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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding ... Again

3/6/2010 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinWe're going to find out soon if Kate Gosselin has two left feet, but already know she's got one lead foot -- because she was busted again for speeding.

Gosselin got a ticket on February 21 in Latimore Township, PA for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. But Kate didn't let it linger -- she pled guilty just five days later and paid a $155.50 fine.

Kate did almost the exact same thing back in November 2009 and paid a $109.50 fine.


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1693 days ago


Wow, she shouldn't look this rough and run down until her 8 kids are all teenagers rebelling against her all at once.

A house full of teenagers with driver's licences in a few years will wreck havoc when she tries to justify her own horrible driving record to them.

1693 days ago


Slow down Mommy Dearest, you own your ex-husband's balls, but you don't own the roads.

1693 days ago


Who let the dogs out???????????

Do all you trashy losers have to do with your life is to memorize Katie's schedule and go berserk and spend hours researching her fines for a parking ticket???? You have got to be kidding me that you spend your time obsessing about her.

At least your bullsh@t is entertaining!!!!!!

Get a life you loosers!!!!!!!

1693 days ago


Alice #11

Jon did virtually clean out the account, which primarily was there for the paying of bills, which was Kate's responsility. He was found to be in violation of the arbitrator's order by both the arbitrator and the judge. He was ordered to immediately repay $180,000.00 and the remaining $55,000.00 came out of his share of the distribution of the marital assets. Despite all of Jon & Heller's claims, Kate didn't have to repay anything & the court was satisfied with her accounting. What parent never spends any money on themselves which is the totally ridiculous standard you want to hold Kate to? Why aren't you attacking Jon for the fancy vacations? As for her comment on Jimmy Kimmel, that's what everyone says at the beginning. They're not showing up to lose. She's also been very blunt about her lack of dance experience.

1693 days ago


People, People remember she is a celebrity in her own head, so she could do anything she wants. That $$ should be going for intense therapy on this multiple personality no talent self-centered excuse of a human being. She was nothing a few yrs ago but a mother that gave birth to a litter. I will never forget the remark she said in People that "society owes her for having all those kids". She thinks she is entitled to the world and everything in it for free and decided that her profession would be a celebrity. SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS WORLD THAT HAS GIVEN BIRTH TO MULITPLE BIRTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her 1st BF even said she was not a good person and gravitated towards anything & anyone that brought her MONEY!!! Those 8 little kids are her meal ticket!! because without them she would be shopping at Walmart like the rest of us and no one looking at her twice! She thinks those eight kids are going to help her win on DWTS, if she wins for idiots calling in and voting for her JUST for that then that show is rigged! She has people thinking she is hurting financially and she is making fools out of all of you! This women is loaded and will be financially set for life for a long time 8 kids or not!

1693 days ago


Is this woman's goal to become more and more unattractive every day? WE HAVE A WINNER HERE!!!

1693 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

I love Kate. I applaud her efforts she is making for her children. Her kids really love their Mommy and she is trying hard to support them financially and keep their best interest as priority.

I think it is great that she is going to be on DWTS, I will certainly be voting for her. It is nice that she gets to do something she has dreamed of, and can have fun doing it, while also earning some money. Her children are going to love seeing Mommy so pretty dressed in elegant outfits dancing gracefully. They'll think their Mommy is Cinderella.

Go Kate, you are a star!

Jon sucks, he is the loser parent who sits on his ass and does nothing but whine and expect the world to be handed to him, he will even do things at the expense of his own children. He uses his custody days to set up photo ops for his kids when Kate is gone, so he makes money off of his children. He goes on TV and bashes his twins and their Mommy, he took their fun and opportunities away and made the kids think they did something wrong and wonder why they were being punished. But with Jon it was all about Jon, using his kids as pawns, to bully TLC, then to try to calm waters with TLC. He did not care how his actions hurt his kids. Now his kids will be teased about the affairs their dad has had, the drinking photos, the threesome in Vegas, to a list of bar bimbos, and sickly even a photo of their Dad's penis all over the internet now. It disgusts me how he never thought how things could hurt, harm or impact his kids before he went ahead and engaged in these liasons and made such poor choices.

His greed put him where he is today. So glad Kate got the divorce before Jon could sabotage Kate and the kids anymore then he already tried. It stinks the debt he racked up, and now owes so many people for, had he just waited until his contract was up, he'd have more money in the bank.

He should never rag on Kate for having to fly places to do performances and presentations and interviews, she has to pick up his slack now, and now Jon wanted the negotiation with TLC, another contract, so he could sit on his butt, go out drinking and picking up more bar bimbos and riding TLC and Kate and the kids coat tails.

He is a coward. Any man who abuses their wife and women, mentally and verbally, any man who steals from his wife (then) and children, any man who pulls a PR Prank with a knife in a dresser is sick and is a coward. Jon will never be a man of honor and integrity.

Jon really failed his family.

1693 days ago


This is the new wave of American organized crime! This woman and millions like her are the downfall of American society! One day America will wake up and stop this insanity! It isn't ever about the kids! It's about the money! Where's Oprah now? Welcome to America! At least the cop gave her a ticket :)

1693 days ago


@93 I know this isn't the real jibberjabber b/c when the real jibberjabber post on ROL..The 2 J's aren't in caps... When they post ,it's jibberjabber on rol...GOTCHA..WOW! whoever this is sure is obsess with jibberjabber.Why don't u leave jibberjabber alone they are intitle to their opinion..OMY! are u in love w/jibberjabber??GEE!get a life.....

1693 days ago


OMY!now I know I put #94 when I posted about jibberjabber.CASPER THE GHOST u need to leave the building ..LOL

1693 days ago


This woman is a skag compared to Ellen Barkin shown above on this page. Kate Gosselin disgusts me to the limit of bad than Ellen Barkin pleases me to the limit of good.

1693 days ago


James @ 7:16 a.m. put the nail into the coffin. There's something wrong with an educational system or family dynamics that produce a college-educated person--registered nurse--whose first-born are multipes and she chooses a couple of years later to have in vitro fertilization to produce multiple births of six. This pathetic woman is nothing more than a male castrating narcissist whose children will end up with innumerable psychological challenges. No matter the hairstyle changes, she remains the same old Kate.

1693 days ago


I am SO SICK of seeing this "person" all over the net. She is NOT a celebrity she is simply in the light because she SOLD her kids to TLC. And now she OWES TLC. She is nothing more then a puppet on a sting and the pull her strings.
She needs to have her licensee taken away from her. Last time she was busted ( less then 12 months ago ) she had ALL her kids in the car.. NICE way to protect your children lady.

1693 days ago


I rememebr seeing Kate sitting on a chair in the garage 'barking' orders to Jon who was playing with his kids, Kate sat on her ass bitching as usual.
I think it best if she Quietly just fades away.

1693 days ago
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