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Paris Hilton Looks Swell

3/5/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton tweeted this overdeveloped photo of herself in a bikini today.

Paris Hilton

It seems Paris is an even bigger star now than in her 2006 heyday.


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Eric in Indiana    

And just when it was starting to be nice not hearing about or seeing her....she reappears. 1st Heidi now Paris who's next for new fake Breasts?

1691 days ago


Doesn't look like Paris or is Paris on steroids. So save the pic for April fools.

1691 days ago

claire Morgan    

you people who defend paris are so naive. SHE IS NOT A NICE PERSON AND YOU LOOK DUMB DEFENDING HER! paris is a cruel bitch. don't waste your time sticking up for her---she would not give you the time of day. she thinks she's better than you. you're sticking up for someone who would no doubt smile to your face, knowing you'd tell everyone you knew that she's so sweet in real life. but then she would laugh her ass off and pick you apart once she thinks she's safely away from the public eye. it's dumb asses like you who keep this girl in the media and make the rest of us have to look at her.

1691 days ago


you troll publicist idiots who shower Paris with compliments and defend her, GO AWAY you morons, you're so obvious. This girl is a stupid, uneducated, racist, narcissistic ugly skank of nepotism, it's just the facts,

1691 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Paris is getting a little long in the tooth for these tramp tricks, isn't she? She's gonna be Zsa Zsa someday.

1691 days ago


Let us translate. Paris tweeted this picture to multiple gossip and PR sites in hope that said lame sites would use her cleavage as a reason to get her once more in the limelight. It worked. Always her old standby-if there is no legitimate reason (is there ever) for her to be mentioned in the news, she can always lift her skirts, spread her legs, show her breasts for attention!!! But at some point and not too far in the future her netherlands will be saggy along with her breasts. Eeuuuwww.......

1691 days ago


That isn't Paris Hilton's nose, mouth or anything else.

1691 days ago



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1691 days ago


Isn't that somebody called Heidi?

1691 days ago



1691 days ago


Surely you mean BIGGER DUMB ASS!!!

1691 days ago


Why do we need to see another shot of Paris on your website?...She is a self centered worthless human being. Paris, do something positive with your life and money....

1691 days ago


This looks NOTHING like that skank Paris; not saying this isn't a skank, too, but there is no witchy-poo nose and those boobs!! If that is Paris, then someone seriously photo-shopped that huge schnozz of hers and SERIOUSLY photo-shopped those boobs.

1691 days ago


Don't tell me they inserted upside down grapefruits into her bod!

I am anxious to see a real woman who has aged enough to have huge breast implants but the rest of her is old and emaciated.

It's got to be a real sight to behold.......

Just a few more years.........

1691 days ago


I knew it was only a matter of time. She's trying to make up for her HUGE FEET!

1691 days ago
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