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Mea Culpa Showdown -- Tiger vs. Kobe vs. Bill

2/20/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods made his big apology yesterday for his extramarital activities with cocktail waitresses all over the U.S. -- but how's it stack up against some other famous "I'm so sorry" speeches?

Tiger Woods: Click to watch

Bill Clinton: Click to watchKobe Bryan: Click to watch

Along with Tiger's, here's President Bill Clinton's Zippergate admission from 1998 and Kobe Bryant's apology from 2003.

Question is ...


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People you are crazy to think Tiger is not sincere. He is going back to Buddism and went to rehah? Did your precious Kobe do any of that? Tiger said it all "He thought the rules didn't apply to him" What in the hell does a guy have to do? You're all just jealous because he has money and you think that makes him less sincere. I don't think was he did was right but he is sincere.

1705 days ago


I can't quite phathom Tiger's problem. Is he sex addicted like a heroin addict or an alcholic? Or is he sex addicted like an immature person? In-patient therapy would suggest like a chemical dependency, but 15-20 women over years don't really make him hooked on sex like Mary Tyler Moore was hooked on booze or Keith Richards on junk. He's certainly no Bob Crane, although it seems Elin could handle a golf club like a tripod.

1705 days ago

really now    

# 1 comment by sam ............ Yes, Tiger went to ''reHAH'' alright . HAH HAH .... he's just sorry he got caught !

1705 days ago

A Fan    

Okay--so Tiger likes women...lots of men do and never get caught. He has been caught, apologized, going to rehab. Let's move on...

1705 days ago


It's over. It's yesterday's news even though the press is still trying to drag it on to maximize ratings. It's old news now and unless Tiger is caught with his pants down in a sleazy motel room with 10 blonde hookers, no one cares!!

1705 days ago



1705 days ago


He apologized because he got busted. If he didn't get caught, he would still be cheating...we all know that. If he really is addicted to sex then what was all the "i love yous" about. The one he texted the night Elin found out. "I love you..You're the only one for me." That isn't a sex addict..Thats a lying, cheating POS!

1705 days ago


(314-605-4159)"Big Deal" they all road off into the sunset

1705 days ago


How can Kobe be sincere? The guy is still cheating all the time! I saw him at The Olympics in Beijing hooking up with a girl. The dude is shameless! Once a cheater, always a cheater!

1705 days ago


He is a douche bag

1705 days ago


I swear that Tiger looks like he is mentally challenged, with that blank look on his face. It would be a insult to call him mentally retarded. At least they know right from wrong...

1705 days ago


His mother was a pole dancer in Thailand, his daddy picked her up while on RnR as a Nam GI...she came here, had Tiger than dumped the old man---why? because he too was a bona fide ho chaser. Pole dancing mother, ho chasing daddy, what they heck do we expect Tiger to be?

Thats how he can be a human robot as a golfer and human being---no feeling, no sense of other people, nothing---zilch---he never knew love growing up because his parents had their own problems.

He'll never find it...too far gone. Unless he was to walk away from Golf, the limelight, all of it--then he'd find it...yesterday was nothing but a first step to get back into money, fame, fortune and eventual ho chasing again.

Sad case, but at least the World wont fall in love with another sports star again---ever...not at that level.

1705 days ago


I don't see a difference, they were all sorry for getting caught, not for what they did.

1705 days ago


I say the same thing they were all sorry they got caught. If people and the NFL forgave Michael Vick then all should be forgiven. What Tiger did was personal between his wife and family. Michael Vick abused the innocent who trusted him. his animals. He was allowed to play football again. then certainly TW should be forgiven his sins are far less!!!!

1704 days ago


Bill Clinton Rocks! He is the man...if you don't like him you are just jealous!

1704 days ago
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