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Marie Osmond's Son -- The 911 Call

3/9/2010 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made after Marie Osmond's son Michael committed suicide.

The caller tells the dispatcher she saw someone "flying from the roof" of an apartment building in L.A.

Before jumping, 18-year-old Michael Bryan left a note for a woman saying she was his only friend in L.A. and that he was very unhappy.

Bryan was laid to rest yesterday at the East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo, Utah.


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Why, TMZ, do you feel the need to post 911 calls? How very disrespectful of the person who is gone and their family. But, I guess you have never been accused of being caring of others feelings. What a bunch of bastards.

1696 days ago


Just be a family. Listen, care, support. Kids don't need fancy cars they need a family.

Mormons are supposed to be about family but you can't be in Vegas or hawking dolls on QVC and Dancing with the Stars and still pretend to juggle 8 kids!

Something has to GIVE and it was Michael's LIFE!!!

Hope those QVC "dolls" were worth it!

1696 days ago


18 is sort of young for a person to be completely on their own. Freshmen at college are surrounded by friends and support systems, and suicide is tops on the list of things that college employees are sensitive to. Even the most liberal colleges will have various Jesus clubs to help conservatives connect and not embarass the university with suicide. Maybe trendy Los Angeles can learn something there.

1696 days ago

I'm sure Marie appreciates your thoughtfulness TMZ (NOT). You peope are absolute idiots at TMZ.

1696 days ago


Tragic that someone so young thought that they had no other way out. Everything passes if you just give it time.

1696 days ago

capt andy    

Tragic that someone so young thought that they had no other way out. Everything passes if you just give it time.

Posted at 12:25PM on Mar 9th 2010 by revelationz

how about bad mexican food?????

1696 days ago


I agree that these things should not be publicized, or even public unless there is an investigation pertaining to the actions of the 911 people, or the responding authorities. TMZ: we don't need this.

However... is the operator on this call a tad 'slow'? She clearly explained 3-4 times in the first half of the call what had happened, and it was like talking to a brick wall.

1696 days ago

Team Jay    

The desperation in the young woman's voice is very difficult to listen to--my sincerest condolences to everyone involved.

TMZ, PLEASE remove this 911 tape from your site. It's just too horrific.

1696 days ago

capt andy    

forget that call.I want to hear the call Marie(mom of the year) made to her employers in las vagas telling them that she would be at work the day after her sons funeral....thats the one I want to hear...err here it is
MARIE: hello hello this is marie osmond of the osmond family..please keep the checks coming
LAS VEGAS MAN: well im not sure we can keep paying you if you dont show up to work
MARIE:..please please i need the money i will be back tomarrow after i bury my crazy kid
LAS VEGAS:well okay but make sure you do because we have the partridge family waiting in line lady
MARIE:oh okay screw them and screw my kid,, we will be back//just keep the money coming

Posted at 12:17PM on Mar 9th 2010 by i can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy oops no i cant

now that was funny should write for leno

1696 days ago

Mrs Butters    

I think the 911 guy could do the math regarding the mess the woman would encounter when she got to the body.He was probably like a smashed watermellon, you wouldn't get me to check his vital signs

1696 days ago


Thank you TMZ for making this available....
You are doing a service and honoring michael's memory.....

It helps us all deal with the tragic loss.

1696 days ago


what a dam shame

1696 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

911 calls are public info. What I wonder is how the photogs got so many close ups of Marie's face at her son's "private" funeral service. And why she "released" photos of her dead son to the media immediately after his death. I recall Marie on TV crying & discussing the most "intimate" moments she shared with her dying father, what she whispered in his ear, etc. What are very private, personal & sacred moments for most people seem to be publicity ops for the sobbing Osmond family. No wonder someone here in LA who knows alot about the biz, said Marie volunteered to do the "pass out for publicity" act on Dancing With The Stars. If I see her on TV talking about her dead son and sobbing, I will be even angier at her than I am not.

1696 days ago


I think the 911 operater needs better training he didnt seem to be getting the information she was giving and she was clearly speaking they should and how many times does he have to ask the same question gee get a clue and I think it was a poor choice to put this online for the family and the woman who called in

1696 days ago


I don't care if 911 calls are public info. If I wanted to hear it, I would request it myself thru an Open Records Request with LA County. I don't think it's OK for TMZ to publish something like this. (or coroners reports/death certificates) It goes to show how truly heartless and TACKY TMZ really is.

1696 days ago
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