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Marie Osmond's Son -- The 911 Call

3/9/2010 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made after Marie Osmond's son Michael committed suicide.

The caller tells the dispatcher she saw someone "flying from the roof" of an apartment building in L.A.

Before jumping, 18-year-old Michael Bryan left a note for a woman saying she was his only friend in L.A. and that he was very unhappy.

Bryan was laid to rest yesterday at the East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo, Utah.


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This guy is a jerk for making innocent people going about their day watch him jump from a window. The 911 operator shouldn't make this girl go look at his body either. He jumped from a building and is splattered on the ground. I wouldn't be running to see this. I feel sorry for the Osmonds and everyone who had to witness this digusting death.

1687 days ago


I only hope and pray that if my child has suicidal feelings and thoughts that she will call me first and know that I will be there no matter what. I only wonder why he felt as if he couldn't call his mom or dad during such a difficult time for him. Hmmm.. maybe Mom was too busy selling her look alike creepy dolls or doing a commercial or singing in Vegas...poor kid.

1687 days ago


The young lady kept it together, amazing since she saw him on his way down.. I bet she has nightmares, poor girl.

1687 days ago


Michael was not buried at a chapel in Provo. He was laid to rest in a beautiful hillside cemetery nearby. I haven't checked yet, but I am guessing his grave is close to George and Olive Osmond's graves.

1687 days ago


I really hope they outlaw the releasing of 911 tapes.. this is horrible that people would actually listen to someone's pain like that...

1687 days ago


I don't hear anything in the call that should keep TMZ from letting us hear it. It is clear the woman was distressed, and trying to help the best she could. It's nice to know people really do care. It should show people that no matter how bad you think things are all you have to do is reach out for help. There are crisis hotlines in almost every hospital that can put you in touch with the right people who can listen and help you. We need to educate more people about the signs of people who are thinking about suicide. It needs to be talked about to stop it!

1687 days ago


Hey #20 - by for real, Your really not funny, just an ahole. If you are ever so distraught as to fling your body off a building I will hope there is not another ahole in their basement writing stupid, senseless blattherings about your tragic demise. Seriously, you are so not funny.

1687 days ago


No, it's poor taste that the 911 operator was that stupid. I would have been all "I told you 15 stories! What part of that did you not hear?!" Oh and approach a guy who's dead just to see if he's breathing.

1687 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I have no problem with this at all. Maybe some of you people who are so dispondant that you're considering suicide will listen to this and realize what suicide does to people, how it affects families and innocent witnesses and bystanders. Suicide is incredibly selfish, and narcissism in the worst possible way. I applaud TMZ for running this call in full.

1687 days ago


Without TMZ's comments section the hate-filled losers who post here would have no place to spew their venom. As an alternative outlet for their frustration at their sad little lives they would be beating up their moms every time they crawled out of their parent's basement for another piece of pie. Their moms thank you, TMZ.

1687 days ago


1/2 century is enough of your buck toothed faces.

You screwed to excess with a hoard of kids you can't be there to raise. Now you bury one. Was it worth the price of your absence?

You made your money now step aside.

QVC, spooky dolls, spooky interviews, grinning and laughing at odd times, dressing like a whore at 50, enough is enough. Retire to heal your souls like you need to do.

1687 days ago


That poor girl.

1687 days ago


All 911 operators need a course in sensitivity. They sound like robots. I've heard calls on police shows where people are in grave danger and these 911 goofs are asking all kinds of inane
questions wasting precious time. JUST SEND THE POLICE and quit asking stupid questions.

1687 days ago

Cest Moi    

Dear TMZ,

Please, STOP with all the 911 calls.
Thank you

1687 days ago


this girl did really well and gave the operator the right information but he apparently not listening and asked to repeat all the info she already gave him. He wasn't listening or need to learn how to multi-task and type and listen at the same time.

1687 days ago
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