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Sean Penn

Charged With Crimes

2/19/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn was charged with criminal battery and vandalism today, in connection with a run-in with the paparazzi ... TMZ has learned.

The incident occurred last October in Brentwood, CA. TMZ captured the confrontation as an angry Penn approached and kicked a paparazzo, allegedly breaking his camera.

We've learned the Los Angeles City Attorney filed two misdemeanor counts -- battery and vandalism.

If convicted on both counts, Penn could go to jail for 1 1/2 years.

Penn's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Too bad there is not a hunting season on the paps. The law still protects them from being a pain in the ass. The wrong person may go to jail.

1644 days ago


If you want to be famous you have to take the good with the bad. Penn is just a type A he cant stand any about this country;however he has no problem taking its money for his very bad movies. Maybe he should go live in Cuba . I be willing to bet he will not want to share his wealth and the second it got a little tough there he be running home.

1644 days ago


Hugo Chavez will get him out. Viva la Communistas!

1644 days ago


I still think that that bad boy '80s mentality that Sean Penn had when he attacked photographers is still in him. It's like 1985, 1986 or 1987 all over again when he was notorious for sucker punching or attacking photographers. Look at those high karate kicks he was hurtling at that photographer. But while alarming, Penn is so funny. The clip had me in hysterics laughing with his angry scowl. But doesn't that photographer know that Penn doesn't like his photo taken? You know how ticked off he gets when paparazzi approaches him! And I don't think Sean should be charged--that cameraman was near his car, even touching some of it when Sean landed those karate kicks on him. That photographer was running for his life after Sean went after him, even looked scared!

1640 days ago


Tell me, why was that skinny looking guy trying to take a photo of Sean Penn? He looked like some 19-year old that just got thrown out of a 7-Eleven for playing the boom box of the Rihanna CD way too much. And Sean kicked that guy so hard with his karate kicks that it might have hurt on that fellow's chest!

1640 days ago


its interesting that jayson williams may get 18 months for killing someone, covering it up and
sean penn could get the same for grazing a pap (if that) who was intrusive.
what a justice system.

1640 days ago


Team Penn all the way on this one. The Paps intentionally provoke celebrities so that they can get a pic and then sue. These jerks get what they deserve when some one pops them one!!

1640 days ago

lee tozer    

I despise the papparazzi. I wish everybody could kick them whenever they see them. I think governor Arnold should immediately enact legislation allowing everyone to kick the f-ing papparazzi and break their stuff. That would send a good, strong signal to the annoying bastards.

1640 days ago


oh yeah penn doesnt want anyone around him unless there making his food and serving him. if it was up to me he could go to the atore and make his own food. i would quit before i would wait on him. i just wonder if a papara has ever stood up and fought back. penn had room to walk by or around. whatever happen to self defense? i guess penn dont like people he just wants us ordinary people to pay 11 dollars to see his dorky mug and scrawny body. it aint gonna happen here.

1640 days ago


penn isnt going to want his face on camera unless he is getting paid millions of dollars. penn is going to need better actors to act with him to carry the movie.

1640 days ago

Kris Kemp    

The paparazzo deserve to get beaten for all the harassing they do of celebrities. And the photographer probably was happy to get footage of this and then later whine like he was hurt. I vote for Penn!

1599 days ago


I hope this unpatriotic chavista gets whats coming to him.!!!

1599 days ago


It's a pity that Sean Penn is not being charged with another crime, "No talent bum, who can't act"

1576 days ago


This hypocrite punk!!! It's funny how he loves attention and photographers only when it suits him. You get with it you stalinist loving punk! I wish someone would smash this mean pigs face in!!!!!!

1529 days ago


I wouldn't count on that little creep going to jail!! He's a celebrity,and as such gets a free pass. The judges in California need to be replaced because they sure have no idea what the job entails. they give me the impression that they really don't care about the law, just the money and prestige of title. I should say not only Calif. but most of the states. This isn't the first time he faced jail and walked. Maybe he'll stay forever in Haiti, I wonder how long he'll last there.

1323 days ago
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