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Missing 'Growing Pains' Star -- More Clues

2/24/2010 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Missing 'Growing Pains' Star Andrew KoenigA man who lived in the apartment building where Andrew Koenig lived turned up missing and ended up killing himself -- this according to a neighbor of Koenig's and a handyman who works in the building.

It's an eerie set of circumstances. We're told the downstairs neighbor took his life approximately two years ago.

But the handyman tells us he does not believe the "Growing Pains" star is dead, noting that Koenig gave a 30-day notice before moving out and got his security deposit back -- something someone suicidal might not do.

A neighbor tells us Koenig left a new pair of running shoes on his front doorstep with a note that read, "These will make a world of difference."

The landlord of Koenig's building also tells TMZ Andrew and his mom did not get along.


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Wow, either he is messing with his friends and family really bad or he is suicidal. Leaving shoes behind, giving things away,etc.. I don't know!!

1670 days ago

a total fan    

I hope he is ok and will come home soon and get help with whatever is troubling him.

1670 days ago


Andrew and his own mom, or Andrew and the landlords mom?

1670 days ago


We Need Wacko News!

1670 days ago


I fail to see the "eerie coincidence" between AK gone missing and a random tenant disappearing and committing suicide.

TMZ - stop printing every random "tip" you get from people claiming to have insight into this guys disappearence.

1670 days ago


Seriously. . . . is Boner leaving home really big news? Who the hell cares?

1670 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

I hope Andrew is safe and doing what is best for HIM. Some people need *alone* time to get their minds right. My family is used to me taking short sabbaticals to clear my head, get into the right frame of mind and get my spirit back to where it needed to be.

As a grown man he doesn't NEED to report in to anyone. He only needs to take care of himself.

1670 days ago


This is not a new clue. I'm not sure anyone even knows what the U.S. suicide rate is (not even counting the CA rate) since like 6 or so years ago, so the fact that someone committed suicide in the building 2 years ago seems irrelevant. I don't find it eerie at all like it's some ghost story. I don't feel great about the running shoes & note since he was witty and very funny, even possible sarcastic. As for his neighbor saying, "he & his mom didn't get along." I saw videos of a neighbor that said he didn't say goodbye to ANY neighbor and that maybe they should have reached out more, so I don't take the neighbors word for anything. I feel bad that TMZ is saying such hurtful things about the mom since this could be a suicide. I love TMZ and getting the facts, but TMZ are you sure about this fact (mom & Andrew not getting along)?

1670 days ago

Sand D    

Just follow the money.......if he is about making a new life he will still use his money.....if money doesn't move he isn't either.
Perhaps the guy just want a LIFE...without the weight of family and gossip ...... he does have sad eyes. I hope he is out there and just picks up a phone and says......leave me the hell alone...I am good.

1670 days ago


He's a grown man! Haven't you ever wanted to just be by yourself for a bit and drop it all? Sheesh, if I were him, I'd be really pissed my parents had caused this public hunt for me. It's clear he knew what he was doing and moved away, that's all. Leave him alone. This is shameful and not productive if he is having a tough time. He doesn't care for him mom. Get it?

1670 days ago


RUNNings shoes N blackwaters Ivins anthros Or crackies trainings maybe amy neuros? or new yorks TIMES artz~SS? long may U run

1670 days ago


Suicide, suicide, suicide. Talk about a jump to conclusions. I've done what he is doing many times. I was NOT suicidal, just wanted to get away from all of it. He gave notice! And, cleaned up his apartment enough to get the damn deposit back! You are ALL JUMPING TO WILD CONCLUSIONS. He's more than adult age. Leave him alone. His hysterical parents ought to be ashamed. He doesn't even like his mother.

1670 days ago


Sounds like he wanted to drop out of the radar for a while. he's hiding.

1670 days ago


The GOOD ole dayz does that get U doffIE sony moofee`s

1670 days ago


maybe this is a publicity stunt? his father said he was depressed about not working in the business and was trying to jumpstart his career. perhaps he did this to see if there was any public interest? this would be a well pulled off prank if it is. I hope he shows up safe as his poor dear father looks so depleted and worried sick.

1670 days ago
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