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Death Investigation Into Marie Osmond's Son

2/27/2010 7:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondThe LAPD has launched a death investigation into the suicide of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil.

The case now gets turned over to the coroner -- if there is any evidence of foul play, it will turn into a homicide investigation.

Paramedics responded to the call just before 9:30 PM last night. 911 calls indicated someone had fallen.


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Some of you are so cold and heartless. A Mother has lost her child, how could you be so cruel at a time like this? Like her or not, she was a loving and caring Mother and she didn't willingly talk about Michael on Larry King. Larry was the one who caught her off guard and brought it to the attention of the media, not her. Now, leave her and her family to mourne in peace and go back to the rock that you climbed out from under. May God's blessings of comfort and peace be with Marie and her family at this very sad time.

1667 days ago


Mormons are horrible to their gay kids. They torture them to make them change. If they do not change they kick them out of the family and tell anyone within the Mormon church, including their own family that if they talk to them, they are also kicked out of the church.
I am so sorry for this child. I feel sorry for his family. They are taught you have to deal with this our way. Shame they did not find the courage to truly love the boy unconditionally.
Gay kids are 7 times more likely to actually kill themselves then straight kids, and for every gay kid that does kill themselves there are 50 more that try. A gay kid kills themselves every 11 minutes.

1667 days ago


RIP Michael and even though Marie will probably never see this, I wish her and the whole family peace and solace at this most difficult time.

To the post by Jerry are a cruel person and life should be about good so if you have nothing good to say then...SHUT THE F--K UP!

1667 days ago


I can't believe how mean some of you are. Its one thing to not care but then to actually take the time to type out mean comments about how he won't be missed, its just sick. Remember- if it was someone in your family, how would you feel?

1667 days ago


Double Indemnity Strikes!!

This guy is in Hell for a double portion...

Homosexual AND Suicide.!!!
'Families Are Forever"?? OOOPS.. Not in this case Marie!!....Better check your
makeup again...There's another camera.........

1667 days ago


donnie pushed marie off the balcony at michaels apt.
michael jumped after his mother to save her.
marie broke her fall with one of her dolls wigs which she was carrying.
michael didn't survive.
rip michael

1667 days ago

Grammar nazi    

Mormons do not believe he's going to hell for suicide. I cannot believe the amount of cruelty I am seeing here today. I have many Mormon relatives and a very close one committed suicide. Although I don't believe in that religion, they were comforted with the belief that this person was very ill and had a sickness of the mind, and that there were also statements by their religious founder (Joseph Smith) and their bishops that the person obviously didn't understand what they were doing at this point because of their sickness, and of course they believe that is taken into consideration. Yes, they believe suicide is murder, but I have known of a couple Mormon suicides close to me and I have never seen anyone accuse that sort of thing. It would have to be a suicide done in anger, possibly, rather than from depression. And they don't believe it is for anyone but God to know that kind of thing. I'm sure the family loved this boy very much and believes he will go to heaven. Even the family members that are homosexual, it is a matter to them (Mormons) of whether or not they act upon these feelings, not if they have them.

Basically, I'm telling you know-it-all meanies to shut up. The people I've known with this problem were getting treatment. But sometimes there needs to be experimenting with different types of treatment because not everything works for everybody. And during that time, yes, a person can be of danger to his or herself. There's no evidence that Marie was every anything but a loving mother.

1667 days ago


None of us knows what kind of mother Marie Osmond was to this kid or whether he had any support from his biological mother. Is the brain tumor Dad living in LA? Did he provide some kind of parenting? Why was a depressed recovering addict living in an apartment with roommates? Was Marie alienated from the kid and ignoring him? I ask you these questions!

1667 days ago


some of you can be so mean dont matter if you dont like marie you are a poor excuse for a human being my god she just lost her son your sick in the head

1666 days ago


Run-on sentence. Points off for that.

1666 days ago


Very sad. May God bless Marie and her son Michael and their loved ones forever.

1666 days ago

Shell D    

The loss of a child is the most tragic & painful experience, there are no words to describe. I'm so very sorry for your loss. God bless you & yours

1666 days ago


just another screwed up child from screwed up celebrity parent(s).Guess he didnt have enough faith or enough cash to give to the moron church in order to be "saved". He didnt know what he was doing? Right... he was sane enough to fall from a height sufficient to cause his death. Perhaps he just thought it would be cool to fly or lets see if gravity really is a phsical law.

1666 days ago


Marie, was a wonderful mother, shame on you all that wrote negative comment's, anyone that lose's a child is devastated!!!!!!!!!I love you Marie, and God Bless you, forget the hater's they are just jealous, you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!Beth

1666 days ago


But can she bake a cherry pie?

1666 days ago
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