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The Undertaker Survives Fireball to the Face

2/22/2010 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everything in wrestling is fake -- and last night during a WWE event, a real fire mishap engulfed The Undertaker in flames!

The Undertaker: Click to watch
In a truly scary moment during the Elimination Chamber event in St. Louis, some rogue pyrotechnics went off during The Undertaker's entrance -- and the WWE star was caught in the middle of a giant fireball.

But instead of doing the stop, drop and roll, the wrestler shook it off, threw his jacket to the floor and entered the ring.

We're told he was checked by medics before his match -- and his only injury was comparable to a sunburn on his chest.

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whoa, that was kind of scary looking, glad he's alright

1702 days ago



1702 days ago


Too bad he didn't get burnt to a crisp. Anyone who gets off on watching grown men roll around a greased up like that....let's just say they're F2cking homo's too! And all you dbags who are going to come on here and stick up for this crap and take a run at me...FU too you bunch of Nancy boys.

1702 days ago

john johnson    

mark halloway, the toughest bastard on earth, he wasn't gonna let a little thing like a fireball do him in.

1702 days ago

nancy jo    

Thank Goodness He's Not Hurt! We Need Him In The Ring!!! You've Got A Couple of spirit guides With You!!!

1702 days ago


Wrestling is fake, idiots! That wasn't real fire and that loser wasn't burned! Grow up!

1702 days ago

fuzzy izmit    

Thank goodness he wasnt hurt badly. I love the Undertaker and have been a huge fan since he debuted. I wish him a speedy recovery.

1702 days ago


I've seen this guy in person; he's a bad SOB.

Doesn't surprise me that he merely shook this off.

I'm glad he's OK.

1702 days ago


The Undertaker has dealt with bigger injuries he'll be alright

1702 days ago

Max Arroyo, Cincinnati, OH    

The undertaker is just sooooo hottt - I want to hug him so baddd...

Max Arroyo, Cincinnati, Ohio

1702 days ago


Great to see HBK knock that old fake bum out with his fake kick so TMZ fav Jerrico gets back his belt.

1702 days ago


NO - HE WAS NOT CHECKED OUT PRIOR TO THE MATCH!!! I was there...he got into his assigned "pod" for the match. Got the refs attention and had him bring bottles of water to him over and over so he could pour it all over himself prior to his turn in the elimination chamber. AFTER the match was over and the PPV went off the air he made it back up the ramp and stared down the pyro-techs and yelled something to them. It is my understanding it was once he was back stage that he was then checked out. TMZ - you need to "fix" your comments.

1702 days ago

arte help    


1702 days ago


This is why those who don't watch or pro understand wrestling shouldn't comment on it. This was a real accident, it wasn't staged. It wasn't fake fire, it wasn't a stunt. This pyro happens every time he makes his entrance but this time someone made a big mistake either timing or positioning. He suffered 1st degree burns down his arms and 2nd degree burns on his chest. The refs gave him water o douse himself while waiting to wrestle, and when the PPV went off the air and he went backstage he was pissed and yelling all over the place.

1702 days ago


Yes wrestling is fake, but these real accidents can and do happen. Owen Hart anyone? Or do some of you think that was a fake too and he's running around somewhere perfectly fine? I'm glad Taker was not hurt too badly but I can certainly understand the reports of him being pissed off. With the pull he has backstage I half expect to hear the pyro guy got fired.

1702 days ago
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