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Linkin Park's 'My Back Is Killing Me' Lawsuit

3/11/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linkin Park endures the same pain millions cope with daily -- a bad back. But the band will not take the pain lying down -- especially when millions of bucks are on the line.

story: Linkin Park's lead singer, Chester Bennington, injures his back ... back in 2008 ...while putting a toy together for his son. The band was forced to back out of 6 concerts.

Backstab: The band filed a claim with Lloyds, London insurance company for lost profits from the concerts. The insurance company refused to pay, claiming Bennington's injury was preexisting at the time the insurance policy was issued. Bennington begs to differ.

Comeback: Linkin Park has filed a lawsuit against Lloyds, asking for millions of bucks.


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Harvey, why are you letting these people sell their cheap wares here? Their stupid posts clog up the blogs.


1685 days ago


Well I guess its pretty safe to say that linkin Park is "no more" Sad that they ended it the way they did though!!

1685 days ago


I'm sure the band paid a pretty buck for the insurance policy... now they want to collect. Screw Lloyd's, they agreed to the policy. Sadly this is the sort of thing everyday people go through all the time, you pay , pay , pay and when you need it and put in a claim you are denied on BS reasons. Insurance companies are not interested in actually insuring you they are in the business of making money off of you. Ain't Capitalism wonderful!!

1685 days ago

Blue Swan    

Gen Xers are all a bunch of Geezers wearing kids clothes.

1685 days ago


Get your ass on a wheelchair and sing. Contractual obligations, pal. You whored your self out, now get screwed.

Apparently these guys forget what 'selling out' entails.

Hurt back so they can't sing. Jesus Christ.

1685 days ago


Not only did the cancel their Shanghai tour, we only got 3 days notice of it. I was pissed off!

1685 days ago


How big was this toy that he was putting togther?!?!?!
Kinda have to agree with comment 8 by what a phoney.

1685 days ago


His back may be killin' him, but his front is killin, me!!!! Gank!

1685 days ago


Hour... BACK .... GET IT???? Ill call ya in an hour... BACK.... GET IT!!!

1685 days ago


Seriously? I love Linkin Park but this is really pathetic...

Put out another album and make back the bad can any of them really be hurting for money?

I am seriously disappointed that they would pull something like this...

Becoming part of the machine like they talked about apparently happens to all of them eventually...

1684 days ago


You guys don´t seem to understand... They pay a lot of money for this insurance so that if something happens such as injuring ones back and they can´t perform they can still earn the income... Its a matter of principal... The insurance company agreed to it and were happy for the band to pay them their money. Then when something did happen they do the same thing that they do to millions of people every year and make an excuse not to pay... The insurance company are profiteering bastards here not the band. Linkin Park are well within their right to sue them.

1681 days ago


Ok I am surprised by the amount of stupidity in these comments.

First thing he did not just "hurt his back". TMZ obviously did great reporting here. Chester slipped TWO disks. I'd like to see any of you MOVE let alone perform after that!! So, what a phoney and omg have really dumb comments

Second, banana's comment. How in the world is being compensated for money that you PAY to be insured, selling out? That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Finally, I hope LP gets all the money it deserves. They PAY to be insured then they should be insured. That they claim Chester's condition was "preexisting" is complete and utter crap. Anyone who knows anything about Linkin Park, KNOWS that they HATE canceling shows and that if Chester could have, he would've sang.

Oz Fest-poisoned (still performed)
Oklahoma City-throat infection (still performed well)
Melbourne-broken arm during the show (finished the show, the break almost went right through his wrist)
X number of shows-(singing made him sick when he had a hernia)

Need more proof.

1680 days ago


Thank you LPfan.

enough said.

1635 days ago


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1425 days ago


The insurance company agreed to it and were happy for the band to pay them their money. Then when something did happen they do the same thing that they do to millions of people every year and make an excuse not to pay... how to win the lottery

1337 days ago
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