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Tiger's Mom -- 'I'm So Proud to Be His Mother'

2/19/2010 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods MomTiger Woods' mom Kultida has her son's back 100%. After Tiger's apology speech, she told reporters she's "so proud to be his mother. Period."

According to Kultida, Tiger's a good man who just happened to make a mistake: "He didn't kill anybody. He didn't do anything illegal ... People don't understand that Tiger has a very good heart and soul."

And as far as she's concerned, judge not lest ye be judged: "If anyone tells me to condemn him, I say look at yourself first."

PGA commissioner Tim Finchem thought Tiger's speech was "a good step" but admitted Tiger's absence from the tour has been a negative.


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It amazes me how the publice has taken an average man's downfall and made a big fuss about it. Tiger is a man who just happened to make a mistake, damn people get a life of your own and stop trying to judge his. I totally applaud his mother for what she is doing, the same thing I would do for mine, HAVE HIS BACK!!!!

1707 days ago


Adultery is NOT illegal in most states, though it still is in a few. Too bad though, I mean if abortion is murder according to God then adultery sure as hell is. And you'd think all the family values nuts would be behind making it so.. nothing rips apart the sanctity of marriage and the ideal of 'family' like adultery.. well except of course being gay .. that ruins SO many families and marriages, LOL

1707 days ago


Was the blonde woman sitting to his moms right Elin's mom? Who was the girl to the left? Does he have siblings?

1707 days ago


I want your soul, I will eat your mommy!

1707 days ago


He also has zero honor or integrity multiplied by however many whores he betrayed his wife and children with.

Role-model, - in what universe and to what caliber of persons?

1707 days ago


although tiger did answer alot with this speech, i found it to be a "punk move" to mention his charity prior to the issue at hand...i already back him, but rather than mention his charity/foundation....(i found this to be take one step forward, one step back) granted, he owned it, w/o the charity would have been better in my opinion. most times people are inclined to forgive when you hear, "i messed up, i'm sorry" plain and simple.

1707 days ago


Yeah, I'd be so proud too if my son was cheating on his wife and mother of my grandchildren.

Totally proud.

Because.. its not like he killed anyone, right? He only crapped all over his marriage vows, and made his wife look stupid, and created drama that will follow his kids unfairly.

But he didn't kill anyone! Now that's something to be proud of mom!

1707 days ago


You go mom! yeap, you have a lot to be proud of in your son. He is one of the best, he is learning how to eat humble pie and to reflect on others. I am glad you are standing by him, and being a mom I am sure you aren't afraid to swat his butt and say stand up.

You should be proud, he hasn't killed anyone......he does need to reflect deeply and turn around. To anyone thinking you should feel different, then they aren't a mom or dad. We all know that are parents what you are saying.

My dad taught me you can fall on your face, but never on your butt....if you fall on your face, at least you are going the sand and get up.

1707 days ago


Funny to hear the pundits and public critique... Kind of ironic, since Americans seem to suck in marriage so bad (what is the divorce rate now, 70, 80%?) and world renowned for their infidelities....

1707 days ago

dirty diana    

he needs to squirm alot more than that, i hate that lying ass bastard!! how dare he say leave them alone guess you should have thought about that old tigger, right after he said he needs to be treated just like you or i and pay for his mistakes, we all know YOU OR I would have been hauled in THAT night and MADE to tell what went on, so u think we need to believe you, i could care less if you returned to anything, pig men like you make me sick! wifey is liking the attention too,sporting her nike gear, they both know there was some type of violence that night and they lie about that too, mommies lying too! can't wait for it to happen again.

1707 days ago

know it all    

I thought Tiger was a total jerk, like most of you ,till i heard him talk today...if you have any experience with addiction,rehab and amends.Tigers statement tells it all../.He is an ADDEICT..pure and simple...That doesn't make him a good guy..or a bad just makes him an addict,and he acts out of his addiction..not his intellect...nobody needs the "who what and where of it"..just know..that he is working on recovery.., and that ,as with all addicts...Addiction is a lifetime affair...and takes a lifetime to day at a time is the most anyone can hope for....Get off his back..and LOOK AT YOUR OWN SECRETS>>THE ONES THAT YOU ARE IN DENIAL ABOUT...FYI..I am NOT a recovering addict..Just a person who is educated about the disease of addiction

1707 days ago


What? Isn't adultery illegal? At least it was last time I checked. HAHAHAHA "A mistake", try about 10,187 mistakes. What a joke of an apology. Once a cheater , always a cheater.

1707 days ago


If his heart and soul are so wonderul he wouldn't have cheated and lied to his wife 800 billion times now would he Mom? Get real!! I get the no one's perfect song and dance but come on Tiger had how many affairs with how many different women while his wife was home with their wonderful children??

1707 days ago


Her son is a good guy and she should be proud of him...!! He has an addiction like most of the people in this country. Sex addiction is no different than alcohol, drugs, or gambling addictions. Anyone with an addiction (sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) will beg, borrow, steal, lie, cheat, and humiliate their families before they rock bottom.

Leave this man and his family alone.

1707 days ago
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