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Lohan's Baby Lawsuit is


3/11/2010 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan E tradeE*TRADE is firing back at Lindsay Lohan's claims that the online investment company ripped-off her name and likeness in its "Lindsay is a milkoholic" commercial.

E*TRADE issued the following statement to TMZ -- "We believe the claims are without merit and we intend to defend ourselves vigorously in this case."

The investment company says its commercial was meant to be "witty and memorable."

The commercial features a baby named Lindsay -- who gets accused of being the "milkoholic" other woman in a baby love triangle.


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Baby's Mama    

Please take a second to vote for this cute baby:

1626 days ago


NO ONE who has seen this HILARIOUS, EXCELLENT commercial ever thought about Lohan, we were all too busy laughing at it....she just did this to get free publicity....she is no better than jailbirds mounting frivilous law suits behind bars!!!! This chick needs to go away and take Moakler and Gosselin with her!!!!!

1626 days ago


There are a million PLUS names E trade could have used without trashing Lindsay, real or imagined. Of all the lawyers these firms have on retainer, they failed their job miserable when they allowed this firm to put this commercial on the air.
This kind of carelessness is why I trade with a competitor of ETrade.

1626 days ago


Lohan is just upset that the baby is a better actress than her! In a year or two it will go from "Milka what?' to "Lindsay who?". I can't wait!!

1626 days ago


lindsey who? the world has already forgotten about u. even if the writer actually intended it to poke fun at lindsey lohan, there is absolutely no way for her to prove it. the name lindsey itself is not a household representation of lohan. but since she hasnt been working for awhile she probably needs money. if she just straightened herself out, dropped the partying, addictions, and bad crowd of friends, she could be working again.

1626 days ago

Jerry Martin    

The only time I think of Lindsay Lohan is when I hear the word 'skank'.

1625 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This is so good to hear, because it means that Blohan isn't going to be able to extort a single penny from this company! You can be sure that this drunken, thieving crack addict counted on them settling and giving her cash just to shut her up, but it's not going to happen! AWESOME!!!I hope they counter-sue her, maybe it will put her over the edge!

1625 days ago

she's not stupid folks    

according to one website, there are over 101,000 lindseys and 98,000 lindsays. Maybe some of them should sue her for giving the name lindsey a bad rep.

1625 days ago


This is ridiculous. When the name Lindsey and anything ".....holic" are in the same sentence we think of her. She has failed as an acress because of drugs and alcohol. Now that is her image. Therefore, she wants to bank off the "......holic" association with her name. NOT becuase her name is Linsdy.

1625 days ago


Lindsey who? Is she that hard up for money? When are we going to see her on some reality show?

1625 days ago


You're so vain, I bet you think this ad is about you, don't you?

On the plus side, E*Trade is getting fantastic publicity from this. They should thank Lindsay after they win the lawsuit.

1625 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

They will bankrupt her in court.
How much money can a failed celeb have anyway?

1625 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Former child star needs some love?

1625 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

When I hear the famous name “Lindsay,” I think of Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.

1625 days ago


Lohan is the only name we recognize out there, in the spirit of trainwrecked people (all of you). Lindsay is Linsday Vonn the Olympian, Lindsay Wagner the Bionic Woman, etc etc etc

E trade has no worries on this one. But good try on the money grab, Lohan but you won't get far with it. Nobody thinks of you in the superstar world as a one name wonder like Cher, Liz, Madonna, etc

1625 days ago
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