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Simon Monjack -- I'm Returning the $800 I Raised

3/5/2010 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack tells TMZ he's already started to return all of the money he raised for the Brittany Murphy Foundation before he shut the website down -- but the grand total was under a grand.

According to Monjack, the foundation only collected roughly $800 via Pay Pal before we informed him that the foundation wasn't set up properly and wasn't recognized by the government as an official charity.

Monjack claims he plans to get the foundation up and running again in the near future -- and this time, he claims he's taking "the proper steps" to ensure that everything will be legit.


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what is britney's mom still hanging around this sleazeball for?
there is no reason for her to be hanging around him that i can think of!

1662 days ago


What a sleazebag! Something is not right here with the relationship with him and her mom. She needs to run far, far away from him...but it seems like they are both getting something out of it.

1662 days ago


I thought they were going to return the money awhile ago. It's funny they got busted. I know it takes like 6 months to get the ball rolling for the foundation and fans are saying give Simon a break..But he didn't even get the paperwork going. Just because you say "it's a foundation for charity" doesn't make it legit. They were probably going to steal the money (like Tila did for her fake one) and use it to move to NY before the house is sold.

1662 days ago


Sun, hot.

1662 days ago


Anna, #7, That is EZACTLY what I am thinking. I even wrote that to TMZ live the day that Mike was virtually hosting alone, but legally Mike could not say what I said, which was "I think that Mrs. Murphey is going to end up dead sooner then later"

1662 days ago


Mother-in-law & son-in-law are probably sharing the same bed by now !!!

1662 days ago


You know when TMZ does their little "polls".... Do you all bump your counter up by a few thousand votes to get the party started? (so the site looks like it has thousands more visiting it then actually does?...or swing the vote, the horror!) Just sayin'.

1662 days ago


Why does this guy keep talkin to the press? Just quietly return the money like you said you were going to a month ago.

Simon, are you really that much of a MEDIA WHORE?

1662 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Great News! Now I can get my $800 Pay Pal chargeback.

1662 days ago


Well well. I guess the sympathy card is now over. You and Sharon should of just shut up and GOT INTO REHAB. Now after all your and Sharon's lies you will soon be visited by the IRS.

Where did u file all that income of yours that allowed you to spend 3.5 million on clothes and luggage last year.

You ARE a US citizen now so can not wait to see YOUR and SHARON'S tax returns.
Britt's death was a tragedy but not a shock from one who has worked for you. I knew the second the news broke the death scene was not what you and Sharon had said. You proved that by lying and could not keep the story straight.
You told the daily beast in an exclusive YOU owned the house that Britt had bought long before she met you.
Sharon is why Britt started on meds and Sharon has been doing scripts a long long time. I always thought (Simon and I talked about it) that we would find Sharon OD. She was a cancer surviver that got hooked. Now she claims she is dying and that is why the heavy oxys in the house but why, where their traces in Britt's system? we know the truth don't we Sharon.

Have fun with the

1662 days ago


How sad is this for the late brittany, and what an embaressment to her and all the she has done. This loser really needs to get a life and as for her mother. What a shame she is!!

1662 days ago


OK, This is so not right. From day one of these 2 fools I knew there was something not right with them. I feel there was a relationship between the 2 of them before anything even happen to Britney. They fed her the med's and are now going around playing the POOR ME CARD...

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


Go to H$LL SIMON! Lowlife skumbucket! I hope you get thrown in prison and Big Bubba makes you his punk b!tch!

1662 days ago


It pains me Brittany is gone and these 2 are still here practically pi$$ing on her grave!! If there is life after death, I hope Brittany sees what they are doing. I feel Monjack "fed" her those pills. Only God knows why she was taken...maybe He knew what hell they were putting her through and what more they might have done.

1662 days ago
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