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Jackson Kids Emerge Post Stun Gun Incident

3/8/2010 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On a family outing for the first time since the LAPD began investigating that whole stun gun mess, Jackson family children (L-R) Paris, Blanket, Prince, Jaafar and Jermajesty all went to the movies in Los Angeles yesterday, reportedly to see "Alice in Wonderland."


No word if they were celebrating anyone's unbirthday.


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happy day    

Are you people sick??????
There is not one child there with MJ DNA, If you think so please go see a doctor real fast.

1652 days ago


Who named these kids?

1652 days ago


His name is Prince Michael, just like his older brother.
I agree, his hair is outrageous.

7. Hey, they should take Blankie to the barber. He needs a short boyish cut like all the other Jacksons. Also, what is his real name? Poor little tyke, no wonder he looks so scared most of the time. Not that he has to grow up too fast but I'm sure MJ over babyed him. Oh well.....

Posted at 11:08AM on Mar 8th 2010 by Anne

1652 days ago


Those Boys are Marlon Brando DNA....Look at photos of a young Marlon Brando. MJ idolized him....absolutely Brando DNA

1652 days ago


Brando DNA

1652 days ago

brigha UK    

61. Bottom line is that Michael wanted them at Hayvenhurst, and unless the kids themselves claim they're unhappy there, that's where they should stay.

Posted at 11:22AM on Mar 8th 2010 by cathclassica87

I agree with you Cath.

Seems such a shame they are being hounded by the press though. After Lady Diana died, the press voluntarily agreed to leave Harry and Wills alone until they finished their education. It would be nice to see a similar agreement in place for these kids.

We know everything about MJ, from his baby photos to his autopsy. The man never had any privacy and was hounded relentlessly throughout his life. To think of the same thing happening to his children is just disgusting.

1652 days ago


You guys are so shallow. Do you need everyone to fit into a box just to fit the stereotype??? If Blanket likes his hair long he should wear it like this. His dad had always long hair so why shouldn't he. It suited him and so does it Blanket.

Would you like the entire world commenting on the clothes you wear on a daily base?
Back off and get a life!

1652 days ago


Paris, Blanket, and Prince are Angels.
The two others devils !
Second thing : it's not the same picture ,they are not together !
Money Money Money Jermaine !!!!! jalousy , it's horrible !

Kiss Michael ! RIP !

1652 days ago


aww blanket got a hair cute, it looks cute. i want to see this movie, glad the kids can have fun admist this drama.

1652 days ago


I don't think these children have been hounded to death, yet! I believe people are genuinely concerned for their welfare and the odd picture of them getting on with life normally is reassuring to those who care.

1652 days ago


Do you people realize Michael Jackson HIMSELF nicknamed him Blanket??? It has nothing to do with the dangling incident! Michael explained that it is a term his family used to "blanket" someone with love. To cover them with love. So his name Blanket stuck.

1652 days ago


I'm sorry, I'm missing something...

Some of these commenters keep saying how "weird" the family is and how these kids are "freaks"...

What about this suggests they're freaks? The only weird thing I see here is the paparazzi stalking a bunch of kids as they go to the movies.

Also, what's wrong with Blanket's hair being long? He's not the only little boy to have long hair, and some people prefer their son's hair long. If you think he needs a haircut, that's your preference, not God's word. How about you cut YOUR son's hair, and let them allow Blanket to have whatever hair they want him to have or he wants to have.

About how anyone could see that these kids are biologically Michael's, well, we use our eyes and look at their features. Not their skin color and hair, which have nothing to do with why someone isn't biracial, as many biracials have very light skin and straight hair. If I "went to a doctor" and said "doctor help me, I think Michael's kids are biologically his!" That doctor would say "well, that's your opinion. It's no need for psychiactric evaluation." In fact, he'd probably start me on treatment for anxiety, because worrying about why I think Michael's children are biologically his is more crazy than thinking that they are.

Anyway, all I'm saying here is, don't kill these kids before they even get a chance to live. You start calling them freaks now, you'll be giving them the same death sentence poor Michael was given. Michael was strong and held on about 20 years longer than most people would've, but SORRY, I'd rather not see Prince or Paris or Blanket dying at age 30 because people wouldn't leave them alone.

They didn't ask to be here, or for MJ to be their father. They're not trying to act, or sing, or otherwise perform. They shouldn't have to be scrutinized in the same way we do people like their father or Britney Spears or people like that. THEY'RE NOT ASKING FOR THIS LIFE, so far.

LEAVE THEM ALONE! They're kids!

And anyone who would call a bunch of 8 to 13-year-olds "freaks" because of their association to Michael Jackson is a SICK person, and they're the real freak!

And I hope Blanket screws the mess outta your daughter one day, and has a little "freak" baby of her own. DEAL WITH THAT!

1652 days ago


Is it nessessary at all to follow these children UNKNOWN?

1652 days ago


ABC that gives us martin bashir now interviews the security guards

where are the tapes guys??

1652 days ago

Just Me    

TMZ- Why must you keep going AGAINST Michael's wishes and photographing these kids all the time? Give them a break...let them be kids and grieve their Father in PEACE.

And to all of you people calling these innocent kids rotten names? Why? Have you nothing better to do than pick apart children.

Take a look in the mirror.....

1652 days ago
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