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'Growing Pains' Star -- Battling Depression

2/21/2010 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew KoenigThe parents of Andrew Koenig -- who has reportedly been missing for the past week -- described their son as "suffering from depression" and "not doing good" in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Judy and Walter Koenig (who played Pavel Chekov in the "Star Trek" series) tell TMZ the last time they heard from Andrew was on February 9. They say his cell phone is turned off and that they have learned the last time his phone received a text was on February 16 in Vancouver.

They say he was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

The Koenigs tell TMZ they plan to fly up to Vancouver in the next few days. They feel the police in Vancouver have been doing a good job so far.

Lance Miccio, who worked with Koenig on several projects, tells TMZ he reached out to Koenig about a project two weeks ago but Koenig passed, saying he was "not going to work anymore."

Right around that time, Miccio says Koenig dropped off a bag of Miccio's stuff. Miccio says he hasn't spoken to Koenig since.

Miccio also said he thought Koenig was "suffering from depression."


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I agree with #2, he committed suicide. Its so sad when someone feels so hopeless and helpless that they just cant bare to live anymore.

1702 days ago

Stacey Hunter    

THANK-YOU NUMBER 32! Finally, someone who understands some of the compexities of what it is to be depressed. Depression has nothing to do with what you have and everything to do with how your brain processes emotions. HAVE A HEART PEOPLE AND BACK OF THIS KID! If this was your child, would you have said the nasty things earlier? Just thinking...

1702 days ago


Awww..he looks so cute. I hope they find him ok.

1702 days ago


48. #26, STacey: Look here, I got no sympathy whatsoever for Myself suffering from Depression, Alcoholism, drug addiction cant control myself, gets in trouble with the Law. Because its the same ole broken record,, Why tell the world I’m suffering from Depression?, how many people in this country suffer from it every day?, I’m a clown not celebrity, I’m looking for sympathy, think its owed to me, what about everybody else?..Where's their sympathy for me?..These Rich People don’t have to go whinning about everything, just go to the doctor and pick up some meds, yes I’m jealous and can’t shut up... If I had compassion for everybody who suffered from Depression, I would never be happy again in my own life....Just except the fact that Im wrong....

Brian the Shi# 4 Brains
Posted at 3:37PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Brian

1702 days ago


What is it with these "Growing Pains" actors? You have this guy missing and then you have Kirk Cameron who is nothing but a bible thumping wacko. They must have put something in that water years ago to make them all crazy.

1702 days ago

gene yuss    

Good looking people get depressed? Why??

1702 days ago


#51 I am trying to understand your rationale here, Kirk Cameron has been a faithful husband and a dad to six kids, he has never been in trouble with the law and so this makes him a bad person how? I dont get it... and to all those saying this guy is a celbrity give me a break, he did a couple of years on a tv show twenty years ago, he probably doesnt have as much money as most of the people commenting...

1702 days ago


I hope they find him and that all is well but Vancouver is jam packed right now. The cops are up to their eyes!

1702 days ago


I care and I hope he's okay. Depression is awful and can really mess with your mind and actions.
I'll be keeping good thoughts for him and hope he's found okay. There are people out there who care, hope he can find company in them.

1702 days ago


He's a very handsome man. Ive been battling depression myself and sometimes you just want to be left alone or yes it can point to suicide.

Hope he is found soon and alive.

1702 days ago


The character's real name was "Richard Stabone". The nichname "Boner" came from the last name. Nothing else should be read into it.

1702 days ago


He is a special and beautiful person.I hope he can find his way back to those he loves and who love him.

1702 days ago


Actors who have been extremely successful have a hard time with handling life after the fame and cameras go away. Poor dude's got it bad.

1702 days ago

Stacey Hunter    

There seems to be two distinct groups of commentors in this particular forum. Those that are unyeilding, bitter and don't care for seemingly anyone, and those that have either education or experience with depression. I am amazed at the extremes. For those of you who don't care then please drop out of the conversation because your opinions are not helpful to anyone. The people who care, the focus here is a distraught young man who may be in serious crisis. It matters not what you look like, how much is in your bank account and how talented you are, depression is an equal opportuntity destroyer. Please remember that this young man did not ask for this article to appear, nor did he ask for our opinions.
Stacey R., M.D.

1702 days ago


I heard he'd been feeling deflated lately. I guess he couldn't take the (turgid) pressure.

1702 days ago
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