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Richard Belzer: I Didn't Choke Apple Employee!

3/11/2010 2:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Belzer from "Law and Order" claims he never choked the Apple employee who called 911 on him yesterday -- and dude says there's surveillance footage that proves him right.

Richard Belzer: Click to watch

Belzer tells TMZ the drama all started while he was waiting in line at the Apple store in Manhattan. He says a female employee approached him and asked him if he needed help ... so he placed his hands on her shoulders and said he would love some help.

That's when Belzer says she freaked out, called the cops ... and told them he had choked her.

Belzer says cops showed up and took a look at the store's surveillance tape ... and decided the woman's claims were unfounded.

Belzer tells TMZ, "Perhaps I shouldn't have invaded her space, but it was clearly non-threatening."

According to the New York Post, who broke the story, the woman still filed a harassment report against Belzer.


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Shocking!!! A Neo-Comm, anti-American nutcase being inappropriate. Who da thunk!?!?!?!

1686 days ago


if the video does not show what the girl is claiming, she is just stupid, yeah it's kinda creepy to have someone just come up to u and grab u but to get all crazy and call the cops and say he choked her? please! ROBERTO: funny!

1686 days ago


Oh give me a break - if the cops looked at the video surveillance tape in the store and it didn't support her claim that means she lied about being choked, nobody arrested her did they hm?! I know what it's like waiting in these long lines and when customer service staff come along the line to see if they can help you no matter how tired or pissed off I am I always smile and behave pleasantly to them!! I'm not over 6ft tall, male, a star, or believing I'm being charismatic place my hands innoccently on anyone's shoulders and say I'd love some help, but I do say I'd love some help (if it'll get me out of there quicker what the hell)!! Either this store assistant knew who he was and figures he'll be handy for a payout to make her disappear, or she had no idea who he was and decided to accuse an ordinary Joe Bloggs of trying to choke her, then learned he had money and decided to sue anyway!! Whichever way she doesn't come out looking good - if she wins Belzer can always sue the Apple store and their security staff for her fraudulent claim (wouldn't you love that?) - but really this sue mad society today is absoulutely crazy and political correctness itself has caused more racism and prejudice than before! She'll probably sue the Apple store herself and accuse them of not providing security for a staff worker in danger next hm?! If anyone thought she was in danger why did no one else call 911 hm?!
It's sad but I'll tell you my dad died of cancer, ampysema and asbestosis a couple of years ago. He could barely see his hand in front of his face with all the morphine towards the end and when the nurses came to his bedside and helped him he couldn't talk clearly, he raised his hand in a cupping motion to stroke their face to say thank you but they misunderstood and flinched away, when I explained he was trying to say thank you the only way he could they were incredibly touched and moved closer to him! These people see alot of abuse from patients too, it's easy to misalign boundaries in this day and age, which is so incredibly sad!! He was 77, an ex Navy man and he would never, ever in his life have hit a woman - but the younger people and generations around you don't know that, they've never experienced that sort of attitude.
Belzer himself is by no means a young man and the bloggers here who judge him by todays standards should remember that when they seek to accuse him of anything other than unintentionally freaking this woman out by invading her space!!
By the way, I thought New Yorkers were suppossed to be as tough as nails lol!!

1685 days ago


he can put his hands on my shoulders anytime

1560 days ago
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