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Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical Records

2/19/2010 7:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical RecordsJoe Jackson is entitled to get copies of Michael Jackson's medical records ... according to the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case.

According to the judge's ruling, Joe Jackson is only entitled to records from UCLA made on the day Jackson died.

Joe Jackson wants the records for a possible wrongful death case.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ, "The estate has no problem with the Court's ruling which substantially limits what Mr. Jackson was asking for."


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Daphne Lorincz    

Joe is just the guy to uncover it! Isn't it possible that Joe is trying to get justice for his son and also trying to get money at the same time?

And even if we NEVER learn the whole truth about what happened to Michael, I will enjoy seeing Joe making the lives of people like Tohme Tohme, Klein, Murray, Hofflein, Randy Phillips, AEG, etc. etc. unpleasant for a long time to come.

Posted at 10:55PM on Feb 19th 2010 by cathclassica87

I agree. I hope he'll raise enough hell to get to the bottom of it so his son didn't die in vain. I always thought he should be allowed access to the medical records. In times of trouble, the whole Jackson family was there for MJ. This speaks volume. This is not to say I'm a big fan of JJ.

1684 days ago


Of course. Joe & the other religious freaks were there in the 2005 hatefest, fake trial.
They encouraged him to share beds with criminals' children,
because MJ said he was 'raised to share beds' in Indiana!
After all, the bible told Michael to follow kids
& pay them, even though
their parents took his life & dignity away.

1684 days ago


Wow...w/ "fans" like u, who needed haters.
Although I am not an overly emphatic "fan" (I guess I qualify more as maybe an admirer of his music and talent) I do know that due 2 his enormous success, Michael lived in a totally different world than u and I.
And, I do believe MJ was a musical genius. Most people deemed to be that incredibly talented are extremely eccentric. Combine that w/ the life growing up that MJ had 2 endure---well, u saw the end result. I truly wouldn't be surprised if he had experienced PTSD, prob a direct result of the severe abuse he received as a child.
When people are extremely talented in one area, u often will see other areas such as social skills, mental maturity, or just common sense,etc., to be supremely deficient.
Everything is not always what it seems to be. Michael was very naïve and easily led astray.

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

122 Posted at 1:06AM on Feb 20th 2010 by ---Kate---

Where did you come from? What was your nic here before you started using ---Kate--- just the other day?

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

126. 122 Posted at 1:06AM on Feb 20th 2010 by ---Kate---

Where did you come from? What was your nic here before you started using ---Kate--- just the other day?

Posted at 2:03AM on Feb 20th 2010 by who are you this time around?

Are you ric?

1684 days ago



1684 days ago


Go Joe. Not quite sure about Oxman, however, and his intentions. No matter where Joe's head is at, I don't think any parent wants to outlive their children, especially the baby boy of the family. For all his faults, I do think Joe smells a skunk and just wants to figure out how his son died. Not sure how this would warrant receiving an allowance from the estate though. Joe Jackson is a senior citizen now, an old man, I'll cut him a break for just wanting to preserve his hide in his latter years.

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    


1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

This board is finally dead.
Just like the wacko freak

1684 days ago


yeah they will allow him to be limited to his medical records trust me they already took out what would expose murder and they will not give up the rest of the medical records because they are covering up their murder plot ..... have anyone wonder what the real reason behind the estate attorney's fighting so hard against any i mean any family member getting copies of the medical records it seem kind of odd to me and brings questioning of the mind .... wondering what the motive really is behind such a cover up .... they don't want anyone to look at his medical records that just doesn't seem right to me .... as i said many times over there is something wrong with this case....

1684 days ago


i'm sorry but it seems very odd that the estate attorney's would fight so hard against the family all the family to obtain copies of the medical files and records in the first place ... it seem to me that they are hiding something and if the records have not been changed around to cover up issues then it would be ok but to fight so hard to not let the father or other family member look into the records is very very odd and seem to not be right at all .... there is nothing that will change my mind about the murderplot i believe the attorneys know about it and i do not believe michael re hired them kind of odd 2 to 3 months before he dead ....and the reasons they were fired in the first place there isn't any JUSTICE in this world anymore people get away with murder and evrything else in this country now ..... very sad

1684 days ago


So..just because I'm some 1 new 2 the board I have to be some 1 else who has been posting under a different nic?
I'm sorry, but I don't play that cr*p. And if u will pardon me, but I am using MY name...which never changes. BUT, the nic u use 4 this post wouldn't be applicable 4 every post u make. So...I might also ask u, who are u NEXT time around or LAST time around!

1684 days ago


I want to know, how was MJ's body so saturated with Propofol? That's alot of Propofol, much more than Dr. Murray had claimed to have given him. Hummmmmmm! I hope the truth will come out.

FACT: the iv he put in his leg was not a drip in was a straight line so there was no control leveling of the drip in just went and went sad sad sad sad

What happened to the private autopsy the Jacksons had done and was it consistant to the state's report? Maybe Joe needs these medical records to make a valid comparison of reports.

FACT: everything has a reason to compare and also to find other information you hit the nail on the head i believe they fought against the family because they know the was a plot to murder MJ wouldn't you have thought that they would have just given the family copies of everything they had .....and they didn't give them all of it they put limits on what they can have .... i don't know what is wrong with the judge but maybe he is getting extra petition pay

On a lighter note, I went to Walmart the other day, and MJ's vidoes were playing on TV's around the store. At every TV, a crowd gathered just to see and listen to his and adults alike. I had to stop just to get a another peek at this musical genuis. MJ has this magnetic force and people stop in their tracks to hear and see perform...that is what makes Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson.

FACT: isn't he great smile yes i do the same since they started the display i go up there i buy posters t-shirts and i give them to kids that say they want them.... he was amazing

I still miss MJ :(

RIP my King of Angels

Posted at 8:18PM on Feb 19th 2010 by kimmie

Thank you for being so kind ......

1684 days ago


Posted at 9:06PM on Feb 19th 2010 by What's It To You

the computer screen is your protector you sorry piece of raw doo doo go suck an @$$hole you talk about being a molestor to much you must be a creep yourself i bet you hangout at school gates dont u sicko i bet you are sitting there typing on you keyboard with grease on your palms and what's up with the name changing chester the molestor sicko

1684 days ago


About time some real justice for the Jackson's. They should let him have all the records!! This man is not a monster, he lost his son!!!!!!The lawyers are lying about that will. MJ was not in town to sign it as they claim and other discrepancies that will weed themselves out. What happens in the dark will come to light when they least expect it. Go Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!

1684 days ago
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