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Andrew Koenig's Parents' Emotional Plea

2/24/2010 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Walter and Judith Koenig just made a heartbreaking plea to their son, missing actor Andrew Koenig -- begging him to let them know he's alright.

Andrew Koenig presser: Click to watch
At a Canadian news conference, the parents of the "Growing Pains" star spoke directly to their son, choking back tears as they said "We just want to know that you're O.K. and if you want to stay here, change your life ... that's O.K."

The Koenigs also added he had been taking medication for depression -- but stopped taking it a year ago.

Andrew's mother closed the conference by saying "You are loved, you count and you matter."


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heartbreak hotel    

My prayers go out to your family. I can't imagine how painful this must be. God speed and may your son be found safe.

1702 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Cool it. Your son is probably yanking your chain and bolstering his less than stellar career. Left new running shoes on stoop? Posted a Run for Your Life comic video? Get real. He's wanting to have the last laugh.

1702 days ago

Jerry Martin    

This is so sad. I hope the kid is alright and gets his head straightened out.

1702 days ago


maybe he watched forest gump and just wanted to go runnin.

1702 days ago


This is my first post here even though I have enjoyed TMZ for a long time. But I just had to comment on this. If he is OK and just playing "feel sorry for me, little rich kid games" then SHAME on him to put his parents through such pain. For his parents sake I hope he is ok and this turns out good for everyone.

1702 days ago


Thats actually funny Tim and hope thats the case lol

1702 days ago


I pray for this family. Not knowing what is going on with a child,
adult in a time of need would be more than many people could bear.
#2 Justin, where do you come off being so judgmental and harsh when you have no idea of the facts. Is it a hobby of yours to tear down people when they are suffering? Hope nothing goes wrong in your life.
Think about it.

1702 days ago


what a nice mom and dad.
hope the kid didn't do anything awful.

1702 days ago

Bash a Pap    

You people have no idea how dangerous clinical depression can be.

1702 days ago


He went on a walkabout Like JACK&lost IT.He tryed some reality GOOD for HIM that head candy will OD ya and make you a slave to the medical system...reality is the cure meds are only a temp* you can`t get a hardON hows that for making a depressed person MORE depressed take away the lom B-ake sexually Drive make a basket for a casket case that will do a shotUp everybodyBit.There is NO pill that will fix your head maybe bio/electro science with biofeed back and a computer screen to see under the hood into the brain YOU can fix yourself useing biofeed back brainwave interactives on the computer brain feed back loops/Witch craft dayz of lore PILLS and quacks is over

1702 days ago


If the only thing you are remembered for is a show that went off the air 18 years ago, are you really an actor.

1702 days ago


Andrew, look at the smallest things to make it through the darkness--your family, friends and fans love you and want you on this earth. Take your time but let them know you are okay, don't be selfish, your parents are hurting. There is always hope, you have to grab at it, reach out to people. Don't miss the first tulips and daffodils poking their way up, it won't be long now.

1702 days ago


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1702 days ago


Shocking, sad.

1702 days ago
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