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Levi Johnston -- 3,500 More Reasons to Wrap Up

3/4/2010 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston's gonna have to whip out another body party -- or find some other way to make a quick $3,500 -- because a judge just ordered him to pay even more cash to his baby mama Bristol Palin.

It's kinda complicated -- but the long story short is the judge in Alaska re-crunched a few numbers and determined the $18,000 in back child support payments that Bristol had requested from Levi was way too low.

So now, according to legal papers filed this week in Alaska, Levi is on the hook for $21,561.12.

We're told that if Levi doesn't fork over the cash in a timely manner -- he could face some serious consequences ... including serious fines and possible jail time.


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@former palin fan

I get my facts from the same place everyone else does (that was a stupid question), except I actually pay attention and listen. You don't have a lot of common sense do you? Calling a guy Joe Hollywood isn't trashing someone. Are you serious with this? He has spouted his uneducated mouth off all over the place and she made one comment on Oprah. I am aware of the Greta and Oprah interviews. The FACT is that this dead beat owes BACK child support and needs to pay it. It has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. It isn't her place to "let it go for the sake of Tripp". It is his MOTHER'S decision. And how is making a dead beat dad pay the money he owes not Christian? You sound like a fool.

1637 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sister Sarah goes on Leno to complain that the media (which she is now a part of) unfairly goes after her kids. Well when you put them out there in vindictive lawsuits that's what you get. I agree with former palin fan, she can support that kid and be kind and understanding to Levi's situation and lack of maturity. Be the good Christian, sister Sarah and let it go. Trip will thank you for it in 20 years.

1637 days ago


Looks like the daughter is just as greedy as her mother.

1637 days ago


No mater what you think of the Palins, Levy fathered this child and he needs to man up and help take care of him. As far as I can see he's a little jerk.

1637 days ago


Obviously there are a lot of ignorant people who don't know how child support is calculated and are saying stupid things about it having to do with her mothers connections. Support is calculated based on both parents income. Levi made a lot of money talking crap about the Palins and he didn't bother to use some of it to support his child. He obviously lied about the amount of money he made, and when those records were subpoenaed by the court they took ALL his income from the last two years into consideration. Her living with her parents has nothing to do with either of their financial responsibility for this child. Child support payments are based on calculations and the same factors are taken into consideration for all people. They both made this child and are both responsible for caring and supporting it. All of you men who sit there and complain about having to pay child support should have kept your tool in your pants or in your hand where it wouldn't have cost you money!

1637 days ago

Down Town    


1637 days ago


I see TMZ is still on the Palin/VanFlein grifter payroll. What, did E scoop you on the "locusts from Wasilla" swag hag story? Or would that make Sarah look bad and that's not in your contract with her? Loser family says gov't health care is bad, but their grandsons are on Native American healthcare supplied by the feds. Bristol drives up in her $60k Escalade to get free health care care for the babies. Sucking off the gov't, sucking off Hollywood, how's it going Swag Hag, what happens when TMZ turns on you?

1637 days ago


bristol and the baby live with her mother. they were never married, so she's not entitled to spousal support. under what theory of lunacy does a kid his age owe the baby-mama 2K monthly for an infant?

1637 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

If you can't see that is has EVERYTHING to do with Sarah Palin then you are the fool, not me.
As stated earlier, in my cousin's situation, and probably most teenage pregnancy situations, it's the grandparents who must be the mature ones, support the parents, make the decisions, and not worry about the money. Help the kids grow up and raise that child in a peaceful situation.
I consider myself a Christian, and really don't get the kind of Christians, like you and Ms Palin, who seem to think it's all about the money. It's all about the revenge and being just and right. Sorry, but I don't subscribe to your brand of Christianity. When it comes to family and a small, innocent baby, I dont think that Jesus would chose to take the whole thing to court, especially not when the Palin's have plenty of money to care for the baby.
As you said - Why would Palin care about $21,000? It must just be revenge, right??

1637 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin doesn't need to trash Levi in public. She has lots of people behins the scenes, like the judicial system in Alaska, to do it for her.

1637 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin rails against "socialist govt run healthcare" and yet her own grandson, with a millionaire for a grandmother, is on "SOCIALIST, GOVT RUN HEALTHCARE."

Doesn't that say it all right there?

What a hypocritical BEEEEOTCH!!!

1637 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Yes, Tripp recieves government run healthcare thru Indian Health Services and the Alaska Native Medical Center.
Isn't Sarah afraid that the death panels might be sizing him up?? She could easily pay for his medical care and yet she leaves him in the care of the death panels?? YOU BETCHA!!!

1637 days ago


Sounds like even the Indians receiving their "free" healthcare aren't very pleased with it.

"We recognize that there is a national need for health care reform," The National Indian Health Board wrote in an open letter [PDF link] dated June, 2009. "However, as frequently noted, the United States is the only developed country that does not guarantee health care coverage for all of its citizens. The irony of reforming health care is that it means more to Indian people than fixing a broken system. Compared to what we were promised, health care in Indian Country is an atrocity; funding for health care that does not adequately provide quality health care for our people, substandard health conditions due to government inefficiency, and pitting Tribe against Tribe for construction, maintenance and repair of health facilities, just to name a few."

1637 days ago


All the same douchebags on here screaming that Bristol needs to get a job (which she has, as well as being a full-time student) are the same skidmarks that say we should all take care of the lazy, good-for-nothing Welfare recipients so they can have healthcare. You Commies are too stupid to even realize you put your foot in your mouth at every turn!! LOL!!

1637 days ago


First off, Tripp isn't her child. Second, it's mandatory for all Indian children in Alaska to see doctors under this healthcare system. Educate yourself before looking like a moron on here please you quacks.

1637 days ago
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