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Social Workers Arrive at Jackson House

3/4/2010 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services have just returned to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA to finish investigating the stun gun incident ... sources tell TMZ.

As we previously reported, the DCFS is going back to the house to interview a Jackson employee who hasn't been around the last couple of days.

We're told the DCFS has not decided if they will take any additional action against the Jacksons.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    

Uncle Mike says 40% to GRANDMA,,,grandma and LAWYER went into court and said I WANT THIS and DEBBIE ROWE you get that.SEE HOW I GET MY WAY,and GRANDPA you are the bad guy...oh is me HOW DID THIS HAPPEN poor me poor me.SURE looks like GRANDMA ask for it this way...""COURT RECORDS BACK THAT UP""

1662 days ago


97. This is not a story for the media, TMZ, you've posted a picture of that child on this site like a convicted criminal. He didn't ask for his brother and sister to be his cousin or for his dad to not support him and he didn't ask for the golden kids to move into his home accompanied by the media and their own heartbreaking issues. You know he gets online and is already having probs so why would you do this? Plus Katherine isn't his primary caregiver, his mother is. Get the kid some help don't push him over the edge. Oh and Katherine time to clean house.

Posted at 6:38PM on Mar 4th 2010 by deedee

The "golden kids" as you call them own that house! Jaafar just lives there with his mom and siblings. However you are correct he didn't ask for the situation he's in. But at 13he should have known better than to play with a stun gun.

1662 days ago


Please stop running news about the Jacksons. . .WHO CARES!

1662 days ago


This is sheer insanity! Between 14 and 30 kids/people live in that house at different times. Investigate it, count who lives there. Brothers ( leeches ) of Michaels,,THEIR present wives,girlfriends, ex-wives, assorted mixed kids of theirs. Katherine is practically infirmed and spends a great deal of time in bed. This leaves WHAT???! Someone w sense HAS GOT TO get those 3 kids OUT OF THAT HOUSE,,before there is somekind of tragedy. NOW!

1662 days ago


Reclaim Neverland and take Prince Paris and Blankey there... let the rest of the leaches live in the compound and beat each other up!!! So theres 11,000 sq ft , big deal, nobody has a routine..or ambition and I would think they must get on each others nerves. I really feel bad for Paris living there with all those boys...and that technically she supports?? I truely believe Michael was embarassed of his family and I can't say as I blame him..he loved his mom dearly but the rest I think they made him sick.

1662 days ago


Let's think who's homes are raided by DCSF, the low class and
troubled households. It is not good for the jacksons to be in this
cathegory. Also, MJs kids had enough going on in their lives lately,
they don't need to live in this kind of environment and shouldn't
have to be exposed to interrogations by authorities at such an early
age. Their life doesn't need this kind of disrruption. Katherine
can't be a guardian, it's obvious, and if the DCSF and judge don't
act it's a shame and a pitty for these children. They will distroy
these children's future.

1662 days ago


you know what ? someone is manipulating this stuff and trying to push their own issue with this family. the stun gun thing is bad but we dont know the whole situation.maybe it could have been handled with the family..instead this personmad it out like michaels baby was threatened.then the stupid video of two boys doing a fake smack down like its the real deal

how about letting this family get off the ropes and thinking about who is pulling the strings and pushing grandma into a corner for their own wants

1662 days ago


TMZ doesn't really ruffle my feathers unless they make me laugh.
It's other media's coverage of this story that concerns me. I only care to ever see Prince, Paris & Blanket in the news, when they have real news !

1662 days ago


The Dept. Social Services SHOULD be at that crazy home investigating. It is a true event. There are staff there who are Mandated Reporters. This is a SERIOUS incident. Jaafar is lucky he didn't hurt any child there at the house. Michael's kids WOULD HAVE been taken away from Katy for sure! They really should go to Debbie. All three of them. Paris is also not safe there with all of the boys. The family is crazy and all they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The staff can't do anything or say anything or they will be unemployed. Debbie and Arnie are the best ones to take custody. Michael would change his mind today if he saw the environment. Why do you think he kept his distance and his kids away from them most of the time!!

1662 days ago


by Renee

First of all Debbie doesn't want them and has said so many times,and arnie has no ties to that family at all! Those children are Jackson's by blood and their dad knew what he was doing when he made his will! Yes Jaafar should be punished but that house is owned by MJs children,if anyone leaves it should be Jermaine's children he needs to man up and support them!

1661 days ago


This is nothing but a bunch of B S. The american government wants to be involved in every aspect of everyones life.FREE COUNTRY WHAT A JOKE.

1661 days ago


by fan
I have to disagree I believe if it wasn't for his own children he would have died along time ago. His children are what kept him going,to wake up and face another day. He left Neverland because of the bad memories of the trail and all the BS that went with it.

1660 days ago
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