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Khloe Kardahsian -- My Sister Is Pubic Enemy #1

3/11/2010 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian has been scarred by a major hot waxing nightmare in her southern region -- and as she revealed on last night's "Lopez Tonight" ... it's all her sister's fault.

Hold onto your breakfast.


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Austin Powers    

It's a man baby!!!!

1688 days ago


Telling all of AMerica you have cleared the bushes.. NICE.. Your dead daddy would be SOO PROUD!!! This family is nothing but a bunch of nasty whores, please TMZ PLEASE stop reporting on them. They are the trash of america! and it all started with Sister Kim's sex tape... what a proud day!!! How soon before the little sisters appear in their own version trying to emulate their sister!

1688 days ago


This girl is such a media whore! She is in such competition to be more famous & richer than her sister, Kim! She is one of those people who really think bad attention is better than NO attention. But considering her mom SPREAD her legs for publicity I am not surprised. she is famous for being NOTHING. how desparate!!!

1688 days ago

Black Power    

Noboday cares about your waxed hole. Even Lamar looks disgusted by what your saying. Ughhh! What a gross pig. And someone said her father would be proud of her in jest. Her father was a crooked lawer who defended the one and only killer of his wife, O.J. Simpson. Screw him too. This family are bunch of idiots who are famous for doing nothing but having sex.

1688 days ago

Allred Tree    

These people are pure sleazy trashy whores and should be banned from all public media. Those two younger girls are repulsive brats who want to be just like their sisters. The one with the bastard child dated her younger brother's friend and expected to "bone" him on the very first date.

Kris, the "mother" is old enough to remember when most decent girls didn't date until they were at least 16 and their parents cared enough about them to have curfews and girls wondered about their "first kiss."

Have these Kardashian women/girls all been sexually molested by their "parents" or "mother" or possibly their "step-father?" They are so agressive in every way and that is one indication of some molestation victims. Kris (the "mother") appears to be one of the worst stage mothers ever.

CPS should be investigating that home re. the minors who still live there. Do they attend school? I've not once heard mention of it or seen them doing any homework.

The decent citizens of Hidden Hills have my sympathy for having such pure, unadulterated trash as the Kardashians living among them.

Lamar makes himself look very, very bad to appear on tv and allow his wife to talk about such intimate matters. He obviously married into that family for their money. He knows he won't be playing basketball much longer and sees how Bruce Jenner seems to be as much of a golddigger as the father of the bastard the one sister had recently.

The Lakers should tell him and his wife to stfu! I heard Khloe is not at all liked by the other wives.

1688 days ago


Check out the body language of hubby...hilarious

1688 days ago

AM Hood    

There is something strange with all of he sexualized behavior and conservation these sisters have wit one another.Notice the mayo. vaginia on one episode. Then there is all of the touching and revealing of the oldest sisters private area. This is strange behavior for adults. What happened in these women's childhood, when Chris/mom was not around. Khloe is strange and hubby looks and should be embarrassed regarding her behavior. She says anything that comes to mind/falls out of her mouth. I know the ratings are good when this sort of stuff is revealed but, it is embarrassing as H$$$ and not cute. The whole family is strange. Kim seems fearful to pen her mouth and always seems to try to solve problems by ignoring them with being the quiet one. Chris has no control of her children but, paints Scott as the bad guy, when her own children say or do anything they please "Go to your room Chris". they all need therapy!! I know they are rich, making all of their money form TV commercials and appearances, Khloe's television marriage to a man she only knew for a few weeks, the NBA boys, etc, but at what a price.Money will make you do strange thing!!! But, this is ridiculous. I don't blame Kim's boyfriend for not marrying into this family. His mother raised him with some pride.

1688 days ago


This skank turns my stomach. The whole family is a train wreck.

1688 days ago


None of the Kardasians would be famous without KIM! Plus, the entire family is so dysfunctional!

1688 days ago


Khloe is talking about Kourtney, not Kim. You guys are idiots and can't hear.

1688 days ago


Send all these tricks to Nevada, or is there not enough black swag in the state! What a total embarassment to the Laker's, their wives and the fans. We expected more from Lamar, but he went the ghetto route and got himself one of the filthiest hoodrats out there, a hogasstrashian! He is as stupid as she is a tranny. I can imagine the horror for the Lakers. Brought all this negative attention and sleaziness to the team. This tranny can't keep her filthy mouth closed, kim lies' steals is actually starting to look like the alien, the other sister is dumber than a box of rocks, kris is the epitome of disgusting and all 4 of them spread their legs at will for whatever they want. No wonder they have to date black men, a white, asian, latino or armenian would have to tie an anchor to his ankles and hope for the best! And they tramps would still say "is it in yet". But then again, their father did defend a murderer, sewer rats at best!

1688 days ago

The Shack    

Big or Yeti? You gotta love the hairy wilder beast!!!

1688 days ago


To #27 OMG You couldn't have said it better! ROTFL

1688 days ago

Black Power    

To #21 Debone the fisherwoamn - Nice of you to come to your own stupid conclusions about this awful family. You are trying to blame the parents, even to the point where you claim they were "probably" molested by them, when the reality is that kids are more sexually active now days than ever before. Blame the suggestive lyrics in rap music and the TV shows they watch. Blame the clothing companies that sell the tiniest dresses to teenagers. Before you blame the parents, think about what these kids now days learn on their own. And as for Lamar, he makes millions of dollars playing basketball. He doesn't need their money. You are without a doubt a conspiracy theorist who sees things that are not there. Get a grip and quit making things up.

1688 days ago


Lighten up people, its all said in fun, we are all adults! I luv Chloe and Lamar!
this was so funny! My God soo funny

1688 days ago
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