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Farrah Fawcett Forgotten at Oscars

3/8/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett did not make the cut for this year's In Memoriam tribute during last night's Academy Awards telecast ... leaving many scratching their heads.

Despite appearing in such classics as "Sunburn," "Saturn 3," "The Cannonball Run" and "Dr. T and the Women," Fawcett was passed over for more household names ... like Michael Jackson.

An Academy spokesperson told the AP, "Every year it's an unfortunate reality that we can't include everybody."


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The plain and simple reason is that Farrah was not well liked or respected in this town by the industry, and Ryan Oneal is just plain hated. The turn out at her funneral was pretty telling.

1585 days ago


It`s a shame,

she was a really good actress and what a beauty!

I liked her good looks and her bright smile!

They should apologize

1585 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Shame on the Academy.
This is NOT about whether or not Michael Jackson should have been included - I have no problem with them mentioning him.
But to leave out Farrah and Bea Arthur is INEXCUSIBLE. Obviously the numb nuts who put this together are idiots. Both Farrah and Bea were in countless BIG SCREEN movies.
They need to apologize.
I always have enjoyed the "In Memoriam" part of the Oscars, but that was one of the worst ever. Patrick Swayze was first and you couldn't even see him - and each star got maybe 1/2 second. How about cutting out that horrible dance number and spending a little more time honoring those who have entertained us over the years and have passed away...

1585 days ago


I was shocked that they failed to pay tribute to Farrah. I can't believe they even showed Michael Jackson. The whole memoriam was kind of a mess.

1585 days ago


Fawcett was also in The Apostle which she was nominated for a Independent Spirit Award for. Her co-star Robert Duvall was nominated for best actor for the film, but Farrah was really good in it as well. OK, sure, she was a bigger TV star and model, but she was also more of an actor than Michael Jackson. Ditto for Bea Arthur. She was known more for stage and TV work, but she was in movies and she was a respected and very well known actress. What films was Daily Variety columnist Army Archerd involved in making? I don't get it.

1585 days ago


Farrah lost her battle with cancer but the academy includes michael jackson who was killing himself one drip at a time. What's wrong with people where's our compassion toward another human being. June 25 the day they both died just so happens to be my birthday I'd like NOT TO THANK the Academy

1585 days ago


Don't say "Like Michael Jackson" TMZ, there isn't a bigger star out there that was lost this year, who's impact wasn't felt than Michael Jackson. Not that the lose of any of them will not be felt but stop picking on MJ, why always mention him? It's over isn't it, find someone else for Christ sake! They didn't remember Farah and it had nothing to do with Michael, guess what, it wasn't his fault....

1585 days ago


Michael Jackson was a supreme talent ... but he accomplished almost nothing in motion pictures. There was no point in including him in the Oscar broadcast.

1585 days ago


How can anyone justify Micheal Jackson being up there and Farrah and Bea being excluded? The Academy honors film. MJ had one notable film - "The Wiz". I'm betting HE wasn't excluded due to racial politics and he wasn't even a member of the Academy. The man responsible for the "In Memoriam" montage is a man by the name of Chuck Workman.

Farrah worked hard in her life and suffered greatly near her death. I think it's absolutely inexcusable the Academy would allow such an oversight to happen. Please let them know how you feel. Things like this will continue to happen unless we voice our opinions. I encourage you to take 5 minutes and write them a short note about this on their feedback form. Please don't rely on others to write, your voice matters.

1585 days ago


what a shame they forgot to pay homage to Farrah and Bea.But why blame it on Jackson? It's not like it was his decision. The only one to blame is the academy and their fixation on saving time - as if it would have been so time-consuming to spend a few minutes on these ladies.


1585 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** No Farrah Fawcett....but Michael Jackson for his role in The Wiz???!!! INEXCUSABLE!! UNACCEPTABLE!! PATHETIC!! The Academy should ABSOLUTELY be ashamed of themselves!

1585 days ago


And what about Patrick McGoohan and Edward Woodward?

1585 days ago


You don't need to diss Michael just b/c Farrah didn't get included, it's not his fault. Michael has contributed to more than just the music business & totally deserved to be included in that tribute.

and he was in more than one or two movies.
The Wiz
Captain Eo
Men In Black 2 (cameo)
Miss Castaway
& he also did an episode of the simpsons.
Not to mention his short films which required acting (e.g Thriller). So he did have his experience in acting.

Now would people please just let him R.I.P.
He deserves at least that much.

1585 days ago


Farrah was actually nominated for an Oscar for The Apostle opposite Robert Duvall some years back. Other than The Burning Bed, her best movie. Hollywood is so out of touch it is UNREAL! One of the most recognized and popular women in the world in the 70's, and it is UNFORTUNATE? Give me a break!

1585 days ago


Just sad that they left her and Bea Arthur out of the In Memoriam is pathetic. I mean they had Michael Jackson, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

1585 days ago
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