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The 'Lost' Diary -- Sundown

3/3/2010 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LostWelcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

This week's promos promised our questions would be answered -- that's a lot like promising the most shocking rose ceremony ever on "The Bachelor." I think the promo departments for those shows default to commercial when they just don't know what to do. "Hey, I have no idea how to promote this episode ... so let's just promise answers!" Needless to say, I am skeptical. I think the odds are better that tonight's "Lost" gives us the most shocking rose ceremony ever before it gives us answers.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. My "Lost" plans fell through tonight so I am watching solo. Let's roll ...

9:01 -- Uncle Sayid? Looks like Sayid is not with Nadia in the flash sideways.

9:02 -- Something tells me Sayid's friend isn't in the dry cleaning business.

9:03 -- "I want some answers." -- Sayid. I wish people would just start asking questions instead of telling people they want to ask questions.

9:04 -- "I think it would be best if you were dead." -- Dogen. See? Much more direct.

9:05 -- Is it weird I was rooting for Dogen when he fought Sayid? And what's with the crazy baseball hitting the floor? Dogen got that look on his face my grandmother gets when you get crumbs on the carpet.

9:06 -- "Only the ones that won't listen." -- Locke

9:10 -- Looks like Sayid's friend is in the dry cleaning business. He is also stupid.

9:11 -- Playing the Nadia card on Sayid usually works.

9:12 -- "Apparently I am evil." -- Sayid. Miles has been kinda boring this season so far. I miss him.

9:14 -- Dogen has changed his mind and now he wants Sayid to stay.

9:15 -- Dogen is explaining to Sayid how Not Locke has Claire under his spell and plans on killing everyone on the island -- and now he wants him to kill Not Locke. Easier said than done.

9:21 -- Sayid and Nadia are visiting Omar in the hospital -- and, oh look, there's Jack.

9:23 -- Kate's back at the temple and Miles just told her Claire is back -- and he thinks she looks hot. That might be the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever said on "Lost."

9:24 -- Not Locke sure knows how to make an entrance.

9:25 -- "Now why'd you go and do that?" -- Not Locke

9:29 -- Not Locke is pretty OK with Sayid trying to kill him. Just because you are pure evil, doesn't mean you can't be forgiving.

9:30 -- Not Locke wants Sayid on Team Not Locke.

9:31 -- "The only thing I ever wanted died in my arms." -- Sayid. Sorry, I accidentally changed the channel to Lifetime.

9:32 -- Insert self-pity spouting Sayid scene here.

9:34 -- Kate is going to talk to Claire who is trapped in the well they used in "Silence of the Lambs."

9:35 -- Claire seems very thankful that Kate took Aaron off the island and raised him on her own. Wait, did I say thankful? I meant bat shit crazy.

9:41 -- "HE CAN'T COME IN!!!" -- Lennon. Confident much?

9:42 -- Sayid is being threatened by the guys who loaned Sayid's brother the money. I don't think this will end well for them.

9:43 -- Is that Keamy?

9:44 -- Yes, it is.

9:45 -- Yup, there's the Sayid we know and love. Odds he kills Keamy? I say yes.

9:46 -- "I can't." -- Sayid. Too easy.

9:47 -- Hmmm, why is Jin in the closet?

9:51 -- Dogen tells Sayid a story about how he got into a drunk driving accident and his son died. But Jacob came along and fixed the problem ... but Dogen had to come to the island. Doesn't that feel like something the Man in Black/Not Locke would do, not Jacob? Is it me or are Jacob/Man in Black just the same person.

9:55 -- RIP Dogen

9:56 -- RIP Lennon

9:57 -- Illana and company are trying to help everyone. Sayid, however, does not want to be helped.

9:58 -- The temple has a panic room. Cool.

9:59 -- Not Locke 1, Temple Others 0.

I've said for a long time that episodes of "Lost" have to be judged by different criteria -- a season finale, for example, is different than an episode in the middle of the season. Well, I think I have a whole new category for episodes -- season 6.

We're in the final season of "Lost" and I think we are all expecting certain things from this season -- and rightfully so. "Lost" has a well-earned reputation of raising questions, but never giving answers (despite what the promos say). But we're coming up on the finish line now -- only 12 episodes left after tonight -- and I am, fairly or not, expecting some answers each week.

I watched this episode and walked away fairly unimpressed -- didn't give me what I wanted. But I did a little reading, watched part of it again, and I grew to appreciate some of what it did give. The Not Locke/Man in Black/Jacob relationship is at the core of what is going on right now and we got a lot of that. I still don't feel like things are entirely black and white (pun intended) but it is interesting to try and figure out.

I thought about giving this episode two grades -- one based on what I wanted and one based on what it gave me -- but that didn't feel fair. So I tried to negotiate them and I have come up with a C+.

One of the key factors for me when I give a grade is rewatchability -- when you watch season 6 again on DVD some day, is this really an episode you will be looking forward to? Me thinks not.

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Just the FACTS ma'am    

the writers of this show have confused even themselves and are now hoping that we forget those parts that don't hold up the most recent attempt at a story line.

when all is said and done we will be disappointed in ourselves for allowing this show to last as long as it has AND for losing that part of our lives we will never get back.

1660 days ago


I think you watched a different ep than what I watched. I thought this episode was absolutely awesome. Or maybe you just were not paying attention considering you referenced Omer as Sayid's friend all the way until Omer was hospitalized.

1660 days ago


ABC and the creators/producers MUST leave the door to the island open...The end will be a sign of another flight loading passengers and then the next plane breaking up over the island. So, in a few years, they will bring another group back to the island,

1660 days ago


I have never seen an episode of Lost. The peer pressure is rough.

1660 days ago

Billy Boy    

you are absolutely wrong, this is wonderful television. Questions were answered. Sayid is clearly on smokey's side now. The answers are subtle for sure, but that is what makes Lost great. It is not in your face imbred television, you actually have to think a little bit.
Remember there are 12 episodes left, that is a hell of a lot of tv. Nowhere near the finish line and I imagine the questions will be answered slowly, with everything wrapping up at the end. It would be stupid for the producers to reveal everything now when there are 3 months of programming left.

1660 days ago


Great recap. Favorite line: "The only thing I ever wanted died in my arms." -- Sayid. Sorry, I accidentally changed the channel to Lifetime.

hee hee

1660 days ago


Ok, Sayid doing what he does best, kicking ass and NOT taking names! Doesn't get any beter than that.

They will have me until the end.

BTW, Daniel you need some new reliable friends. If you were closer to OH, I would join you for Lost nights!

1660 days ago


"Doesn't that feel like something the Man in Black/Not Locke would do, not Jacob? Is it me or are Jacob/Man in Black just the same person."

I agree with this. And we did get answers last night: Dogen straight up saying that each person is both good and evil and the whole scale discussion. I thought that was very relieving. People hypothesized about this, but we got confirmation about each person potentially "playing" for both teams. And I think the people that were at the temple, were currently "netural" on the good/bad scale....but now that they are with flocke (fake locke)...

1660 days ago


I thought last nights episode was awesome I didn't want it to end. It's funny the episodes you think are great are the ones I think are boring.

1660 days ago


In my opinion Lost is the greatest show ever created. It makes you think long after each episode is over. Now that is said in done I hope they redeem themselves with the remaining episodes becaus so the story line is starting to bore me.

1660 days ago


Since Sayid has risen from the dead a couple episodes back, I've been confused and not liking that whole storyline. I'm a fan, don't get me wrong, you have to have one guy that can legitimately kick ass and know what he's doing. But this is weird and the flash sideways stories are throwing me off. Isn't Nadia supposed to be dead?
Frustration better be turned around in the next couple weeks...

1660 days ago


Lost is a show that's much more fun to watch on DVD. That way lesser episodes sit better with the rest. As for answers I think they will only come in the last half of the season.

1660 days ago


According to the promo there are only 10 episodes left after last night. Not 12.

1660 days ago


You sir are a Moron. Last night episode was friggin' awesome! The last 3 have been great. In my opinion, the parallel reality we are seeing is what we will get if Smoky wins this game of 'chess'. Man - Locke is amazing, when he saw Kate in his little group his eyes lit up. In his mind I'm sure he was think 'wow, i just got one of the major players (pieces) on my side', but of course we don't know what Kate is really thinking. A+++ for last night's episode, I too didn't want it to end. :(

1660 days ago


Noone even mentioned the fact that people from a compleltely different time came through a door in the temple. HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW DID SUN GET TO THE PAST THROUGH A FRIGGIN DOOR? I think you went to the bathroom for that part!

1660 days ago
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