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Roethlisberger Accuser Drops Out, Goes Home

3/9/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Ben Roethlisberger's alleged sexual assault victim is at home with her parents after dropping out of school, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us the 20-year-old woman dropped out of Georgia College & State University over the weekend.

We're told her folks picked her up in Milledgeville and brought her to the family home outside Atlanta.

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I have not clue if he did anything wrong or not. although it does not seem good. But if he did nothing wrong why would he put himself in the situation that would allow for this to happen? Famous people need to be smarter then this.

1689 days ago


Shut the hell up 71. "HE IS A RAPIST".


You can give evidence right? Because you're so sure he's a rapist, that you're even willing to desperately type it in caps!!!!!!

Where's the evidence? SAVE HER! SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!


Why aren't you giving the evidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1689 days ago


Why doesn't everyone understand that it's not whether he has the money and can "get the girl..." Sexual assaults are about power...nothing else; therefore, the question, "Why would he do this when he has all this money and could get any girl he wants?" doesn't matter!

1689 days ago


of course she should get a lawyer you jerk if he is so innocent why did he get a lawyer?....duhhh thats what normal people do and criminals like him...geez...his lawyer is going to go after her so of course she needs a lawyer...

Posted at 9:45AM on Mar 9th 2010 by dumb people here

Boy, Dumb People, your name sure says it all. Let me go through the court system with you step by step. She goes to the police and accuses him of a crime. Of course HE needs a defense lawyer because he is the accused. His lawyer is not going after her, he is DEFENDING his client. She does not need a lawyer because there is a little something called a PROSECUTOR who would be doing the criminal trial. So the ONLY reason she would need a lawyer is if she was paving the way to go after him in civil court. The fact that she got one this soon, before the cops have even had a chance to finish their investigation, says it all.

1689 days ago



1689 days ago


Ben Roethlisberger need to buy a whore there out there all over the place so think about that when the next time you need sex...

1689 days ago

Cest Moi    


I get that TMZ is a tabloid, and I get that it takes all kinds to make the world go around, but really, tmz commenters? REALLY?

Why do so many things come down to race on these message boards?

Or sexism?

Are we really reading the comments of our leading members of society, or the bottom feeders? I think these messages, for the most part, speak for themselves. . .

Do celebrities, at times, feel that they are above the law? Yes, some of them

Has any rapist, celebrity or not, repeated his crime? Yes. most of them

If a celebrity (or anyone, really) has gotten away with "it" before, are they more likely to do it again? YES

If a girl meets a celebrity, does that mean its ok for the celebrity to assume she wants sex? NO

Does the fact the girl used his NFL stats as a way to describe him make her an opportunist? NO - for all we know, she was going on someone else's recomendation. After all, how many other accused rapists have handy dandy stat cards telling you all this info? The stats are public knowledge . . .

Is the girl lying? Who knows? I don't, and neither do you!

1689 days ago


This girl is no gold digger and no skank looking for a pay day. I went to the same school she just withdrew from, Georgia College and State University. The bars in Milledgeville, GA are 21 to drink, 18 to party. She was doing nothing wrong in that regard. For those of you that don't know, Milledgeville is a small town and national media are entrenched trying to dig up more information on this poor girl. Can you imagine such a tragic event taking place and as if that isn't enough now she has to deal with journalist in her face daily. That is why she dropped out.

I'm all for innocent until proven guilty, but the victim deserves the benefit of the doubt as well. Maybe you wouldn't be so quick to judge if this was your friend, mom or sister.

1689 days ago


You only have to be 18 to get into the bars in downtown Milledgeville.. and I dont blame the girl for dropping out and going home, I would have done the same. Nothing ever happens in Milledgeville.. I cant walk through campus on the way to class without hearing someone talking about this. Why on earth would she stay here?

1688 days ago


From eye witness reports she was with Ben at two other bars before the incident occurred at the last bar, yet in the police report she does not give his name, she gives the exact height and weight that is listed for him in his NFL stats. I find that troubling. How did she knows his stats, and how, if she was hysterical, could she recall them so readily? I'm just asking questions, not passing judgment. These questions have yet to be answered.

I don't care what age you are, if you are out with a man that is larger than you know he is drunk, you are in a potentially dangerous situation. Alcohol impairs judgment, he may get grabby, become a mean drunk...who knows...and something bad could happen. Since she was underage, she should not have been drinking, therefore her common sense could have played a key role in keeping her safe. Yes, saying "no" should always work, and it should always be respected, but why take the chance? Just take yourself out of the situation.

Now, if Ben is proven guilty, he needs to be put away, and quickly. Even if he isn't guilty, he needs to be assigned a chaperon, miked up and equipped with an on-board phallus-cam so this nonsense doesn't happen again.

1688 days ago


You people really need to check yourselves.
First off, it is VERY common to drop out or take leave from school after an assult. I do wonder if she officially "dropped out" or is taking her leave. Higher Education policy will give you a grace period in the event of such an occurrence.
Second, let's be real. Do you know how common it is for 19 and 20 year olds it sneak into bars either with some else's ID or with a fake ID. It doesn't make her unusual. I'm sure the club is taking some heat for letting her in as well.
Third, IF Ben did this, which is only an IF at this point, how horrible for her. If he didn't, she is a bitch for lying. In reality though, the percentage of woman that lie about assult is extremely low.

1688 days ago


Hey Honeybeehomey:
I do know the accuser personally!!! She works for my sister-in-law and brother. If you had read the earlier posts you would have seen that it is legal for people 18 and up to enter the clubs in M'ville. So she was in this club legally. She is no "whack job" she is a great girl. The only thing she is guilty of is getting caught up in hanging out with the most famous person she ever met.

I have a daughter who is the a college senior at a school just a few miles away and all I can think about is "what if this had happened to her?" Put yourself in this girls fathers shoes. I bet you won't be so quick to make IDIOTIC comments about a girl who's life as she knows it, is over.

If he had done this (and he did do it) to my little girl, he wouldn't have to wait to be charged and go to jail. He wouldn't live until next week!!!

This S.O.B. is a sexual predator who needs to be off the streets!!! I just hope she is strong enough to go through with it all!!!

It's STUPID PEOPLE like you that make the victims of sex crimes keep their mouths shut so this happens to some other poor girl!!!

1688 days ago


1688 days ago


you people that say he definately did it are ignoramouses, you have no proof, even O.J. had at least bloody gloves. Don't be so quick to judge cause until its proven you don't know. How would you like to be accused of murder, no proof you did it except someone who seen someone from behind saying it was you. Cause no one lies right? I mean what did he do to you, beat your team? You're jelous cause he's rich? You were a victim so he's guilty just cause? He's a white guy and if it was a black he'd be in jail?(Someone elses words not mine.) Didn't give you an autograph? Didn't tip? Because he's a jerk someone says? You are villanizing him with absolutely no proof, you should be ashamed of yourselves for making wild accusations.I hope someday you are accused of a crime you didn't commit and are villanized by everyone, and found guilty, only then will you realize how foolish you are.

1687 days ago


Wow why are you people sticking for this girl. Why would she drop out of school if she has nothing to hide go to school and face it everyday your the one who brought it up it makes no sense at all. She is lying folkes about ben sexually assaulting her yes, I agree they probably had intercourse but, come on now your not telling me she didnt like it thats insane. This is just rediculous to keep sticking up for this girl nobody has seen her picture they are keeping her identity very clean so why leave college and why not show your face if your not lying if you have nothing to hide come out and finally go on the news channels and admit it. SHE IS A LIAR!!!!!!! NEED I SAY MORE FACTS PROVE IT

1686 days ago
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