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Charlie Sheen's Wife Has the Kids

2/23/2010 7:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke MuellerCharlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, currently has the couple's two children at the rehab facility she's at ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources tell us Mueller's rehab facility allows children, and Brooke's kids are with her right now, along with the nannies and a counselor.

As we first reported, Brooke is now in a private home that offers high-end rehab services and allows patients to bring children and staff. She checked out of The Canyon in Malibu after an alleged security breach.

Up to this point she was sharing custody with Charlie -- in other words, she did not have the kids full-time.

We do not know if Brooke will have the kids full-time now that Charlie himself is in rehab.

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sure makes Denise Richards look good don't it? He made her out to be the wacko in the relationship. Turns out not only is he crazy as an acre of snakes but so are all of his women. Those poor kids they have a loooong road ahead of them. Hey Brooke & Charlie....grow the F*** up, you have young children who will unfortunately learn by example. Is this what you want for your children? Losers.

1702 days ago

TV Gord    

No, it doesn't make Denise look good. It makes them all look like a complete freak show! Their children have no chance.

1702 days ago


Regardless of these two mess ups, think about these children in the future. They will follow right in their parents footsteps!!! Shame shame shame......

1702 days ago


If the celebrity, money and therefore power both buy of Charlie Sheen were not involved and this were a regular couple with the same addictions and charges those innocent babies may not have been left with either parent. The law should start treating celebs the same as anyone else to protect the wellbeing and safety of kids when they are involved.

1702 days ago


Charlie Sheen will always be tabloid front page news because of the company he keeps. It doesn't help that his ex-wife and current wife are drama queen parasites.

No one would even remember Denise Richard's name if she hadn't married Charlie and fame whored every news outlet on earth by mudslinging his name. She's a horrible actress and her reality tv proved how boring and non-talented she is!!! Brooke Mueller would be eeking out a living in this dead real estate market if Charlie hadn't married her. Now, both of these women are household names. Go figure!

1702 days ago

dirty diana    

IF these idiots ever have to go to jail,,, they'd probably want to bring them there too, they all get what they want all the time, even tiggers kids are going to rehab to visit, hope the make a scrapbook of the nice family times. or at least get pics.

1702 days ago


People, you CANNOT believe anything these articles say. Saying Brooke has the kids in rehab facility WITH HER, dated today the 23rd. An article about skank, abusive Charlie, more recent than this article afore mentioned, says the babies are AT CHARLIE'S home, and his parents are with them. So, TMZ, get your facts straight, which one is it? Kids in rehab or at home? Not that anyone should care. These 2 lowlife, alcoholic, drug abusive, violent abusive parents, Charlie and Brooke should have NEVER gotten together and conceived. Those poor babies will have a horrible life with these messed up people that should have never had kids or gotten married. Totally unresponsible and dangerous, those babies should be taken from them. They would be from "normal" people.

1702 days ago



1702 days ago


you guys are idiots. how can you think that even at this age the kids haven't been affected by this. it is normal and healthy to treat the whole family at once, even children. i guess you want them to be shuffled off and ignored, that should be good for them

1701 days ago

Blanket 50    

Just because your famous doesn't mean you don't have common folks problems. BUCKETHEAD FREAKS

1701 days ago
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