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Lindsay Lohan


I'm No Milkaholic!

3/9/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants $100 million from E*TRADE -- because she believes their "milkaholic" baby featured in their Super Bowl commercial was modeled after her ... and as far as Lindsay's concerned, the smoking gun is all in the name.

The commercial features a baby named Lindsay -- who in the spot, is accused of being the "other woman" in a baby love triangle.

Lohan has filed a lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court in NY, first obtained by the NY Post, in which she claims E*TRADE violated Lohan's rights by using her "name and characterization" in business without paying her or getting her approval.

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, tells TMZ it doesn't matter that the commercial doesn't mention the name Lohan, adding, "Do you know the name Oprah? Do you know the name Madonna? Same thing."

Ovadia had no comment on the "milkaholic" reference, saying "If you look at the commercial as a whole, it's Lindsay Lohan."

E*TRADE had no comment.


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If the commercial was supposed to resemble her wouldn't the baby be a red head?

1667 days ago


Please don't tell me that has-been just compared herself to Oprah and Madonna?! Um, sorry dear, but being washed up and over by age 21 doesn't make you anything special - just saad. She hasn't made a movie in how long? One that wasn't a dreadful piece of crap (ala I know who killed me)? Get over yourself sweetie. We sure have.

1667 days ago


Uhm, let's see, Lindsay Lohan sure the hell isn't making any movies worth any money. She's just looking for a quick buck and it's ridiculous. It's kind of pathetic that she would say the "other love/milkaholic" is portrayed to be her. You really think of yourself that way?

Lindsay Lohan is a pathetic excuse for an actress, end of story.

1667 days ago

Mr R    

Get a "JOB" Witch!

1667 days ago


I think E*Trade is pretty safe on this one.
1. The baby was named after one of their employees, and inside joke.
2. The baby is blond, not a redhead.
3. Linds is rumored to be a carpet muncher now, and fails at man stealing, has never been good at it.
4. That baby is sooo cute and adorable, Linds is not.
This girls an idiot. Read all the comments on all the blogs, a great many of the poster are wishing she would die, people hate her. Very sad, she is not even worth making fun of, E*Trade I double would risk their reputation having any connection to her.

1667 days ago


Maybe her lawyers should refer to the case of Jerry Falwell vs. Larry Flint before filing this lawsuit. Even though a person's feelings may be hurt by a parody, it's not illegal for someone to be parodied[made fun of] without the original person's permission. Lohan needs to suck it up, and move on.

1667 days ago


This is hilarious and sad at the same time. The difference between Madonna, Oprah, and Lindsey? Two of those are icons who would never get confused if you only use one of their names... The other is a drugged-out has-been who thinks every use of a very common name is about her...

1667 days ago


What a freaking joke!!!!! Seriously??? Jeez, this dumb ass is going to waste our court system on such drivel??? I mean, c'mon, has anyone thought before now that this commercial was referencing Lindsey Lohan??? That just never crossed my mind! Good grief. I can't get over how incredibly stupid this is. Lindsay, Lindsey, Linzie, chick.....get real babe. It's not always about you. Go back into the delusional world in which you live with your crack pipe & Red Bull and leave us all the hell alone! See you at your next job...and yes, I will have fries with my order.

1667 days ago


Are you kidding me? What a joke! Never crossed my mind that commercial was in reference to Lohan. Now...if the babies were skinny, trashy, pale and drunk, it may have occurred to me!

1667 days ago


Apparently, Lindsey is on drugs.... AGAIN. This girl need sto get serious psychiatric therapy and a life!

1667 days ago


Won't some other state please help us out and take the whole Lohan clan? Nassau NY is bordering on bankruptcy and having to entertain this in court is just another waste of taxpayer funds.

1667 days ago


Well, my name is Lindsay too....maybe I should sue HER for ruining the name for the rest of us!

1667 days ago


REALLY LINDSEY????? They did not say that coke whore Lindsey they said milkaholic. Get over yourself. You were a wonderful actress but you stuck it up your nose. Your fault not E*trade. When I seen commercial it reminded me of my daughters friend Lindsey.

1667 days ago

Alfred Mastarrigo    

Ms. Lohan is full of BS!.I saw this add,and never did Ms. Lohan come to my mind.

1667 days ago


Seriously? Seriously? Di ta di.

1667 days ago
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