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Charlie Sheen -- 'Everything's Great'

2/23/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is one hell of an optimist -- because yesterday in Beverly Hills, dude told our cameraman "everything's great" with his wife Brooke Mueller.

Charlie Sheen: Click to watch video
Interesting statement, because as TMZ first reported, Child Protective Services has just visited Sheen's home ... and Brooke had to switch rehab centers because someone had leaked Brooke's private information to the media.

Brooke plans to sue the rehab center for invasion of privacy.

Still, with all this drama, Sheen managed to crack a smile and flash a peace sign.


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seen major league. good movie. its one you will want to watch again. charles can show his sons how to throw a baseball, or his girls a softball. those kids are gonna be really lucky.

1675 days ago


Doing his best to look like a nice guy.

1680 days ago


If Socialized medicine is so great and wonderful, then why is the Canadian Premier opting for the U.S. healthcare system instead?

More liberal lies and propaganda being exposed as the frauds that they are. Liberalism continues to fail and it's beautiful

1680 days ago


Still a Charlie fan come hell or high water!! Hey the INDIANS HAT!!! Cleveland loves ya! Peace to ya! Love Two And A Half Men!

1680 days ago

Down Town    

Charlie is wearing the same hat from his movie “Major League”

1680 days ago


Charlie is always friendly despite his personal problems.

He could give some lessons to some other celebrities

1680 days ago


life's just one big party for charlie sheen. must be nice to have no consequences for bad behavior!

1680 days ago


HEY CHARLIE...LOVE THE HAT!!! Cleveland loves ya!

1680 days ago


I love Charlie! It's real clear wifey wayyyyyy over exaggerated their fight on Christmas day. She was twice the legal limit for booze and probably had other stuff in her as well knowing what we now know. I feel badly he's paying for it after changing from that man years ago. I've changed over the years and I am certain he has as well. When you get older, you get wiser.

1680 days ago

that's all    

I bet he's seething inside and thinking up all kinds of tortures he could put for hire on the paparazzi. haaha

1680 days ago


Charlie is always friendly despite all of his personal problems....

Because all of his life IS personal problems. Duh. Talk about the poster child of bad decisions. He has zero idea HOW to be a good husband let alone Father. All of his actions have proven this over and over and over and over and over and over and over.....

Keep smiling numb nuts, you look like a FOOL, an old fool now. Talk about proving your ex right. Thanks for the valadation for Denise. She HAS to be so vindicated right now she can hardly contain herself.

The best revenge is success. Try it Charlie, just not success in your job, success in being a MAN for starters would be good for you. You are too old to be behaving like this. WAAAAYYYY tooooo old.

1680 days ago

Just sayin'    


1680 days ago


what about the movie ferris bueller where he looked about 15 and played a kid sitting in the police station talking to a girl. he said to her "what do you care" it sounded so real and true. he was so cute i love him

1678 days ago


thank you charles i couldnt remember the name of major league. i am off to rent the video for saturday night movie for the gang.

1678 days ago

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