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Corey on Corey: Don't Jump to Conclusions

3/10/2010 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman wants people to "stop jumping the gun" by saying Corey Haim died from an drug overdose -- because until the coroner's report comes out, "nobody knows" what really caused his death.

Corey Feldman
Feldman was on "Larry King Live" tonight, where he called Haim his "best friend."

Feldman went on to say Haim had a "long and detailed drug history and battled addiction for many, many years" -- but said Haim had been "in the best frame of mind that he's ever been in" leading up to his death.


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Corey Feldman is a narcissistic a$$. He said he had that ridiculous strand of hair because he was some type o African warrior. WTF? People in the industry did not reach out to Corey Haim because nobody would insure a drug addict. Hollywood loves to give people second chances, but Haim could not stay clean. There comes a point you have to stop blaming Hollywood, your childhood, TMZ, your dog, and everybody else and take responsibility for yourself. He was a grown man and needed to act like one.

1688 days ago


I know addicts. Sisters and Brothers. Co-Workers. Friends. And they only think about themselves. They steal from you. They use you. They only think about that next fix. They bleed their parent dry. So, don't tell me to be in their shoes, I know them and they should think about the people they put through hell. They need to put themselves in the shoes the people they hurt. But they will never do that, because they are selfish, me, me, me, only about themselves addicts.

1688 days ago


I don't think he should have gone on Larry King. At the same time, if he hadn't, someone else would have. (and did) Every show had someone on last night, talking back Corey Haim. That disgusting drunk Nicole Eggert got on there and made a mockery of him. I think Feldman truly loved this guy, and was there for him in the end. He spoke appropriately and lovingly. So give Feldman a break. As to his hair, who cares? That's who he is, that's who he's always been. No ones making any comments about Nicole Eggerts new face. So it's acceptable to have your cheeks and eyes pulled tightly behind your ears, but a strand of hair hanging down someone face is disturbing and remarkable? RIP Corey Haim, and thank you Corey Feldman for being an amazing friend.

1688 days ago


Check your spelling TMZ: "An drug" I would happily scan any posts before displaying for all to see. ;0)

1688 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

3. He's defending his friend you haters! If the situation was reversed, Haim would of been on there defending Feldman. He wants people to know the truth about his friend and is in protective mode so that the correction information gets out not negative lies. Talking about his friend isn't getting him any fame, this is a tragic loss for him and I'm sure he's devasted so get off your high horses.

Posted at 9:44PM on Mar 10th 2010 by tori

he's defending a known drug assict like himself, Tori wake up and quit being an idiot......drugs catch up to you...and in this case it sure in the hell did. Assumptions..they ask not to make...Well his drug addiction was a public thing, so yes people will make assumptions with drug infested idiots. You tori are on big gigantic fool!

1688 days ago


I agreed with everything he had to say about people kicking you while you were down. However, TMZ failed to mention that he named them specifically as the #1 kickers! His hair was ridic though.

1688 days ago


All you haters out there, you would be upset too if your boyfriend just died. We need Feldman to overdose so he can join his boyfriends Corey and Michael in hell.

1688 days ago


Corey Feldman update: "Corey Haim had sex with my momma"

1688 days ago


Whether its a drug overdoes or not its still tragic i say rest in peace. Certainly didnt have any on Earth

1688 days ago


Sorry that you lost your best friend ever! Will you ever know that??
On the show the 2 coreys you and your wife put him packing set him on the curb was mean rude bitchy and i have come to the conclusions that
you knew he was a addict what did you do? Where were you?Cut that HAir! EWWWW!
COREY will be so missed! May he REST in PEACE

1688 days ago


For a best friend who claims him in the best mind set ever you still avoided him and kept him at a distance. He was even sick, had bad flu symptoms and lungs filling up with fluid and where were you Feldman? Get your 15min and get gone.

1688 days ago


What a tool. He is no friend and an ass for going on LK THE SAME DAY his friend died. Jerk.

1687 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ok no one wants to say it so I will.. I am sick and tired of Cory Feldman trying to be all Michael Jackson, now that MJ is dead... and wearing the hair in his face makes it totally obvious that is what he is doing here... So after the funeral for Haim... will he yet again make a fool out of him self immatating Haim Like he did after Michael's funeral... I used to like him then he started bad mouthing Michael and anyone else who wanted to help him out... then when it seemed to maybe benefit his failed career and bank account.. he does the two Corys until he cant take CH any more... The only one I feel sorry for is Mrs. Haim!!!

1685 days ago
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