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Lindsay Lohan


I'm No Milkaholic!

3/9/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants $100 million from E*TRADE -- because she believes their "milkaholic" baby featured in their Super Bowl commercial was modeled after her ... and as far as Lindsay's concerned, the smoking gun is all in the name.

The commercial features a baby named Lindsay -- who in the spot, is accused of being the "other woman" in a baby love triangle.

Lohan has filed a lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court in NY, first obtained by the NY Post, in which she claims E*TRADE violated Lohan's rights by using her "name and characterization" in business without paying her or getting her approval.

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, tells TMZ it doesn't matter that the commercial doesn't mention the name Lohan, adding, "Do you know the name Oprah? Do you know the name Madonna? Same thing."

Ovadia had no comment on the "milkaholic" reference, saying "If you look at the commercial as a whole, it's Lindsay Lohan."

E*TRADE had no comment.


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Nirav Shah    

Will this girl ever live in the real world? Doesn't say much for her lawyer's (lack of) grasp of reality either. I guess Lindsay's money ran out and she is looking for a payday from someone...ANYONE!

1689 days ago


what a loser... that commercial was actually about ME! mY name is lindsay, and I love Milk. Im suing tooooo!

1689 days ago


Madonna..... Oprah......? How many Madonna's and Oprahs are out there???!? I don't know any besides them. Lindsay is one of the most common girl names ever. People sue for the dumbest stuff. All because your career sucks while you're laying curbside with a bottle of Jack, doesn't mean you sue people who are successful.

1689 days ago


Well, she has crossed the line here, or her lawyers have... hundreds of thousands of people named Lindsay, and this whackjob thinks it's HERS? Yikes. If this isn't thrown out with the defendant's costs paid by her, the American legal system will simply reinforce its already-ridiculous image.

1689 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

And if you look at Lindsay Lohan as a hole, it's commercial.

1689 days ago



1689 days ago


What an idiot. Nobody gives two sh*ts about Lindsay Lohan.

1689 days ago


She is a crazy biotch. period

1689 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

And if you look at Lindsay Lohan as a hole, it's a commercial.

1689 days ago


What?? I saw that commercial and never thought of her and Oprah? Madonna really not only are they multi decade superstars but they odd ball names lindsey is really common. And why is cheating refferencing lindsey of all the drama shes been in that one thing thats not associated with her? Plus that baby was the "Milk-whore" baby, shes a healthy wieght adorable and well dressed. Definetly not lindsey lohan.

1689 days ago

S D M F    

What a crock!

Trying to compare yourself with the likes of Oprah and Madonna? Are you kidding me?

Lindsay Lohan keep dreaming you drug addicted and infected trailer trash of a wannabe.

1689 days ago


She will not get $100 million for this. If anything, maybe a couple hundred grand. She should be glad people still know who she is.

1689 days ago


You're fricking kidding me, right? I hope E-Trade fights her tooth and nail and does not settle by giving her a dime. I am a lawyer and I don't think she has a chance in hell of winning anything.

1689 days ago

Fitzy she serious?? She must really be hurting for cash. If she collects anything from this suite, I'll give up on the legal system.

1689 days ago


GET OVER YOURSELF LOHAN! What screwed up your career so bad that the only way to make money is sue companies? Lindsay is the name of a million and one other chicks. Although you are into drinking and drugs...In viewing the ad, it never brought you to mind! AGAIN, GET OVER YOURSELF! If anyone pays you a nickel on this suit, I'll sue them for being effing stupid! GO TO WORK LOSER!!!

1689 days ago
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