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'Star Trek' Star Worries Over Missing Son

2/22/2010 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Star Trek" star Walter Koenig was seen outside his home in Los Angeles yesterday after he reported that his son Andrew Koenig, who played Boner on "Growing Pains," went missing.


Andrew was last seen on February 16.


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Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

People are idiots to kill themselves. Tomorrow's another day. Suck it up and this too shall pass. Better than torturing the people that love you for the rest of their lives. And don't bank on getting reincarnated. Your life right now is the only one you've got. Don't be stupid and screw it up and make it any shorter or worse than it already is. Make a freakin' effort to develop courage and do the right thing. Nobody said it's easy, but it will pay off someday. Being dead sure won't.

1683 days ago

Cant Watch    

Wow, I had to turn away from that picture. My God, look at his eyes. There's some deep pain in there. I don't think his son is alive. This is such a tragedy, especially not knowing what happened.

I love Star Trek and Walter Koenig seems like a genuinely nice person. I agree with poster number 1 on the fact that if his son did indeed commit suicide, he left his family nothing but hearthache for the rest for their lives.

1683 days ago


Get Real:
Nice, thought out, caring statement.

I see where the stupidity lies....Get Real!!!

1683 days ago

I hope your son is safe.

1683 days ago


First of all TMZ, leave this man and his family alone.
Get Real @9:33- you are the one who needs to get real. You sound young, and or ignorant. Depression is very real. It alters your brain's chemistry and your way of thinking. This type of depression isn't just feeling bummed out about something. It isn't something that passes in a few days. Don't you realize the amount of pain that someone has to be in to kill themselves, to feel so lost and without hope? It isn't always as easy as you must think it is, to "get some courage". Showing a little compassion isn't a sign of weakness. Maybe you should try it.

1683 days ago


Jeez, TMZ, leave the guy alone. I can't believe you guys. Someone's son is missing and you stake him out to get a photo of him?? That's really low, even by TMZ standards.

1683 days ago


Nice looking older man, now I see where his son gets his good looks.
May his son return to him safe and sound. Hopefully, Andrew is just on a sabbatical experience.

1683 days ago


I hope that he's found soon, and is okay. There's still hope. No one should beat themselves up about this. People only do the best that they know how. ("Get Real", I can actually see that you are trying to help, in your own, somewhat insensitive way.)

1683 days ago

northern gypsy    

good luck finding your's the olympic's in vancouver !!!
best possible senerio...he got caught up in the city wide party...
sadly...because it is a international attracts shady people !!!

1683 days ago


As long as they don't get any more intrusive than this (and outdoor photo taken at some distance) I think it is ok. What the Koenig's need right now is LOTS of publicity. The more people that know Andrew is missing, the more likely he is to be found.

1683 days ago


Andrew, if you're reading this, depressed, and you're in Vancouver and just not wanting to communicate, fine, but you're in one of the most healthy, natural places on Earth, so I'd recommend you get outside, even if it's raining, and head to the beach for a long walk. Spanish Banks, or HorseShoe Bay, maybe walk around Stanley Park. Prospect Point is where the world puts itself back together. If you need time, I hear the coffee in Tofino is without parallel.

1683 days ago


I met Walter once years ago and thought he was a wonderful guy.
I hope things work out ok.

1683 days ago


That poor man looks so sad!

His son is missing - why are you bothering him?!? Seriously, seeking him out at what is surely the most frightening, and saddest moment of his life to exploit him and invade his privacy; seriously, why?

I sincerely hope Andrew Koenig is found safe and reunited with his family soon.

1683 days ago


Maybe by TMZ putting his fathers photo up it might help. Maybe if his son is still alive and he by some odd chance sees his father pain he will know he is hurting those he loves and come home. He may not know it. He may think no one cares. Lets not bash TMZ unless we know their reason for posting this.

I hope his son comes home safe and sound

1683 days ago

Ms. Kellunge    

That's a shame. I really liked watching Skippy back in the day, especially when he used to hit on Mallory. I'd hate to see anything...

Wait. Who?

1683 days ago
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