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Charlie Sheen Will Dodge Bail Bullet

2/24/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Will Dodge Bail BulletCharlie Sheen could go back to jail because he has violated the terms of his bail -- specifically by using drugs or alcohol. But sources tell us Charlie's people are confident they will dodge this bullet.

As we already reported, Charlie has not been clean and sober recently. But proving he slipped in a court of law is a whole different matter, and Charlie's reps are now confident info about his alcohol and drug use will remain under wraps.

We reported last night that the delay in checking Charlie into rehab was to make sure his legal position was not compromised in the criminal case.

The prosecutor in the case sounded surprised when we told him that last night, but Charlie's people are confident information about the "Two and a Half Men" star has been contained and will remain private -- at least in terms of admissible evidence of drug and alcohol use.

As for his show, sources tell us Warner Bros. can deliver the remaining 6 episodes to CBS, provided Charlie is back on set in two weeks from next Monday.


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fo real    

Charlie is awesome His show is great. His wife is probaly a lot of the problem

1703 days ago


This man has such great potential... you would think he would want to be known for something other than drugs, porn, abuse. These stars are throwing away their blessings and potential to influence others for worth while causes. This is why I so respect Brad and Angelina, and Joel M. and Nicole Richie.

1703 days ago


he should be in jail in colorado, thanks to tmz we now know they have a soft wimp for a prosecutor in colorado. w b prolly paid the da off to look the other way while they wrap up their two and a half freaks show up.

1703 days ago


Anyone else would be in jail for violating their bond restrictions, what a bunch of crap.

1703 days ago


The guy is a many chances does one person get?!?! He will eventually divorce this wife, remarry, and beat that woman too!!

1703 days ago

A. Williams from OK    

There is no bad PR for Charlie Sheen. My friends and family will always watch Two and a Half Men as long as its on the air. Then we'll buy the dvd seasonal sets. I grew up with Ferris Bueller, Kiefer Sutherland, Sean Penn, Molly Ringwald, etc...and the rest of the 'BRAT PACK". They are part of my life the way Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Van Halen, Journey, Rush, etc... all became part of my life. It's just that simple when your raised in California. There is a lot of pressure when your the no.1 highest paid sitcom actor in Hollywood. People expect you to be good all the time. Charlie needed to take more time off for Charlie. We all need space.

1703 days ago


This just goes to show that if you are famous than you can get into trouble and get probation and then break that probation and still get away with it.
If this had been a "NORMAL EVERYDAY PERSON" then they would not be allowed to leave Colorado, and be under the jail

1703 days ago

J C    

The system is enabling Sheen.
He needs to face the music and be accountable instead of going to a plush celebrity "rehab" .

1703 days ago


Somebody please call Child Protective Services and get the kids away from Sheen & his drug addicted wife!!

1703 days ago

elle're all screwy. Charlie Sheen has a problem. His wife has a problem. It seems they want to work it out. The fault lies not on one person. they both need help and hopefully will get it and learn from this. Charlie's show is the best thing on television. I wish them both good luck....your children need you.

1703 days ago


he's a loser, he'll always be a loser, and the only reason he is a star is because his daddy had the connections. i could stand to have 6 shows without his nasty pervy self being on there. take us into the home/life of conchetta ferrell for 6 episodes

1703 days ago


Does anyone know if the did TMZ Live yesterday? I can't find it.

1703 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I'd like to say that it's celebrity justice, but they are correct that it would be hard to prove in court, especially since the prosecutor was "surprised" at this. He didn't know because there was no evidence given to him that there was a violation.

1703 days ago

A. Williams from OK    

Hey Lisa, Search TMZ by typing in Charlie Sheen Play. He was really generous with fans the other night.

1703 days ago


Enough with the Sheen stuff already.....give us an update in two weeks.

1703 days ago
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