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Big Ben's Teammate: I Saw Nothing

3/10/2010 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger's Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Willie Colon -- a member of the infamous birthday entourage -- claims he didn't see anything on the night of the alleged sexual assault ... because he was too busy dancing.

Colon's agent told the Associated Press that Colon had "no knowledge of the incident" until he was questioned by cops on his way out of the Capital City nightclub on March 5th.

The agent claims Colon was busy on the dance floor and not anywhere close to Big Ben during the time the alleged assault was going down in a club bathroom.

FYI -- Colon plays on the offensive line for the Steelers ... his job is to protect the quarterback.

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At least willie was getting busy on the right floor

1688 days ago


Willie Colon, what an unfortunate name.

1687 days ago


willie colon didnt see nothing because he had his head up big bens colon

1687 days ago


God help anyone who is accused of any crime in the future. The court of public opinion gets more jaded by the second.

1687 days ago



1687 days ago


yinz need to leave Ben alone..it ain't his fault these hoes is lookin for a quick paycheck..GO STEELERS!!!

1687 days ago


He'd have to rape a woman because this Ugly F#CK certainly doesn't have the looks.

1687 days ago


Ugly f#ck??? Ben's hot !!

1651 days ago


I have a good friend from school who is from Pitt. He goes to some of the same watering holes as Ben, and told me point blank to my my face that Ben is an obnoxious drinker. When he's wasted he says anything that comes to his head to women. A lot of the times they are so offended that they don't even care that he's a star.

After reading excerpts from the police reports - I truly believe that Ben "TAKE THE GoOdieS" Rothlisberger raped that young woman. I also believe he belongs in jail and out of the NFL totally. If we can send Michael Vick to jail for abusing dogs then certainly what Rothlisberger did is far worse. I used to have a good opinion of him even though I wasn't a Steeler's fan. Now I think he is just a P-O-S. He belongs in jail where any other rapist would be. Payoffs just seem to cement the facts that he knew what he did was wrong. The Pennsylvania State Police need to investigate the officer that was his bodyguard and bring him up on charges also if the facts indicate the he aided and abetted the rape of that young woman. This just makes my skin crawl.

This man should be in jail. There are women who try to take rich people(Like the Seagal story), but this woman has back up witness. Multiple witness confirm the first thing out of her mouth was help me, I was raped. It was not hey, I just got lucky with a football player.
What should be the deciding factor is was the "ripped". A woman who has willing sex with someone, would not have her genitals ripped. A woman forced to have sex, will be ripped and bleeding. This is one of the reasons it is so important to have a victim checked at the hospital.

I just wonder why all these superstar types feel that they have to get a woman drunk before trying to get theirs. The fact that a 28 yr old man needs to engage 20 yr olds is sad in itself; the fact that sexual assault is not a strong enough crime like say, dog fighting is sadder! How do we send one guy to jail for dogs and then let a rapist stay in the game because he has two rings?

1651 days ago


I am a HUGE Steelers fan but Ben should grow up and stop going to bars. Even if it wasn't rape he put himself in that situation by not walking away. If a girl is very drunk and wants to have sex he should have been the smarter person by walking away and not go for every girl that looks his way. On the other hand he could be a giant douche bag and did it, sadly no one will every really know the truth.

1651 days ago


The bodyguard that blocked the two girls from going into the bathroom to check on their friend is in alot of trouble, if it happened. He should be in more trouble than Ben.

1649 days ago


Okay...first I'm from PGH and I personally know girls that are from PGH that have slept with Ben and they ALL have said that he is very aggresive sexually. Doesn't make him a rappest but does make you wonder. Second, I am a huuuuuggggeee Steeler fan and come from a long line of Steeler fans and I'm not going to defend Ben just because he's on the Steelers...like some comments on here. I'm not saying that he is necessarily guilty, but I just hate Steeleres fans that are more concerned with letting found not guilty, regardless of the crime, because they want a winning season. Again, in no way am I saying Ben is guilty, but advade stupid Steeler fans that jump the gun with "he's not guilty, those girls are just hoes", think about the situation if it were your daughter and just shut up already. Besides, we still have Charlie right?

1645 days ago

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