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Chaz Bono

Mama's Boy

2/25/2010 9:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cher hung out with her new son last night -- 40-year-old Chaz Bono.

Cher & Chaz: Click to watch
The singer, Chaz and his GF Jennifer Elia all met up at an L.A. art studio for an event for Cher's other son Elijah Blue.

As we previously reported, Chaz began gender transition last year ... with his mother's full support.


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to #40 alex:

Has her lesbian girlfriend suddenly gone STRAIGHT, since she's staying with "Chaz," who now claims to be a "male"?

that is the same as saying after being married for 15 years, you need to divorce your husband because he no longer plays basketball and has a pot belly. If Jen was attracted to Chaz years ago and fell in love with the person that is still Chaz that she should only want him the way he was when they met. granted it's a bigger change than dyeing your hair, but you can't turn love on and off. and if you say you can then what you felt was not truely love. only the best

1699 days ago


Did she also get a set of NUTS to have sewn on??

1699 days ago


This story is here because TMZ is working on a different story and isn't quite done preparing it yet. Kind of like, before you can cut the lawn you scoop up the dog crap first.

1699 days ago


I hope that she gets a big, hairy pair of nutzz sewn on.

1699 days ago


If Chastity Bono and Heidi Montag had sex, would it cause a complete implosion of the solar system? Would we all die? Would silicon replace carbon-based life? It's all happening too fast!

1699 days ago


OMG, what a freak show

1699 days ago


What a pair of sick fu*ks....YUK!

1699 days ago


Many Blessing to Cher and Chaz.

1699 days ago


"He" doesn't look happy to me; looks more overweight, so has to have unresolved issues there. I think maybe "he" has issues with Mom, maybe felt could never measure up to her.

1699 days ago

The Gr8 One    

Why is there a picture of Jiminy Glick next to Cher?

1698 days ago


To #51 gioudisgirl:

Are you SERIOUSLY equating having a sex-change — involving having your major sex organs cut off/altered and being fed mass quantities of hormones from the opposite sex for the rest of your life — to getting a pot-belly as you grow older??? REALLY???

If you can't recognize the difference between gaining a beer-gut and purposely & radically altering your physical body with surgery and hormones in order to pass as the opposite sex, then you have some serious issues.

If you're straight or gay, you're attracted to only ONE sex. If the person you're with decides to "CHANGE" their sex to one you're not attracted to, they're (1) obviously no longer the person you thought (unless you KNEW they wanted to be the opposite sex when you wed) and (2) they're not even the sex you married, either!

So why would a person stay with someone they're no longer attracted to, due to their change in sex, and who's no longer the person they originally fell in love with? Can you say "MONEY"???

If my wife decided she was really a "man," I'd be a fool and an idiot to stay married to her once she'd gone under the butcher's knife and walked around calling herself "Harold," because I agreed to marry a WOMAN, NOT a "gay man" (which is what she would HAVE to be, if she still claimed attraction to men).

I'm not buying ANY of this BS that Chastity, TMZ, or any of these other Hollywood tools are trying to shovel over us. Chastity Bono was BORN a WOMAN, she's STILL a woman and she'll DIE a woman.

She was just foolish enough to pay someone to butcher her body in order to superficially resemble a man's, once she'd completely given up all hope of feeling feminine due to her massive insecurities, gross overeating and severe lack of personal grooming.

Unfortunately for her, loping off her breasts and taking testosterone injections for life DOESN'T make a woman into a man. It just makes her a very sad human being. :(

1698 days ago


The freaks come out at night! Chaz Bono looks like his arteries are clogged with bacon fat.

1698 days ago


See what the devil has done to these sweet peoples lifes and souls. Dear God save us.

1673 days ago


This is a true sign from God that we are in the very last hours of the dipensation of grace. Time is almost up before all hell will break lose. The devil is fooling many many souls. This is truley a sin to do to your self. YES A SIN. She was born a women and well because she dont like herself as a women she is just goiung to change it all. It is because also of a lust demond. A spirit of lust for the same sex. She looks absolutley pathetic. WHY? Turn to Christ before it is to late Chasity. PLEAE!

1673 days ago


Having a mother as crazy as Cher, one can only imagine how confused this kid was and what weirdness she lived with. Maybe if her mother had gotten her some therapy early on, she'd have been able to deal with her supposed lesbianism. Too bad she/he did not slim down first. He looks quite freakish

1629 days ago
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