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Yet Another Michael Jackson Creditor's Claim

2/24/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonFiled By: Van F. Alexander

Reason: Claims he was hired as Michael Jackson's "Media and Communications Consultant" for $10,000 a month, and wasn't paid from January to July of 2008.

Grand Total: $70,000.

Will he get it? Who knows.



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I Love you more Michael!!!

1702 days ago

a fan    

132. Is this going to be on TV too or just the VH1 site??

Posted at 5:15PM on Feb 26th 2010 by Barb

Read more:


its going to be on the vh1 channel tonite at 9 eastern time. and i think it repeats again at 1030 eastern time. it just gives you the chills because it looks too much like michael

rip mj

1702 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Pitiful thing in all this is the peeps who think Michael is alive are now saying he actually is in that VH1 video. Thats not true.
Yea, will come on VH! tonight. Thanks for clarification on PT, I'm sure this will be repeated over and over on the weekend and for months to come.

1702 days ago

They were in it for the money    

so ok that means the programme will be on at 6pm for the pacific time zone people. Thank you!

1702 days ago


Anyone can claim whatever they wish to claim-the problem will arise in trying to present any actual evidence that contractual relationships existed and were fulfilled

If the claims are legit, and surely some of them are, they have every right to make demands of the estate, as long as it comes in before the deadline. They are not vultures for expecting to be paid...they expected to be paid whilst Michael lived and unfortunately-except in the Never-Never Land of wishful thinking, fully realized fantasy, and outright hallucination where too many MJ fans live-these debts still need to be paid despite the fact he's dead.

1702 days ago


BTW, the "bad" nose in the "unflattering" picture is the same nose Jackson had worked on time and time again, finding one or more unethical plastic surgeons to help him mutilate himself because the price was right. You know, just like he found a bum like Dr. Murray to give him the drugs he wanted because he flashed enough money.

1702 days ago


marie , i didnt see anything come up when i clicked it ..are you saying jordan has a twitter acct under the name michael chandler? we all know mj never touched any of those kids ,,,that was all about the cash..i think jordan is just as bad as his father imo

1701 days ago

danger baby    

marie -- took a look at his twitter photo (enlarged). that does not look like him imho. there are a few recent (and by that i mean in the past 7 or 8 years) photos of him floating around on the 'net. you can compare and see what you think. i don't think it's the same person.

message to 'ok'. you probably figured out by now, the vh1 program was on at the same time eastern and pacific (both at 9PM). if you go directly to the vh1 website, you will see some other air times, in case you missed it. i can't recall, but it may air again on sunday(??). it may also show up on youtube. i watched it, and the only new thing i got out of it was that murray administered a drug (i forget the name, but it was not one i recognized as having been mentioned in any other reports) when he first found out mj was not breathing, but that drug (which should have revived him) had no effect. i believe mj was long gone by the time murray discovered him. i think murray either fell asleep or got distracted with his cell phone calls and forgot about his patient. by the time he realized he was not breathing, it was way too late. adding to the gross negligence of his administration of these drugs is the mind-boggling fact that he was doing CPR with mj on the BED. i mean, the guy is an idiot. if ever there was any chance of reviving mj, it sure wasn't going to happen by giving him CPR on a BED. since there was no hard surface for the chest compression to work against (mj's body just sunk further into the bed as Murray pressed down on him), murray wasted precious minutes doing that. i still find it hard to believe all this really happened. thank god we have his music and videos. he left us with enough entertainment to last a lifetime, and that's saying something, given that he was still relatively young when he passed. he was one hardworking entertainer, that i have to say. r.i.p., Michael.

1701 days ago

danger baby    

here are the TV air dates for vh1's episode about MJ

Sunday, February 28
1:30 AM ET/PT ON VH1
Wednesday, March 03
2:30 AM ET/PT ON VH1
Friday, March 05
12:00 AM ET/PT ON VH1

1701 days ago

And thats the truth    

I live in California (pacific time) and I was patiently sitting there at 9:00 pm waiting for this show to come on as I was looking forward to seeing it. Something else came on at 9:00. VH1 has some other channel on our cable so I switched it and again, nothing. This was last night (Friday). What the heck happened?

I had gone online and seen a preview of the show. I must admit, that guy looked alot like Michael. He even had the same build.

1701 days ago

Linda Angel    


1701 days ago


I think the people that made the concert deal with Michael Jackson knew he could never have made it through 50 Shows. I am sure these guys had a Big Insurance Policy on him. Did anyone ever look into this?

1701 days ago


Okay so what is everybody's problem with this picture? Other than the fact that it's blurry, I think he looks totally cute. This is the one where he was dancing on a car at a signing for "Invincible." It's also one of the key clips people point to to support their theory that he abused drugs but I still say that's pure conjecture on their part and there's no evidence to substantiate that he had to be high simply because he was dancing happily. In that clip, Michael was surrounded by screaming fans--an experience he loved to luxuriate in. He was simply "simmering."
Now, I have a few things:
1. #137,138--Do what yo mama told you: First let me say I normally don't address negative posts on here as they're confusing to me--I can't seem to comprehend why a person who dislikes a celebrity would waste their precious time reading stories about them and posting comments...over and over again. But in the case of 2 posters I thought I'd make an exception primarily due to the fact that their posts seem to be thoughtful and cohesive, but unfortunately have a harsh, negative tone.
Raejean, you seem to really be offended by Michael and his fans, but how much do you actually KNOW about him? The reason I ask is not because you don't like Michael, but your approach. Please don't assume that since there are claims on the Estate, it means Michael never intended to pay his bills. For one thing, I'm sure you realize that even a star on the D-list has an accountant and Business Manager so there is no way someone on Michael's level of stardom would be paying his power and light bills. Yes, it's his responsibility to be AWARE of his financial status, but most of these bills went into the red zone during the 2005-2007 era. During the trial he had his brother Randy as his business mgr who was clearly in over his head. Michael was probably not aware of his financial woes at that time and even if he was, he probably couldn't have done much about it--after all, he was on trial for molestation--and like any other HUMAN BEING, he was consumed with saving his life and reputation. If you read up on the trial and all that he went through, you would realize how completely devastating it was.
With all of that said, I'm not saying this excuses him from paying his bills, however, I ask that you look at things from his point of view before you condemn him. We have no way of knowing how much control Michael had over his finances with all of the dark characters lurking around him. Bottom line, unless you were there to see what went on, you cannot judge.
Now I mentioned there were 2 posters, the other is "Fan"--who I'm happy to see has exonerated him/herself with a post I read on this story (can't remember the no.) that was very informative without tearing Michael down.
You see, the one thing people misunderstand about Michael Supporters/Fans is that we are all different in our love for him so please don't generalize us. I call myself a supporter because I've grown up with him since J-5 and saw him when he was a child prodigy, before his iconic status--this is why I don't "idolize" him. I know full well that he's human because if he weren't, he would've never let ignorant and greedy people beat him down and eventually kill him...but he had a heart. That said, I have no problem hearing info on him that's not always flattering, but it's kind of in the delivery I guess. With some people, you can tell their only reason for posting is to tear Michael down and irritate his supporters which I think is the height of stupidity. If you aren't with us, it's okay, you have your right, but please respect ours also. Of course if you want to "join in" and I'm sure you do, or why else would you waste your time here, feel's all for love, L.O.V.E.
2. #141,142--VH-1 to the Rescue: Finally a TV news mag who is not afraid to investigate this nightmare!! Major kudos to VH-1 on this one, they are going to go down in my book as first-rate after this. I know there wasn't alot of new info for those of us who've been following all along, but it was sure nice to see it laid out in a news program. Remember, not everybody follows all things Michael like we supporters do so it's good to get the general public aware of this travesty of justice. The best thing that can happen for Michael's case is exposure--if enough people get a whiff of the foul stench from this case and how it's been handled, maybe we'll see justice after all. VH-1 won't be the last news program to cover this.
BTW--I have to say watching the program made me cry as if it had just happened for some reason and I had a dark cloud over my head for most of the was so strange to see they had someone actually playing Michael which made it even harder to watch--although he had the wrong hair: straight vs. curly the way he wore it according to TII on June 25...
No peace till Justice

1700 days ago


The message that Michael left us is clear! Love

For other artist`s i`m hopeful they get the message: don`t struggle with the music -industry!

1700 days ago


This is Jordan Chandler's twitter account( posted other pictures of his girlfriend's brother to fool visitors but it is indeed Jordan.His girlfriend is greek singer Sonnet Simmons ( and the picture in the profile is Jordan indeed if you look very closely.
Compare these two pictures and tell me if they are not indeed the same person:
1) (Jordan Chandler 30 years old)
2) (Jordan Chandler 22 years old)

1699 days ago
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