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Admiral Ackbar Ignites Backlash at Ole Miss

2/28/2010 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Admiral Ackbar is causing a serious disturbance in the force at Ole Miss -- where several Rebel fans are threatening to abandon the school if the alien leader becomes the new mascot.

The masterminds behind the Admiral Ackbar mascot campaign tell TMZ they've been contacted by angry students, threatening to transfer if the legendary rebel shot caller is voted to become the new face of Ole Miss.

The group has even received complaints from the parents of current students and prospective students -- with some even threatening to "never send their kids to Ole Miss" if the Admiral wins out.

As we previously reported, the school recently voted to bring in a new mascot to replace the old, controversial rebel mascot ... and Ackbar has emerged as an early favorite.

Still no word on when an official decision will be made.

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This is sooooo stupid! There is NOTHING wrong or RACIST about the old mascot. For christ's sake, get over yourself, people!

1700 days ago


Am I the only one who is saying that Lucas isn't going to let a college have one of his characters. They can vote for him all then want but then I see them getting sued by Lucas.

1700 days ago


It's a joke, people... And not a racist one, btw. If this were at Duke or Vanderbilt (where an admiral actually kind of fits), people would get that it's all an exercise in irony. I guess people expect all Ole Miss fans to be humorless Christians.

1700 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Obviously their political affairs classes are teaching socialism. The Dumbass students don't know how to vote something down! Its typical that college students just complain about stuff instead of doing something about it.

1700 days ago


I attended Ole Miss and i received a great education! We've been without a mascot for years (I think Eli was there when they banned Col Reb). It's not been a big focus, bc it takes a lot to change an institutions' mascot and create buy in. FYI, this is a joke... I found it quite humorous.

Leave Mississippi alone. I live in LA now, but every time I go back, I thank God that I was lucky enough to grow up there!

1700 days ago


Mississippi State's more like star trek: where no man has gone before.

1700 days ago

Admiral Akbar    

I commanded the fleet that destroyed the effing Deathstar, why the hell wouldn't you want me as a mascot!!! Fish-squid people are people too you know.

1700 days ago

Kelly Jacobs    

No matter which NEW mascot is chosen, a small number of people will complain loudly. Those opposed to Ackbar to even be on the ballot as a choice for new mascot, are probably not fans of Robot Chicken, which has given Ackbar this surge of popularity. Unfortunately, without written permission from George Lucas/Lucasfilms, Admiral Ackbar for mascot cannot succeed. Lucasfilms has a huge legal dept that sues to protect their $8 billion a year in consumer sales world wide.
The legalities of an agreement could take longer than the Ole Miss administration will wait before issuing a ballot, but I think the financial rewards would be great. Admiral Ackbar has a huge fan base (more than 17,000 fans on facebook) who might buy mascot merchandise, making new students the ones who would benefit the most.

1699 days ago


Doing this would be too much of a big mistakey.

(Admiral Ackbar: Big mistakey?)

1699 days ago

She is hot    

First of all, all you morons out there that are saying it is Mississippi and everyone is a racist or redneck, you have probably never even been to Mississippi so frankly, have a coke and a smile and shut the F up. Ya'll are probably the same liberals that preach tolerance even when you act a fool with comments! Second, Ole Miss will always be the Rebels to people in Mississippi even if they do change their mascot. If people take Colonel Reb as racist then PC is completely outta control and ya'll will see everything in Mississippi or the south in general as racist! Bet ya'll are the same absolute MORONS that get pissy and call racism everytime someone says something against Obama's dumbass policies! Lastly, as a State fan I don't care if Ole Miss picks that thing, it will be funny as hell no doubt but they will always be the Rebels to Mississippi sports fans!

1699 days ago


Our schools can't repel mascots of that magnitude!

1699 days ago


"Mississippi State's more like star trek: where no man has gone before."

Well, having grown up Auburn fan in Mobile for 17 years then moving to Mississippi and attending MSU, I believe this statement is completely ridiculous. My parents (who are Auburn Alumni) and friends who currently attend Auburn have visited our campus and town and said that it is remarkably similar to Auburn.

As a side note to people criticizing Mississippi, the South is not the only place with redneck white trash. I've been all over the country and have seen it all. The term "hillbilly" is actually referring to people in the Ozarks and Appalachian mtns, and the term "hick" refers to people found in the subparts of Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, or Tennesee. (I actually looked those up so I'm not making this up). I'm not judging or accusing anyone, just trying to prove a point that Mississippi should not be singled out as a 'redneck' state.

1699 days ago

non sequitor    

Well, natbat, the American colonies rebelled against the British government once. Our founding fathers were considered "rebels" at that time. I suppose the English people could have considered them terrorists. I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. Yours seems very limited.

The sweeping generalizations describing everyone in Mississippi as racists or people that fit into one of three convenient categories are based on the ignorance of the posters.

As for Admiral Ackbar - it is a joke, everyone. Who cares about a mascot anyway? Mascots are irrelevant and unimportant.

1699 days ago

Soli Deo Gloria    

Way back in the fall of 1896, coach A.W. Jeardeau's LSU football team posted a perfect 6-0 record, and it was in that pigskin campaign that LSU first adopted its nickname, Tigers.

"Tigers" seemed a logical choice since most collegiate teams in that year bore the names of ferocious animals, but the underlying reason why LSU chose Tigers dates back to the Civil War.

According to Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr., PhD. and the "Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units, 1861-1865" (LSU Press, 1989), the name Louisiana Tigers evolved from a volunteer company nicknamed the Tiger Rifles, which was organized in New Orleans. This company became a part of a battalion commanded by Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat and was the only company of that battalion to wear the colorful Zouave uniform. In time, Wheat's entire battalion was called the Tigers.

That nickname in time was applied to all of the Louisiana troops of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. The tiger symbol came from the famous Washington Artillery of New Orleans. A militia unit that traces its history back to the 1830s, the Washington Artillery had a logo that featured a snarling tiger's head. These two units first gained fame at the Battle of First Manassas on July 21, 1861. Major David French Boyd, first president of LSU after the war, had fought with the Louisiana troops in Virginia and knew the reputation of both the Tiger Rifles and Washington Artillery.

Thus when LSU football teams entered the gridiron battlefields in their fourth year of intercollegiate competition, they tagged themselves as the "Tigers."

It was the 1955 LSU "Fourth-Quarter Ball Club" that helped the moniker "Tigers" grow into the nickname, "Fighting Tigers."

1699 days ago


Dissenting students can't repel awesomeness of this magnitude!

1699 days ago
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