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'Jersey's' Ronnie 'Sorry' for Homophobic Rant

2/19/2010 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" has finally issued a half-ass apology for the homophobic rant he spewed during one of his fights on the show ... blaming the whole ordeal on "the heat of the moment."

The disgusting rant in question was made public earlier this week when never-before-seen footage of his first "Jersey" brawl leaked onto the Internet.

In the video, Ronnie can be heard calling the guy a "f**king f**got" and a "f**king queer" right before he beats the hell out of him.

So yesterday, Ronnie posted the following message on his Twitter:

"I apologize to my fans, In the heat of the moment i said a lot of things i didnt mean and im very sorry."

So we gotta ask ...


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3. usually guys that put down homosexuals usually have laiden homosexual tendencies and are hiding it.

Posted at 12:23AM on Feb 19th 2010 by 2 Fisted Drunk Irish Bastard


"Laiden"???? You stupid Thick Mick. Not only can you not spell, but that's just ridiculous. Think instead of drink!

1709 days ago


When the words are meant in a derogatory manner, then one obviously has negative feelings about the people those words describe. Meaning being gay is bad. Ronnie is immature, who thinks beating people up will solve anything. Sure the guy on the receiving end was an idiot, but was it worth screwing up your night and forseeable future? He was already down the street, turned and ran back to beat this guy down, then denied it. If you can't stand up and say :yeah, I did that, and here's why" then you know you are WRONG! So take your punishment like the man you wish you were, and quit givig lame a$$ excuses.

1708 days ago

billy blueballs    

ronnie looks gay and his girlfriend look and acts like aboy so whats tell you

1708 days ago


Isn't this the same site that attacked, slandered and lied about a COLLEGE STUDENT, for simply agreeing with your Democrat President on gay marriage? Hmmm.......

1706 days ago


The only queers around Ronnie are Pauly and The Situation. But at least Pauly is cute. Every thing butta face with The Situation. I can't see Ronnie having male friends.

1705 days ago


WHAT? He has fans?

1709 days ago

oh gosh    

he can say whatever he wants to. he's in a fight and he's supposed to watch his mouth? all this pc crap is getting out of hand. is that what the rest of the world does? i hope this kid does not bow down to the public. somebody has to stand up for free speech

1709 days ago

2 Fisted Drunk Irish Bastard    

usually guys that put down homosexuals usually have laiden homosexual tendencies and are hiding it.

1709 days ago

Really Pissed    

He's disgusting. Who pushes a girl, then instagates a fight, then plays the I had nothing to do with it card for tv. Be yourself if you started the fight then admit it. Have fun with your aggravated assault charge. I think the kid that he faught on the Boardwalk should file hate crime charges on him.

1709 days ago


At least he apologized. I don't remember Paris Hilton doing so, and she made a lot worse bigoted comments.

1709 days ago


You just lost the little respect I had for ya kid.

1709 days ago


At least it didn't get tons of press and get rehashed a million times so that all the homophobes in the world could jump on it. That gets kind of annoying.

1709 days ago


I agree Rick but I'll give him that it's more socially acceptable among men in particular to use those words. The n word isn't acceptable in any social circles, and with good reason. Gay people have good reason too but since not everyone agrees we'll have to wait a while for it. I'm not sure how anyone could be dumb enough to forget that the camera in front of them is connected to all the gay staff at MTV, but I guess those guys drink a lot lol.

1709 days ago


He's about a punk bitch anyway.

1709 days ago


Who cares? He learned it from Perez, anyway.

1709 days ago
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