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'The Bachelor' Got Married Yesterday

2/28/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not to Melissa Rycroft. To the other one.



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1699 days ago


She was SECOND-CHOICE!!!! Just shows you how stupid and desperate she is to be married. Just crazy to me to let the whole world know that she was his second, NOT first choice, and accepted his proposal anyway. To each his own. I wouldn't have accepted the ring. I would have told him to stick it up his a** on the reunion show. These women need to stop being so blind.

1699 days ago


The women who are on this show are obviously desperate to find a man to marry them. What normal woman would subject herself to this ridiculous type of competition? How hard up do they have to be? All these woman vying for the same man! Pathetic.

1699 days ago


Don't care for either one of them but, I have to comment on that photo. It is amazing!

1699 days ago


I don't like the show or the premise it's based on, but I am never going to say there is a right way or wrong way to find happiness. Being embarassed about second place must suck, but if they have both ended up jumping over that barrier and are now happy... why do we all have to point fingers? Are we jealous over them being happy together in such an unconventional way when maybe some of us can't even find a little bit of happiness while following all the rules society told us to follow to get there...? Seriously, yeah, it's a weird way to get there, but happy is what we're all looking for and she must have found it. In her head it's "Forget what everyone else thinks, I'm happy." so good for her, in the END.

1699 days ago

the DQ    

Nope...........don't care either, TMZ. ICKY couple!

1699 days ago



They richly deserve happiness. Unfortunately, the general female populace of this country has tried to vilify them... Why??
Because PATHETIC MANIPULATIVE Melissa Rycroft tried to milk her 15 minutes? She lied to Jason about who she was and what her intentions were, just to win on TV. Then she released their private emails to the press.

Ellen DeGeneres was no longer sympathetic after Melissa confessed on her show that, YES, they were ALREADY BROKEN UP by the time the AFTR show was taped. AND SHE WAS ALREADY BACK WITH an old boyfriend!! So she was whining about Jason wanting another shot with Molly? Good golly, you guys are gullible. Don't you remember any of these facts?
How many more Melissa's are there among you??!

It's like every sad sack American woman who ever got dumped - with no obvious recourse - decides to make Jason the target of their unrequited venom!
How's that been working for ya, ladies? Ringing up the therapists bills, no doubt.
Many of you are just beyond help.

1699 days ago


She'll discover that having a certain ethnic mother-in-law ain't skittles and beer. My wife found out all about it.

1699 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!! He is no longer the "Bachelor" he is now known as the "sucker". Run.

1699 days ago


I care and think it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the wedding show.

1699 days ago


You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

1699 days ago


He's not attractive and totally wimpy.

1699 days ago


TMZ no crap we know who he picked this is old news why do you always try to make drama like none knows he didnt pick Melissa to marry come on you guys Harvey you need new people to write this this stuff first they cant spell and the sentences make no sense and now they try so hard to be funny and its not funny get real here on this site and can you please get someone to redo you website so we can go to page to page without it taking an hour a page so bad this site downloads each page in like 10 mins and i have new mac so its not my puter its your site horrible !

1699 days ago


Congrats to them! I wish thenm well!!

1699 days ago


It is amazing that so many people are so negative about their relationship. Who cares if he picked her on the show, what pressure that must have been for him! They look very happy together, hopefully they will have a terrific life together!

1699 days ago
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