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Admiral Ackbar Closer to Ole Miss Mascot Status

2/24/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Admiral Ackbar -- the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance fleet -- is one step closer to becoming the new on-field mascot for the University of Mississippi.

Admiral Ackbar

Ole Miss is in the middle of a movement to replace their old mascot -- Colonel Reb -- after the school decided they wanted to update their image.

Tuesday, the students voted in favor of crowning a new mascot to represent Rebel Nation ... and the favorite so far is none other than the most famous Mon Calamari in the entire universe.

Several pro-Ackbar websites have recently emerged -- making the Admiral the heavy favorite. The University tells us the decision on the mascot is entirely in the hands of the student mascot committee. The University will hold a vote in the near future -- we'll keep you updated.

May The Force be with you.

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Hotty Toddy    

Wake up people! This is a joke. The University of Mississippi students are not in control here. The "powers that be" who want to move on from Colonel Reb (to satisfy all those in the world who could care less about Ole Miss) would never let this be our mascot.

The students are trying to make light of a stupid situation. They want Colonel Reb. Period.

Forget the ability to license crap and roll with it.

Go to hoth, LSU!

1669 days ago

She is hot    

As a die hard MSU fan, I vote that TSUN picks this thing!! LMAO!! My question is, will it get to keep Colonel Rebs hat?

1669 days ago


Wow! A Kathy Griffin look-alike! lol

1669 days ago


I go to LSU, and I absolutely love this. 100% approve. This is the best thing to come out of Ole Miss since...well...ever.

Rebel Alliance...my goodness. Amazingly awesome.

1669 days ago


"Update" their image? Star Wars came out in 1977...

1669 days ago


As a student, I have a few comments. First of all, in reference to “They want Colonel Reb. Period.” –that is obviously not the case and I think you should do some fact checking. A student vote was held and 74% of those who voted were in favor of the students developing a new mascot.

2nd- I am a little sick of the hateful remarks being made by people. I am an out of state student and chose to come to Ole Miss because of the quality of the school and friendliness of the people of Oxford. You mock our education system and the state as a whole, yet you cannot even get the name of the school correct. We are “Ole Miss,” not “Old Miss.” If you are going to mock our supposed ignorance I suggest you do not display your own.

3rd- There is no need to worry about licensing issues. The movement was created to get students aware about the vote that was taking place and to keep their attention so they would follow through with voting. It is purely a joke and was effective at getting the word out about the vote.

1669 days ago


I hope you guys don't get your hopes up for Admiral Ackbar. I doubt he wins. Also, please don't judge our school by the bitter Col. Rebel complainers on here. They lost and now they want to whine. And to the black guy that wouldn't want to go to school in Mississippi....Your lost playboy. I love Mississippi and yes I'm black. Da Sip baby!!!!

Go Rebels!

1669 days ago


Hoddy toddy, gosh almighty, WHAT the HELL are they? Hey! Flip, Flop, Drip, Drop, Catfish-heads on the top! May the Farce be with Y'all, Old Mississippi University!

1668 days ago

Bud Andrews (UM BA '85)    

Oh, isn't this fun...! Adopting Admiral Ackbar would prove to the country (as well as the universe!) that we're not hung up in "The Old South" anymore...we'd be forward thinking, futuristic carbon based life forms...unless, of course, that's not politically correct, either...

1668 days ago

Hotty Toddy    

reb1- Please read carefully brother...

In regards to your statement: 74% of those who voted were in favor of the students developing a new mascot.

You seem as if you aren't even aware of what is going on at your own University. YES OF COURSE they voted "yes". The way the election choices were worded, the students had no choice. If they hadn't voted yes, the mascot committee would have said "well you said you didn't want to be part of the process."

With that vote, they DID NOT actually say we want to replace Col. Reb!!! Col. Reb wasn't even an option.

Do you actually think that if there had been an option that said "Do you want to keep Col. Reb" that it would not have been checked by the majority of students? Get real!!!

I do agree that people come to The University of Mississippi because the beauty of the campus, hospitality of the people, and quality of education. But some people (many who have never been here) think we are all racist hillbillies. Talk about prejudice and judgement! Will they ever move past that?!

1668 days ago

Brett McBride    

Read this one on the air...

Alright, now this is funny...I hope they pick Ackbar...He reminds me of a terd with eyes...But my suggestion would be Kernal Sanders from KFC, he's white and he like's fried chicken...lol...So everyone's happy...

1668 days ago

Bud Andrews (UM BA '85)    

Boll Weavel anyone?...just as ugly? ...anyone?

1668 days ago


Responding to Hotty Toddy-

First off, I am a female, not "brother." And I AM actually aware of what is happening at my own school. You must have misread my previous comment. I was merely pointing out that is the students still wanted Col. Reb, then they would have listened to the "Save Colonel Reb Foundation" and voted "no"--(even though that was not even what a "no" vote meant--that was false info from that foundation.) Also, I personally do not agree that most students still want Colonel Reb as a mascot. Again, this is just a personal opinion, but I have been working very closely with this movement and I have talked to a majority of students who are ready to move in a new direction, as well as spoken to alumni and heard pressure from them to create a new on the field mascot. Colonel Reb was a great mascot when he was one, but we have been without him on the field for a few years now so I think the general feeling is it is time to move forward to get away from the negative reputation associated with our university.

1668 days ago


i think this is pretty stupid and racist they need to put the rebel back and make everything like it was

1614 days ago


I think that this discussion is ridiculous. We are not going to change the "BET" channel or "EBONY" magazine just because it offends some people. Not everybody is always going to agree on everything in this perfect world that we live in. People who rag the south and run it down are the ignorant people in this discussion. Keep Colonel Reb and get rid of the people who are complaining about it because like "Kraftjerk" said it is a public university and they chose to attend it and can just as fast choose another university if they can't get over it or like it. Don't go to Ole Miss if you don't like it. You knew what the mascot was before you chose to enroll here.

1588 days ago
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