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Howard Stern: Leno Makes Me Wanna Puke

3/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern unleashed the fury all over Jay Leno this morning, brutally tearing into the "Tonight Show" host on a segment for the "CBS Early Show."

Howard Stern: Click to watch

One day after Leno returned to late night, CBS asked Stern for his thoughts, which went like this: "The mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me wanna vomit. I don't like this guy."

Stern, who has a long gestating hatred of the talk show host, also referred to Leno as a "lap dog" and a "thief" ... once again accusing Jay of stealing material from himself, Letterman and even people in England.

Long story short -- don't expect Stern on "The Tonight Show" anytime soon.


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conan for life    

@ baby booey

"If he wasn't so crude and nihilistic I think he would be a really good reflection of the society we live in."

hello? what planet do you live on? look around dude. i think his humor is a perfect reflection of society. "20 year old girl gets ten surgeries in one day." frakk... just read the headlines man. open your eyes. we live in a sick sad world, and stern's insight on the human condition is right on.

1692 days ago


Howard is right on the money. Jay's true colors of red are now showing. He's a greedy right-wing nut job with his Sarah Palin-lovin' & now Kevin,(the only cool one)leaving the show to be replaced with the new prince of country music(ugh!), Darius Rucker (I sure miss Hootie though). Jay is so out of touch as the country goes to hell in a hand basket and he condones it with his choice of guests who are not held accountable when the facts are falsehoods. He's lost this longtime fan for good. Great work Kimmel and see you soon Conan!

1690 days ago


Where did all the haters come from? Probably the ones who never listened to the Stern Show when is was free or who cant afford it now that its on Sirius. Sit down and listen then you would know that it is oh so much more than Howard hates Jay. There is alot of history there and the only way you would know that is if you listened to the show over the years. Jay need to grow a pair and ask a tough question from time to time. He is the crappiest interviewer out there and appeals to dim witted people. the fact that you find it so easy to go after Howard just shows your too slow to get the show or the joke. Howard didn't go on CBS and say anything new, he just said the same thing he's said for years now. Just like he said about Imus and always seems to be proven right over and over again. So you can sit there and call him this or call him that but the fact is the media loves him and you don't get that by be a nobody, oh and 500 mil and about 20 million paying listeners helps too. i doubt leno could ever do that his show was free on tv and bombed. Everything Howard has done has been a #1. As far as infidelity, i cant even comment on that because that just plain ignorance. Hes probably one of the most morally sound people in the media today whether you like it or not and if you weren't so fixated on who he has on or what questions he asks then you would know that. but ignorance is bliss i guess with that backwoods "jay is funny" mentality. step up your game and bring some facts then make a comment about Howard

1686 days ago


Hi Guise my name is shun tat and i want to say that I like this celebrity.especially his hair.

1674 days ago


howard stern is as gross as they come. figures he can only get a dj'ing job, behind public was the best choice for him.

1644 days ago


testing. just testing to see if I have my password rt.

1623 days ago


I love Howard Stern, and I can say that whole-heartedly, b/c I have
met Howard in real life. I was on his radio show years ago on May 2, 1997. It was one of the highest rated shows Howard's ever had! Anyway I think Stern is a comedic genius! Beside the fact that HS is highly intelligent, genuinely funny and brimming w/ creativity, he is also believe it or not one hell of a nice guy and is incredibly polite yet guarded and somewhat shy. Howard is also very
curious about his guests and as you all know, never holds back on questions or train of thought. I've got to agree with Stern when it
comes to Jay Leno! Leno is a corporate comedian who is the puppet of NBC! Howard, on the other hand doesn't yield to corporate
regulations on or about his show. I've heard, first hand jokes and skits that Leno has stolen from Stern. Please. I can't believe that
Leno would stoop so low, as to steal other's material, and claim it
as their own. Like Howard said, at least Dave Letterman gave HS
credit, where credit was due!

1623 days ago


STONE and Digital Dave take on Howard Stern!

1564 days ago


how can anyone even compare Leno and Stern. Stern is a pig- and for those of you who thinkLeno was wrong for wanting his show back---like you wouldn't have done the same thing. Conan ws not only failing miserably, he was draging down the shows before him also. NBC asked Leno to take a chance on the new show, he did, it did not work and they gave him his original show back. Don't see where Jay did naything wrong. Jealousy is a very ugly thing

1356 days ago
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