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Brittany Murphy's House Up for Sale

3/2/2010 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mom has just put her house up for sale -- the house where Brittany died ... TMZ has learned.

Simon Monjack tells us Sharon Murphy listed the house today for $7.25 million. The house, located in the Hollywood Hills, is 8,000 square feet on 1.29 acres.

Brittany bought the house for just under $4 million in 2003. She purchased the home from Britney Spears.

We're told the title to the house is held in a blind trust, and Sharon is the sole trustee.

As we first reported, Brittany has left all of her assets to Sharon.

Monjack tells TMZ when the house is sold and Brittany's estate is wrapped up, he and Sharon are moving to New York.


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jen newman    

Simon doesn't seem at all upset about everything going to Sharon... Figure it out - he and Sharon "are moving to New York?" Really strange, don't you think?

Jen Newman

P.S. I remember a previous article that mentioned Brittany was having sevree abdominal pain for 7-10 days! I cannot believe that neither mother or husband would forcefully take her to a hospital or call an ambulance? You don't have to be a rocketscientist to know what to do!

1662 days ago


OMG OMG this is so shady!!!! Why are they moving to New York together?!!?!? What is going on here?!?!!?!? OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

1662 days ago

Money Talks    

The asking price for this ugly house is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay more than $500,000 for it. It looks like a nazi blockhauss.

1662 days ago


Why is a man moving to New York with his mother-in-law? That is absolutely sick!

I can understand continuing to live in this house with her for awhile because it is expensive to go out and rent a house for yourself, but to move to New York and continue living with your mother-in-law??? Are you serious???

1662 days ago


Her husband & her mother were her circle of loved ones. LEAVE THEM ALONE. We all take an extra pill with an ache. Respect that woman. Write respectful articles about her and her family and her death. Pleasezzzzz! That pooooor family!!!

1662 days ago

Simon's a freak    

For those people who are posting on here saying there's nothing wrong with Simon and Mom moving to New York together..... THINK AGAIN!

Will you move anywhere with your mother in law after a tragic incident? I don't think so!

That comment came from Simon the Freak about moving to NY with mom. Maybe Sharon doesn't even know he's moving with her. And yes, that Larry King interview was just as creepy as Simon. That little smirk on his face every time the camera comes on. Yuck! Get a life Simon!

1662 days ago


Given the economic recession that still exists now, asking for that amount of money is a bit strange??
and remember Brittany died in that house, so would you buy a creepy house? I still sounds strange how her mother could do this, OK, her daughter died but that's not even 6 months. Can you think of any celebrity star's parents doing the same thing? Surely if Simon really loved his wife he would never want to leave that house, let alone sell it.

1662 days ago


Like I said a LONG time ago- something is up with these two. Simon AND Sharon are moving to NY TOGETHER? That's a little strange. Of course in Hollywood it's probably NORMAL and no one ever gave it a second thought. However, those of us not under the influence think it's pretty bizarre to say the least.

1662 days ago


I can understand the house being sold. But I find it odd that the pair are moving to New York together. Sounds like they are a couple...TMZ will learn the truth of they are

1662 days ago


I dont think its weird that shes selling the house, but I do find it weird that she and Simon are moving out together...

1662 days ago

AZ Chick    

Her mom is obviously grieving. I don't blame her for selling the house. Can't she tack on that loser hanger on to the sale? Why is he moving with the mom??? He is taking advantage of her broken heart in the most disgusting way. She better get some good advice from friends before he ends up with the cash or continues his manipulation of her. There is something seriously wrong with this picture. Does anyone know what this guy actually does for a living? Or is he just a professional "comforter"? Please, please...let him get his...and soon!

1662 days ago


Ok I totally understand why the house is up for sale but why is this idiot saying him and her Mom are moving to NYC together? WTF? Something is fishy indeed....greed...indeed...greed, he's getting some $ too I know it and I think they are a couple!!! Made for TV movie coming up.

1662 days ago


Ok, so she wants to sell the house because her daughter died in there....But why the heck is Simon moving with her to New York? Why does Brit's mom have to take care of him? it's not like he's her son. wtf?

1662 days ago


is it just me or do they sound odd, that Brit's husband and mother are always together? When I first heard about her death, I was wondering what the hell was the mother doing there? Then now they are going to nyc together? That just doesn't sound right... But I guess if they had something to hide, they would keep on hiding it... or that's what they think we think, so by having their "tight" relationship open it won't be too fishy... i dont know... there is definitely something off here... xx

1662 days ago


i don't care what anyone thinks, but her mom moving with her daughter's husband to new york is not only creepy but weird!! they make it seem like they are having a relationship now with all of brittany's money!!! sick and twisted of them both! if they aren't in some sort of affair then what are they doing together other than looking strange.

1662 days ago
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