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TMZ Live: Tiger's Sorry, Penn in Trouble

2/19/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything today -- including Tiger Woods breaking his silence with a televised mea culpa.

TMZ Live: Click to watch

Also: Sean Penn charged with vandalism and criminal battery, Gloria Allred wants Woods to apologize to mistress, Sandra Bullock & Jesse James dog update.

Plus -- Captain Phil's son arrested for DUI, hit and run and driving with a suspended license.


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Do you think this whole Kesha/Adam thing is a PR move?

1708 days ago


Why is it that Tiger is getting hammered by the media as well as the American public, but our most important figure in the US and most powerful person the US had can have a press conference, and lie to the American people only to come back later and admit his infidelity in OUR oval office in a later press conference and be forgiven? But Tiger, who never lied to the public, admitted his faults can't get rid of the media onslaught over his infidelity but our President can keep his position and go on with business as usual for the remainder of his term and still be regarded as a good man. It's time to forgive, move on, and let him live HIS life as he chooses. Those without sin cast the first hands have no stones and neither should the rest of the American public. Get over it and start harassing those people we elect to public office only to abuse their position. Tiger didn't abuse his position, he did what 99% of men would have done in his shoes. Those men who deny that, are lying to themselves.

1708 days ago


You guys talk about nothing and waste so much time

1708 days ago


Give Mike a break! His morning was bad too, having to get the water turned back on! Sheesh!

1708 days ago


How did he get from TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach to Windemere? That's like a 2 hour drive

1708 days ago


Harvey is not very understanding of his employees. I noticed that in the past and now with Mike and the water. Its amazing that it is okay to screw over Mikes wifes job as long as he gets what he wants. If Harvey is this mean with his employees on air than he must be a real BUTT in private. Learn to appreciate your employees.

1708 days ago


Your webmaster sux. It's suppose to remember you but it doesn't. And you have to confirm evey time even when still on here, get rid of them.

1708 days ago


Harvey I heard Conan may be doing a tour of shows soon. Do you think that this is a good idea counting Conan is not from the stand up comedy world/ he should wait for an offer from Fox?

1708 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

Harvey do u think the women in Tigers affairs liked the size of his PEE PEE or it was just for money and fame?

1708 days ago


Tiger Woods comment was real weak!

I'm sure afterwards he got a piece of meat!

I believe, he is doing this because he wants his endorsments back and to be able to play golf without any complications! I feel that if he gets his endorsements back, then its the large companies saying that it is ALL RIGHT to cheat, betray, and totally discrace the bond of marraige. On top of going against GOD! It's saying that IT'S OK to be bad and win!

1708 days ago

Chris from Maine    

thanks for answering my question guys.

I didn't mean for it to sound quite that pervy.. lol

I just meant I had seen her in a couple movies before and was a fan, so I went back and watched one of her scenes again after watching that press conference and it was difficult to watch her do porn after seeing her interviews and press conferences where she cries while talking about Tiger.

1708 days ago

m moran    

who selects Harveys tsherts

1708 days ago


#35 Anitabath....Probably because he died like 4 years ago.

1708 days ago


What is going on with Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy? Are they engaged, dating, what? There are so many contradicting stories. It sure seems like this is all a publicity stunt. What do you guys think???

1707 days ago


Hey Harvey (Aka I'm a LAWYER) and Mike. What do you think Tiger Woods will with his Marriage and do you find him sincere? Seems as if he is just doing damage control and this is the last thing he would like to be doing. Remember his own dad told him the worst thing for a golfer is to get married, look it up he actually said that to Tiger when he was courting Elin.

1705 days ago
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