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Donny & Marie to Return to Vegas Post-Funeral

3/4/2010 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donny and Marie Osmond will reportedly resume their Las Vegas show next Tuesday -- the day after the funeral for Marie's son, Michael Blosil.

Donny & Marie Osmond

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Marie is eager to get back on stage -- with her Vegas manager saying she finds the process "cathartic."

The duo will also perform from April 13-17th to make up for the six shows they canceled after Michael's suicide.


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The grieving period sure was small.

Oh well, the kid who killed himself was adopted and most likely gay.
So what is his death to a Mormon. He was an outcast in the religion anyways.

1639 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

Umm, who DOESN'T have to go back to work after the death of a family member? Welcome to the real world, haters. We all have to go right back to work after burying our closest family members. What planet do the people who are criticizing this come from? A funeral doesn't free you from contracts and responsibilities, and working is the best way to distract and help a person to heal after such a loss.

1639 days ago


My comment was number 46. Why did they substitute an advertisement where the word "mental" was? In reference to mental health issues.

1639 days ago

get better J.C    

You have got to be kidding me!!!! Damn!!!
No wonder the poor guy committed suicide!!! Work must come first for them!!
I just can't, nor do I want to, imagine how I would feel losing a child, especially the way her son went, and then return to work????
Good GRIEF!!! WTH???

Posted at 1:04PM on Mar 4th 2010 by WillOTheWisp

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I know unbelievable!

1639 days ago


Such mean-spirted, mean-hearted, utterly compassion-less and sickeningly un-empathetic remarks as these posting drove Mr. Osmond to jump. Jumping from on high became the only visible solution to the unremitting, spiteful, denigration shown here.

Regarding Ms. Osmond, her denial may last quite some while. Eventually, anger at him, at these BBS posters, at everyone, and noone, and everything, and nothing will ensue. That won't likely become visible to the public's eye, nor will the subsequent, horrific and nearly unimaginable grief.

You clueless fewels might PLEASE get a clue. Soon.

1639 days ago

get better J.C    

I think the anger that people feel is that she has 7 other children who have had a great loss and are grieving, she doesn't need the money she needs to be a mother 1st! And she's not doing that. Sad!

1639 days ago

And thats the truth    

Actually, when my dad passed away, I was only given 3 days off of work. My dad died unexpectedly and quite frankly it did not "hit" me for quite a while. My friend called me to console me and she was the one crying and I was consoling her! She is probably still in shock. Maybe it is good for her to get back to work. She is divorced and probably has to work just like other single mother.

She is under a contract. She can not just come back whenever she feels like it. All of you "haters" need to lighten up and worry about your own life.

1639 days ago

get better J.C    

Wow marie maybe go adopt some more kids you can't take care of!!!

1639 days ago


Has anyone out there ever heard the word COMPASSION? She just lost her son, have compassion for this Mother. If work is what helps her get through the grief so be it. She is a good person & loves all her children so please be kind to her at this horrible time in her life. Her son was very troubled & it sounds like she tried everything to help him. My deepest sympathy to all the family & friends of Michael, a young man who had his whole life ahead of him. Anyone thinking of taking there life, please get help & remember things will get better. As my Mom always said "This Too Shall Pass".

1639 days ago


I am sorry for her loss......

Keep strong

1639 days ago


What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

Put down the knitting,
The book and the broom.
Time for a holiday.
Life is Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn,
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Right this way,
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No use permitting
soem prophet of doom
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Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
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I used to have a girlfriend
known as Elsie
With whom I shared
Four sordid rooms in Chelsea

She wasn't what you'd call
A blushing flower...
As a matter of fact
She rented by the hour.

The day she died the neighbors
came to snicker:
"Well, thats what comes
from to much pills and liquor."

But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
She was the happiest...corpse...
I'd ever seen.

I think of Elsie to this very day.
I'd remember how'd she turn to me and say:
"What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret."

And as for me,
I made up my mind back in Chelsea,
When I go, I'm going like Elsie.

Start by admitting
From cradle to tomb
Isn't that long a stay.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Only a Cabaret, old chum,
And I love a Cabaret!

1639 days ago

get better J.C    

Who's a worse person Marie osmond for not mourning her son? or rebecca "I killed a child" gayheart?

1639 days ago


No wonder the kid killed himself. His narcissistic mother only cares about applause.

1639 days ago


wow! really? I know she probably has a contract she has to fulfill and can't wiggle out of it because of a lawsuit they might pose on her but this is ridiculous! how in heavens name is she going to perform? all with smiles and all? why isn't the place where she performs giving her a break with some time off? this is crazy! hopefully she tried with her lawyers to get out of it. But lets not speculate on something we might not know. ok?

1639 days ago

get better J.C    

59. No wonder the kid killed himself. His narcissistic mother only cares about applause.

Posted at 2:00PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Betty Bowers

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I don't blame him either! Not surprised @ all

1639 days ago
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