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Big Ben's Lawyer -- Great Record with NFL Stars

3/8/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger just made a helluva legal draft pick -- dude just picked up the same lawyer who got NFL superstar Ray Lewis out of a murder charge ten years ago.

Ben Roethlisberger and his Lawyer
According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback just picked up Ed Garland -- an Atlanta-based attorney who specializes in personal injury and criminal defense.

As you may remember, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was facing murder charges in Georgia back in 2000. Garland eventually had the worst of the charges dropped and the NFL star pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

Big Ben is at the center of an investigation in Georgia where he allegedly sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in the bathroom of a nightclub.

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dirty diana    

seems like this dude is always getting away with something.

1693 days ago

ray ray    

Son, Work hard and one day you will grow up to be rich and be able to rape women and get away with it. This guy is guilty as OJ.

1693 days ago


little ben and ray lewis play each other twice this year. maybe they can assult rape & kill each other.

1693 days ago

capt andy    

if he did nothing wrong why does he need a lawyer...hmmmmmmmmm..he should have gotten kobys lawyer

1693 days ago


Lol he picks the guy who can get him a lesser sentence. Dude's screwed.

Fraudulent or not, he's an idiot.

1692 days ago


Too Funny!!!. You think this lawyer is great!!!! So he gets the D.A. to accept a plea deal in the Ray Lewis case. Now Ray has to testify against 2 of his friends still up on murder charges. Guess What - Ray pled guilty to lesser charges and the two dudes Ray testified against GOT OFF completely. Forget Ray Lewis's attorney and go get the guy who got those other two dudes off.

1692 days ago


All that matters is that he beats the charges so that football can continue without interruption and tens of millions of American men can enjoy their games without being distracted by a tawdry scandal. Football must continue as per usual without regard to anything! Including the rights of victims! There is a bill in Congress to amend the Constitution to ensure that this happens.

1692 days ago


I will never understand these guys. They can bang 99.9% of women they meet every night, and they have to mess with the one that says no. It's never enough. They have to have every woman.

As far as the chick crying for hours before before going to the cops that doesn't mean anything. She was drunk. Chicks cry when they have to go to the bathroom when they are drunk.

1692 days ago


Maybe you uneducated delinquents should try to remember that here in the USA, people are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I suggest you finish 8th grade and maybe you'll learn the MOST BASIC RULES OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM.

Ok? Ok.

1692 days ago


Wait, Ray Lewis was charged with Murder?

When did this happen?

I don't understand. There's all these pictures of him on the covers of magazines, with a halo over his head, shots of him in church, and all these stories about what a great guy he is.

I'm confused. Murder? Seriously? How come the media never talks about it?

1692 days ago


I Suppose that in this situation it's smart to be proactive and hire a big guns lawyer to jump right on it,.....to quell the smoldering embers of prosecutorial zeal.
This sort of thing is a potential small county DA's career making case or a lifetime.
To one of the comments about the girl crying for hours.
It's in the reports that Ben and his group along with the accuser were only in the club for a 1/2 hour, and the police were finished questioning them by 3 AM.
It's said the so called 'incident' took place in a staff bathroom always kept locked, located in the back by a storage room.
Someone had to give someone else the key to unlock it and she wasn't the VIP.
If it was unlocked for him, for his VIPness, that sounds like she went along with him willingly.

I hope he's innocent.
I'll hold judgement till more evidence is revealed.

1692 days ago

Steelers #1    

ThomasX is right, this America, not the USSR. If you're so blinded by your hate for the Steelers that you automatically assume that he's guilty, then you should seak help immediatly.

1689 days ago


Why does this guy keep getting passes on these sexual assault charges? First there was a lady in the hotel, now here is this lady in a georgia night club. There is a very distinct pattern forming here. On top of that his behavior regaurding dispelling any of these alogations is very questionable. He hasent been "interviewed". The average joe, especially a minority famous or not, would not be "interviewed". They would be guilty before proven innocent. Its called a interrogation. Must be nice to be white.....

1681 days ago


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1537 days ago

David Jeff    

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1448 days ago
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