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Corey on Corey: Don't Jump to Conclusions

3/10/2010 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman wants people to "stop jumping the gun" by saying Corey Haim died from an drug overdose -- because until the coroner's report comes out, "nobody knows" what really caused his death.

Corey Feldman
Feldman was on "Larry King Live" tonight, where he called Haim his "best friend."

Feldman went on to say Haim had a "long and detailed drug history and battled addiction for many, many years" -- but said Haim had been "in the best frame of mind that he's ever been in" leading up to his death.


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You know, I never really cared for Corey Feldman. He seemed to narcissistic for me. However, after watching him tonight and listening to what he had to say and how he handled himself, I was truly impressed. I have a new found respect for this guy. I am sorry for his loss, and hopefully the so-called Hollywood elites will take his advice and touch peoples' lives positively while they are living. Stop kicking their fellow man when they're down. Offer them love and support. Great interview.

1685 days ago


Did anyone else notice Nicole Eggert? She looks WEIRD!! Did she just have surgery because she didn't look like this on Celeb Fit Club. I didn't even recognize her.


1685 days ago


Harvey i just would like someone to find out if these people are dying of the swine flu i know they are celebrities but just maybe lots of people are getting this but we are just hearing about famous people here all these like britney and now Cory had the flu and then taking over the counter then they die? i know Just sounds fishy

1685 days ago


Oh, and about Brittany Murphy.. Yea, she marries a "friend" of her mother, who is a fat ass, nobody, broke loser & old enough to be her dad. Then shortly thereafter she dies, leaving everything to her mom. Who then sets up a bogus scam charity with Brits "husband", until TMZ busts them for the con artists they really are. Then the day Brits mom inherits her fortune, Brits "husband" announces her mom is selling Brits house, and he & her mom are moving to NY... TOGETHER! Yea, nothing fishy with that whole deal! Pshhhh! Wake up, people! Stop being so gullible! THINK!!!!

1685 days ago


Look, the guy lost a friend , a close friend. I've seen some of the tweets today and they are for the most part horrible, so yes he was on LK , but did he ASK to be there? I think he WAS asked to be on, he is trying to defend his friend, plus he is reeling, regardless of who he lashes out at, he is in a daze as to the news, it's all so new. There are five stages of grief , leave him alone.. he'll work it out.

1685 days ago


The main point I was trying to make is that he made a point to comment how no one was there for him, but now everyone is coming out.
Yet he himself pretty much has done the same thing. He set himself up for that.
No, I'm not going to go out and 'Find' a drugee to help, but if they were still as close as he is claiming, then makes a comment like I said above, then in the next breath says that he and his mom were living in a month by month apartment, with no car..well..were was he?
It wasn't so much that I was saying to 'take' them in, but he obviously was being no help to them, for still being as close as claiming.
His comment about taking him and his mom to the hospital because they had no car, I bet it was one time.
Even in talking about past magazines, he had to say that the was in all of them.
This guy is a fake and a phony.

1685 days ago

Don't Do It!    

Yes, I watched "The Two Coreys" and all I can say is I SO hope Corey doesn't feel the need to express his grief by singing.

1685 days ago


It wasn't Michael Jackson that molested Haim and Feldman, it was their chaparone/guardian when they were young tweens. A man that was supposed to be watching over them instead of their parents. Where is that bastard now? He should have been the one they found dead this morning!

1685 days ago


Hollywood is full of no talent , drug addicts with no redeeming features. Who cares if Feldman dies either they are part of this culture of losers that has turned most Americans off. I can see idiots like these guys on any street corners and alley panhandling and addicted. Hollywood is dead!

1685 days ago


Talk about GHOUL! Come on, your supposed "brother" just died, and you are on Larry King. How sad.

1685 days ago


If anybody bothered to go and read Corey Feldman's blog - I went there to read his statement about Corey Haim's death - you would have seen that until a month or so ago he was in Africa. So how in the world could Corey F. have helped Corey H. being out of the country? Corey Feldman repeatedly tried to help Corey Haim over the years (he got him a role in Lost Boys 2, which Haim messed up by using drugs again). I agree Feldman's hair looked stupid, but his grief for his friend was real in my opinion. Leave the guy alone to mourn for his friend.

1685 days ago


this is the best (only) thing to happen to Feldmen in 20 years.

1685 days ago


People need to stop calling this a tragedy, a tragedy is a earth quake and millions of people dying who werent warned, a tragedy is the little kids being sold into sex slavery, a tragedy is a whole family dying in a car accident. Someone who CHOOSES to live most of their life using drugs and one day dying from it because he WONT stop is not a tragedy its suicide. This is a disease that is created by the maker, himself. We ALL have choices. We should spend our life focusing on people who want to make a difference not people who choose to live a sad, drugged pointless lives. And if I got hooked on crack Id expect any healthy minded human being to say the same thing about me.

1685 days ago


DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO! Wait so this guy does drugs for 20 years supposedly gets sober and dies because he got the FLU? What are the chances. LMAO

OBVIOUSLY he died from drugs weather he over dosed or had a heart attack it was all due to ONE common denominator drugs!

1685 days ago


Stupid people of the world listen up, you spread like a nasty disease...the way you have infected this world with your own poor self imagine and insecurities. If you are intelligent and have a positive self imagine there is no way in hell you could possibly kick people when they are down, make fun of sick people, salivate at the thought of someone failing, buy into all this negative gossip, how ugly someone is,what are they wearing??ect... you are walking around with a banner across your forehead only visible to intelligent people that reads: I hate myself and I want you to hate yourself too. You are too stupid to even realize how bad your karma is kicking your ass, you are in such a pathetic cycle...going with the flow, trying to fit in. Please I beg you to become wise and stop infecting our world. I wish I could make you see what it is doing to your own life and those you care about it. Learn how to love yourself, jack-asses!

1685 days ago
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