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Howard Stern: Leno Makes Me Wanna Puke

3/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern unleashed the fury all over Jay Leno this morning, brutally tearing into the "Tonight Show" host on a segment for the "CBS Early Show."

Howard Stern: Click to watch

One day after Leno returned to late night, CBS asked Stern for his thoughts, which went like this: "The mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me wanna vomit. I don't like this guy."

Stern, who has a long gestating hatred of the talk show host, also referred to Leno as a "lap dog" and a "thief" ... once again accusing Jay of stealing material from himself, Letterman and even people in England.

Long story short -- don't expect Stern on "The Tonight Show" anytime soon.


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Howard is the King. Jay is a boring douche.

He was fired by NBC and like the douch/kiis a** he is he went back.

1606 days ago



1606 days ago


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///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////

B O I N G !!! B O I N G !!!

1606 days ago


you wish sterny boy!

1606 days ago


Howard was great on cbs this morning. But the interview was a bit to short. I understand that people do not like Howard but why are some people saying he cheated on his wife? He never said he did that and it was never reported in the media.

1606 days ago

Jill Kennedy    

Howard has always hated Jay because he is weak and he stole not only Stuttering John but most of his bits. It's not about his return to Late night.

Leno returned to #1 in one night. People weren't watching to boo him. They were watching because he had strong guests and they really don't care about the Letterman/Leno/Coco fiasco. Most people have other things to worry about.

Leno has proven (and I'm not a fan just a person looking at the numbers) that he is the King of latenight. If I'm a Fox exec I'm thinking "no" on signing Coco to go head to head with Jay.

1606 days ago


Who is this guy? He doesn't look like the Howard Stern of Anna Nichole Smith fame.......different guy?

Wow, I don't get around much anymore....

1606 days ago


Ditto Howard.
You are a disgusting piece of crap.
you can only get mainstream coverage by bashing a guy.
Nothing nice to say about anyone ever. You would have done the same thing Jay did. AND Jay did not force Carson into retirement
you are a heinous hyena....

1606 days ago


So hilarious when people say how horrible Howard is and then in next sentenence admit they have never listened to him.

He never cheated on his wife. Stick to topics you have some sort of clue about.

1606 days ago


# 54 You are soooooo right!! All these idiots have obviously never actually listened to Howard. Like the comment that said they had heard less than a minute of him EVER- but still commented like they know everything about him.

I can’t imagine the people who look and comment on TMZ are bunch of Fundamentalist Religious people who are easily offended, but the comments sure make you think they are....

I feel like I'm in a time warp with the idiots who used to ban music, books, movies/shows without ever hearing/reading/watching them. If any of you who make the ridiculous comments are younger than 55, you should be ashamed of yourself! Did you actually want to grow up to be such judgmental, prude, uneducated people who allow others to have so much influence on your opinions???

If you ever listened to Howard you would realize he is a well educated, articulate, hard working person who has some very interesting topics and valid opinions. Yes he has some risqué, adult content, but so does more than half the entertainment these days. All who make those comments must not like most movies, music and cable television out today....

If you judge him only by what you hear from others or the short sound bites you may have heard/seen, you are SHEEP with no individual opinions!!!!

You may not like some of his content but he doesn’t say much more perverse things than anyone else, it's his guest that say/do the things you are referring to- he curses and talks like most people in 2010- oh, except you perfect people....

1606 days ago


Stern is an ass who likes being so negative on everything.

1606 days ago


I am not a Leno supporter, but after reading what Stern said about him. I will have to relook at him. He must be a saint because Stern is always totally wrong about everything.

1606 days ago

moe g    

who cares what he has to say.......he's an idiot anyway and makes alot of people want to puke!!!!!!!!

1606 days ago

ganjagirl are spot on....jay leno's new show tanked so badly that the local nbc affiliates were screaming mad...this undoubtedly messed with conan's ratings as well. and if someone doesn't listen to stern then they know not of what they speak.

1606 days ago


gross who is this old man? I never heard of him.

1606 days ago
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