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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding ... Again

3/6/2010 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinWe're going to find out soon if Kate Gosselin has two left feet, but already know she's got one lead foot -- because she was busted again for speeding.

Gosselin got a ticket on February 21 in Latimore Township, PA for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. But Kate didn't let it linger -- she pled guilty just five days later and paid a $155.50 fine.

Kate did almost the exact same thing back in November 2009 and paid a $109.50 fine.


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88. Kate trys to lose the PAPS that radar online have chasing her and speeds. They call and report her.

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Yep, is those sick, sick fans of hers, obsessed by her that causes ROL to seek more pictures of her. LOL, @ the paps calling the cops. They called the cops too when she smacked her kid. Hey, does she still carry that big wooden spoon in her car, side back-door pocket, to beat her kids?

1700 days ago


How can you all say that she does not care about her kid's i live i England and you can see that she does when you watch the show, or are you watching another programme, so what if she is out all the time it is no different to pop stars touring to make money, someone has to earn it, and to be fair she has said that what she does is for her kid's what is wrong with that, whilst watching the show it is blatent that she cared more for Jon then he did for her, i worked that out before i knew they had split up as i only found out last week, i say good luck to her them kids are happy and loved so you go Kate, people are only catty because they cannot have what you have xx

1700 days ago


This is yet another case of bullying and nastinest against a reality star this happened in England to Jade Goody the year before she died, Jade worked her socks off to provide for her sons before she was ill and during, some people were just nasty, why is it bad for someone to want more for there kids.... if i had had the chance then damn sure i would have, i wanted my kids to have what i never and the Gosslins can, look at what they have done so far in their lives they have all the film footage to prove it and look back on, Jade's boy's have that to look back on to remember there mummy, at the end of the day you DON'T have to watch or read anything, but then what you you have to moan at....

1700 days ago


Kate is nothing but a crabby piece of s***. She makes Jon look like the better parent. I never blamed Jon for moving on so quickly like he did. Would you want to be married to that b****? All she did was belittle him on national TV. Did she think it made her look good? She was never a team player in that marriage. She will always was and always will be out for herself and only herself. Her daughter's will turn out like her and her son's will have low self esteem like their dad. It's a sad story and I think TLC shouldn't even give her a show and neither should ABC. Shame on the networks who promote this kind of behavior from a loser like Kate Gosselin.

1700 days ago


Geez I hope she is not speeding with all those 8 kids in the car... what a mom... seems all this broad cares about is fame...

1700 days ago


She's an idiot and a less than impressive mother, too! What else ya gonna do, Kate, to "get away" from the kids? I love to watch Dancing With The Stars, but, will hate it with her!

1699 days ago


A nurse who is supposed to help preserve life and a mother of eight small children is recklessly speeding on the highway without regard for the safety of other people? Not once but several times? Kate must suppose the road is for her sole use as a speedway.

1699 days ago

jay b    

i just want to lick her ass

1655 days ago


This is the 3rd or 4th time that I know of she's been stopped in PA.
I live outside of Gettysburg, PA and know of 2 times she's been stopped on US 15 just outside of town!
Antone else would be having their license suspended right about now!


1138 days ago
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