sniffing around the yard trying to find a way to get under the fence. He's boxed in, he's written out of the will. He wants money. Murray doesn't have any, so he's looking at a way to sue the hospital. If MJ had a pulse when he arrived at the hospital, Joe's got a shot. That’s all that it's

Posted at 8:00PM on Feb 19th 2010 by jmo

It may very well be that Joe is looking for money. I don't think anyone is denying that Joe loves money and always has. But I say give him all the money he wants if it means he also uncovers some of the shady, fishy bullcrap that went on that day, both at home and at the hospital and even prior. And you know what? Joe is just the guy to uncover it! Isn't it possible that Joe is trying to get justice for his son and also trying to get money at the same time?

One thing about Joe Jackson (who, I agree, will never be voted father of the year) he always wanted the best for his boys, and he frequently fought for that over the years. For as many flaws as ole Joe has, I say there isn't a person on the planet who may be MORE dedicated to exposing the truth behind Michael's death than him. He is like a pitt bull with a bond. Even if he gets some money out of it, so what? It might be worth it if he is able to force even some of the truth to the surface. And even if we NEVER learn the whole truth about what happened to Michael, I will enjoy seeing Joe making the lives of people like Tohme Tohme, Klein, Murray, Hofflein, Randy Phillips, AEG, etc. etc. unpleasant for a long time to come.

1714 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

I was watching the events unfold to till them that he is silent.Not a tear is see is near from eye to eye say good bye,I know why.A CLAP OF THUNDER WAS HEARD BEGONE NOT HIS SONG

1714 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

116. I was watching the events unfold to till them that he is silent.Not a tear is see is near from eye to eye say good bye,I know why.A CLAP OF THUNDER WAS HEARD BEGONE NOT HIS SONG

Posted at 12:31AM on Feb 20th 2010 by Observation by SANDMAN


1714 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

THE BONES BENEATH OUR sweetie who killed my sister from the east.REMEMBER THE RUBY SLIPPERS,i loved her so,so sleep sleep the sandman walks in the fog my child.lolpm

1714 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

enigma=not only of time by pathmology=the clinical CHEMIST BY BLUE EYES

1714 days ago


all he can get is exactly what was publicly posted on TMZ when it was officially released a few weeks ago.this man makes me sick.he beat his wife and cheated on her beat the kids destroyed their minds and made them nutcases.pushed them way to far in the business to benefit himself and his own dreams.the kids cant stand him to this day but tolerate he thinks he can still live off it MJ.sick sick sick.i hope he wins nothing and the medical truth is out there so no need for all this hub bub in the media about it other than to get his ugly face in the news.he made fun of mj`s nose all his life but look at the honker on him.

1714 days ago


joe was friends with Dr. Murray and hooked him up with MJ.makes me wonder if Latoya isnt crazy about it being murder.

1714 days ago


Well, my 1st attempt posting---FAIL. Off in 2 the TMZ abyss lol. Let's try this again.
Hey Chico, I've read a lot of ur posts as well. Always interesting. I agree, those guys are just dreading the day when they're called 2 testimony. I'm w/ u on the time spent at the house--i can't imagine them doing anything other than intubating MJ, working CPR, maybe attempt a couple of shocks, iv drugs to kickstart the heart again, then up and outta there. And if he was asystole when they got there, just tube, scoop and run while continuiing CPR since Dr. Murray asked them 2 keep on. Will be nice 2 finally hear their version of that day.

Tstorm-hello! Is it really ur Bday? If so "happy, happy, joy, joy"!! Hope it was a good one. I agree w/ u as well, those guys hopefully laying as low as possible. If every 1 w/ the conspiracy idea is right, LA could mysteriously have 2 EMS personnel disappear. Who knows...kinda "creepy" for them I'm sure. Just knowing ur hands were the last hands 2 ever touch Michael alive. (Maybe? Or long gone prior 2 their arrival?)
Well, the board did quiet down some. That's encouraging. (=

1714 days ago
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